FINAL: Sharks 3, Kings 1

The Kings drop their season opener and the Sharks improve to 2-0 at home. The glaring number, of course, is the shot total…41-13 in favor of the Sharks.

Some notes on the game to follow…

Your thoughts?

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  • GoKings09

    I felt like the Kings came out of the gate a little sloppy with a lot of small mistakes like passes just out of reach or players just mishandling them a little bit especially over the first two periods and even into the third. The last ten minutes or so it seemed like they settled down some. I think it was an ok first game but shows there is a lot of things we need to work on and polish up especially in timing and communication. One mistake I remember was LaBarbera playing the puck from behind the net and passed it while Johnson thought he would just stop it which led to a turnover and another scoring chance for the Sharks. The PK was solid and I liked the more aggressive style than years past. On the PP i feel like the timing and execution were a little off especially when entering the zone but that once in the zone they played pretty well and looked better on their last chance. Just my thoughts so let me know if you agree or disagree

  • anthony

    Kopi and Brown were unusually quiet tonight. That came to me as a surprise. Especiallly after Kopi signing that huge contract.

    Last season I watched Brian Boyle play 8 games. He played dominant in all those games, even scoring 4 goals. I caouldn’t imagine why he was benched today. He couldn’t have done any worsse that Calder, Armstrong, or Richardson. I mean how hard is it to put on a helmet and hold a stick.

    I hope Peter Harrold doesn’t end up being another Kevin Dallman.

  • Duckhunter

    I’m only going to say one thing…….LaBarb was the only bright spot I saw through the entire night. He’s the one I was worried about, he played strong tonight.

    Hope TM is as good as they say, when it comes to teaching. There’s a lot of work to be done.

  • Jpuck

    Weak outlet passing contributed to a lot of lost offensive possession. It can be improved on tho šŸ™‚

    I’ll give the sharks credit too, they looked STRONG.

  • Paul

    Well. What can you say? The Sharks brought their C+ game and it was enough to take the Kings. I do have to question the home town score keeper on the number of shots San Jose had. Most of their attempts in the first period were wide or over the net.

    The Kings looked like just what they are. A very young team learning a new system from a new coach. The good news is they will improve.

  • Mike

    2 of the 3 goals that Lab’s let in were pretty soft. The 2 on 1 did not deflect off of Johnson and the SH goal was a bad angle shot that he should have had. Besides that, I thought the outcome was expected. Moeller(sp) was all over the place. He seemed like he was the only one playing hard. The sharks basically were the better team and totally controlled the game.

  • Triple Crown

    Be honest now, how did you actually think they would do? Did you expect all these new players to mesh together right off the bat against a good team? A good sign was the penalty kill. Whether or not they gave up a goal, the aggresive play on the puck is a lot better style than the uneffective stationary box from the past. It’s only ONE game people.

  • JamesMir11

    Had the Kings played last year’s defense, this would’ve been a rout. I at least have to give Labs that and that the Kings played a defense that is promising. But, yea. 13 shots all game isn’t going to get it done. but, it looked a lot better than i expected.

    Go Kings!

  • Paincorp

    We looked young tonight. The whole damn team! Well, Barbs stood on his head. He kept it from being 6-1. Add the posts and it would have been 9-1.

    Moller looked real good IMO. For a first game, he got involved. Simmonds also. Doughty is gonna grow. It would certainly help if JMFJ would play better than Drew though. Got beat on an inside/outside QMJHL move one on one to give up a goal, had at least 3 blown coverages that cost us possession, that was JJ, not the MF version. He needs to pick it up if he’s gonna be a 1-2 in this league.

    Moulson was an AHLer tonight. Hopefully he’ll pick it up. I really wanna see Boyle tomorrow, sit Richardson and let Army play wing. I thought Stoll loked real rough around the edges tonight. Not knowing what to do with that puck behind the net and almost scoring for SJ.

    Well, it’s their first game that matters together. The Color Guard (Brown & Greene) and Anze should talk to the rooks about their feelings this first game and get them involved for redemption tomorrow. Overall, it could have been much worse. Hopefully the first game nerves are gone and we’ll pick it up.

  • bring back the shield jersey

    That was deflating.

    re. “soft goals”, Babs usually controlled rebounds, moved well, was pretty square, and looked calm. I’ll take that (and his 92.+ SV%) every game. Looking at who affected the game the most, he should’ve been 3rd star, at least.

    Doughty can’t remember the last time he played so poorly; whiff, whiff, “who’s my guy?”, “oh shit there he goes”, “damn, he scored!”. And then not to hustle back?! Have fun in the film room.

  • JamesMir11

    I agree with bring back the shield.

    I hope that Terry rips into this team for not showing any offensive effort.

  • Mike

    You can have a 99% save percentage but if that one that went in was a bad goal it doesn’t matter how many saves you make. How many posts did SJ hit tonight? Labs isn’t a bad goalie but he needs to do better at the basics. He can make a ton of crazy save but it’s the stops you’ve got to make which are the big ones. Besides, this was expected against a good team.

    Tonight’s game will happen again many more times this season so I guess we’ll see how they learn and build as a team this year. Who knows maybe they’ll actually surprise a lot of us.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the turnovers that started everything bad.

    I thought we had a pretty decent 1st 10-12 minutes. Then turnovers slowed us down and put SJ all over us.

    2 of the goals were on the 1st shift of periods.

    I don’t agree that this is SJ’s “C” game.

    I doubt they can play much better and more “on it”
    than this right now.
    They have real good puck-movement and
    strong forecheckers. And they were
    goin’ pretty good, IMO.

    We can improve a lot.

    Babs was good.

    Our outlet passing must improve BIGTIME though,
    or we’re in trouble. I think it will.

    We’ll be better Tomorrow nite.
    –Sergei Prozacutov

  • Jonny


    Moller, Handzus, Frolov… great games up front.

    LaBarbera 2 soft goals.

    We were unable to clear our zone.

    Kopitar and Brown never got time in the offensive zone.

    All our passes seemed off.. maybe it was jitters.

    I didnt care much for Richardson or Calder., and Simmonds was quiet.

    I hope tomorrow Richardson is out, and Army moves to the wing with Boyle in the middle.

    Bad Penalties by Stoll and Johnson.

    Our PK was good.

  • Anonymous

    Trade Labarbera while he’s still cold…

    Moller should go back to juniors and learn how not to shoot into the defensemen…

    Moulsson has showed that he doesn’t belong on the first line…

    Officiating was a joke as well…especially for not calling Blake on that stick hold infraction…and mistakenly calling it on US…

    It COULD have been worse… Cloutier and Zeiler could have been in the lineup…