Dustin Brown feature

I’m heading out for a while, but I’ll do my best to pass along details about Kopitar as I receive them. For now, please check out the two Kings stories I wrote for the Daily News today. One is the feature on Dustin Brown, written from the long interviews posted yesterday, and focuses on the great strides he has made as a team leader. The other is a season preview that centers around the new attitude brought in by coach Terry Murray. Thanks for reading!

Brown’s progress with Kings is loud and clear

Kings find themselves in a comfort zone

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  • Jonny

    Wow, Great work Rich… your work is greatly appreciated.

  • Someone

    “One persistently mocked him for the way he spoke.”

    I think we know who did that. I will be watching every Dallas game hoping to see Avery laid out.

    That guy has absolutely no class!

  • jet


    I have been picking up the daily news every morning the past month to see if you had any Kings articles and pass them around the office. Maybe tomorrow’s front page could run with Kopi signs instead of depressing news about my 201K.

  • Someone

    Wow. Just read deeper into the article where Avery is cited specifically.

    Where are all the Avery supporters now. Please speak up in his defense now.

    I can’t see how anyone could have any respect for this idiot.

    I know everyone wants to boo Blake, but you should be booing this jackass!

  • Gabby

    Anybody else still a fan of Sean Avery after reading that? What a $#&*!

  • Kyle B.

    Fantastic articles Rich! Even though I read the raw interview, both articles were extremely interesting to read. You also didn’t share (or I didn’t catch) the in-depth information about Sean Avery and why he pestered Brown. Interesting read.


  • symbology

    Awesome, thank you Rich!

  • jc_9

    Nice work Rich. Thanks!

  • Maverick

    Geez you are on a roll Rich! I am now pining for tonight’s game >.< I cannot wait until the season starts.

  • NMKingsFan

    Very nice articles Rich, I really think the Kings are going to surprise some people this year. Within 3 years, the Kings and Phoenix should be the class of the Western conference.
    Let’s drop the puck already!!

  • Tiger Williams

    My family has had season seats for 30 years, (Section 107) and I just found your Blog thru a friend about 6 months ago, I was never a big fan of LGK.com. I must say this is the best coverage the Kings have ever had. My family thanks you very much, although my production at work has suffered because I find myself checking the blog at least 10 times daily lol….. Good stuff, GO KINGS, much appreciated.

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