First-game notes, thoughts

— The Kings totaled 13 shots on goal and, wow, that’s a low number. So low, in fact, that I can’t determine the last time they recorded that few shots. The game-by-game listings on only go back to 2003-04, and I can’t find any Kings total lower than 14. The Kings had five shots (and one goal) in the first period and four shots each in the second and third periods.

— The Kings allowed 41 shots on goal, an unsightly number that they reached only five times last season.

— Jason LaBarbera stopped 38 of 41 shots.

— The clear positive for the Kings? They killed all six San Jose power plays.

— Numbers-wise, at least, a rough debut for Jarret Stoll. He took two penalties and lost six of the seven faceoffs he took.

— Jack Johnson led all Kings in ice time, with 23 minutes, 5 seconds.

— How did the rookies fare? Oscar Moller played 13:38 and seemed to get stronger as the game progressed, as did Wayne Simmonds, who played 12:02. Drew Doughty played an uneven 17:40, to be expected from an 18-year-old kid making his debut.

What else stood out to you?

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  • Anonymous

    Preissing had a really solid game; he even stopped that 4 on 1. Very impressive performance by him, he definitely does not get enough credit.

  • GoKings09

    Doughty I thought looked good. He had a solid game except for the one mistake that led to the goal I thought. Looked good breaking up some chances in front of the net and digging the puck out of corners against some of San Jose’s big forwards. Simmonds and Moulson seemed to disappear for long stretches and Moller looked pretty solid especially later in the game.

  • Orphios

    I think Gauthier was pretty solid also in his time. It was a strange game for me with Lababs…over played well (38/41 isnt bad) and did make some solid saves but, maybe it was just me, I think he should of had goals #2 and #3. I definetly think he should of had #2. The third…if the puck did ricchoet off of Johnson’s butt or if he was screened with Johnson’s sliding block attempt then I can let that one go a little.

  • jet

    i was unable to watch. Stoll also only had 13 minutes. Was he injuried? Was he on the second line?

    Also, how did Moulson look the defensive side of the ice? thx

  • Stewart

    In terms of the game, I thought this wasn’t so much about the Kings as it was about watching what is probably the next team to raise the Cup.

    So let’s be realistic, you have a Cup contender against a very very young team with a new coach, new system and very little true veterans.

    When we play the top teams this year its going be like this.

    When we play teams in the middle of the pack to below, we should see more of what the future will be like.

    So positives.

    *We scored a very nice PP goal.
    *Jason look great on 49 of the 40 shots. The goal on the short side wasn’t a good goal. However, there were many scoring chances turned away by solid play by Jason.
    *On some of our chances, I saw some nice things. We’re going to score some goals.


  • Matt George

    I know frolov got the only goal but he also threw in at least three turnovers…

    Not good

  • anthony

    I don’t know about Moulson on the same line with Kopi and Brown. That line was quiet all night. 13 shots on goal made the game look very boring.

    I’m hoping Sully and Boyle can crack the line-up tomorrow and add some offense to the game.

    Armstrong, Calder and Richardson need to be released from their contracts.

  • Kevin

    It’s kinda embarassing, 41-13 shots on goal. The Kings were never able to get an offensive attack going, and the Sharks held the puck for most of the game. Even though they did have a 1-0 lead, you’re not going to win many games that way.

  • anthony

    I would start Ersberg tomarrow. Babs just doesn’t have the ability to steal a game away on his own.

  • Ryan

    I guess you could say it was no suprise the way the game went. SJ is one of the top teams in the league and already had a game under their belt (Their first against ANH was pretty sloppy).

    With such a young team and alot of new faces…this is going to be a long season.

  • Triple Crown

    Other than Kopitar and Brown, what other players had ever played together for more than a few shifts? Do you expect instant chemistry? They played a top team, on the road. Anthony–your panties are still in a wad due to your boy Alzner being sent to the AHL.

  • Winsomemore

    What else stood out to you?

    Heidi Androl.

  • Winsomemore

    What else stood out to me?

    Heidi Androl.

  • jet

    Anthony – why Richarson, he looked good on the stat sheet?

  • MarkE

    Moulson off 1st line, Richarson nothing, Moller great effort and solid in own end. Calder & Army invisible. Greene, O’Donald, Gauthier, Preissing also solid. Frolov & Brown had opportunities. Bottom line, we were NOT aggressive on the forecheck, so no scoring chances. We have to play a physical tight checking game to slow down whomever we play.

  • mikeknowsblake

    we need a veteran in the top6. Kings were flat after the first and could not get it going. We also need a top 2 defenseman. Johnson is trying to do too much and is not doing a single thing effectively. This is gonna be a long year unless we can get 2 players to bring things together.

  • Anonymous

    Opening night jitters people…have faith…it will all be good. Don’t even try to analyze this game. We will be fine….you’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    Johnson’s open ice hit stood out, he executed that one perfectly.
    The D’s inabillity to send the puck up the ice to create turn-overs stood out as well.

    POS’ defensive abilities was sorely missed, but there’s always tomorrow :o)

    Other than that it was kind of what I expected. I think we’ll see a different team by January and it will give us some indication of what may come.

  • Nick

    I can’t be the only one that thought Gauthier was mediocre. He was out of position several times during the night. Doughty made a rookie mistake in trying to lazily skate into the offensive zone with no support, but otherwise was fine. Johnson had an up and down game. He made some good plays and some bad plays. Other than that, a lot of the issues seemed to stem from learning a new system and finding comfort with your teammates.

    That and Kopitar was rather invisible…that should change. Moulson looked bad as the LW on that line.

    Also I really don’t know why we need a typical veteran in the top 6. Stoll, Frolov, and Brown have all been around for some time, it’s not like they’re first/second year players. That doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Also, Handzus looked better tonight than he did at any point last season.

  • DellaNooch

    I’m not making excuses for the Kings, the Sharks are just at a higher level then them right now, I felt the Kings played a better game than the Ducks did against the Sharks, but that is not saying much, they were dominated tonight

    A year ago, there were some seriously bad defensive end decisions by the Kings, I felt they did a better job at covering their guys, but they just couldn’t get the puck away from the sharks or get many of the rebounds.

    The offense was terrible outside of Dustin Brown, Frolov and I’m surpised to say this, Handzus. Kopitar never had much room out there. We need to work on chemistry big time.

    Labs was awesome at times, but he still gives up too many rebounds and goal #3 was horrible, he should not have been standing up like that. He drops to a butterfly and that shot hits him in the chest.

    It will be interesting to see how the Kings play against a non-elite team, I’m not expecting much out of them tomorrow night.

    Anthony – Slow down, we’re one game into the season

  • Anonymous

    anybody notice dustin browns hit on setoguchi?

  • ian

    Thought SOD was pretty good in his Kings re-debut, there were other flashes of good play too but they just all don’t seem in sync yet. There were some nice hits dished out by Brown, Moller & JJ…

  • Baumgartner22

    this just in: LaBarbera stopped 4 more shots in the locker room after the game and another 3 on the way to the SJ airport.

  • JonG

    A pretty ragged effort, which is not unexpected given the new coaching system and lots of new faces.

    Some other observations:

    Moulson looked out of place on the first line tonight. Not to worry — he was only filling in for Sully and should be more comfortable on the second or third line.

    Moller gave a couple of nice lead passes which allowed his teammate to pick up the puck with speed. He also took a couple of solid hits from Christian Erhoff (of all people).

    Doughty made Rookie Mistake #1, which was to try a move that probably worked for him in juniors but won’t work in the pros. Other than that, I was impressed by his ability to adapt to the speed of the NHL.

    JJ looked confused on the Sharks first goal, like he was expecting someone else to pick up the guy coming out from behind the net. He then followed the player out to the faceoff circle and forgot about the two Sharks in front of the net.

    Stoll seemed to make several poor decisions without the puck.

    Nice pass by Handzus on the Frolov goal, but other than that I don’t think he did much.

    I love watching Brownie’s move when he comes down the left wing with speed before putting it between his legs. It doesn’t always work but it’s great that he has the confidence to try it.

  • Will Hutchison

    I missed the 1st period (beach party), but agree that the Kings went after the Sharks with much more intensity than the Ducks did.

    I bet Calder and Moulson sit tomorrow. Armstrong did next to nothing.

    Doughty looked solid, he should have had support when he skated it in, instead of three forwards watching him with their sticks off of the ice as he went 1 on 3.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Duckhunter

    I’m o.k. with many things, but what bothers me the most, is the constant defensive zone turnovers and the inability to pass. Passing is hockey 101…..shoot, it sports 101. From the time you’re 8, no matter what sport, you learn to pass and throw the ball to each other. How many times did we not hit someone on a pass or just passed it to a phantom player. Being out-classed is one thing, making mental errors on a consistent basis is another. I know we’re young and are going to make mistakes, but we should be a lot better than we displayed tonight. Where was Kopi, where was Brown, besides the one shot, where was Fro, or Stoll or JJ. Non of our leaders made their presence felt tonight, and that was a bit disappointing. The penalty kill did look good, I’ll give them that.

  • lakingzfan

    report card for tonight
    overall: C
    defense: C+
    offense: D-
    PP: B
    PK: A

    there were some bright spots tonight: I think Zues had his best game in a Kings uniform, Brownie looks to have taken the next step to being the top performer on this team (if he plays like this every game, he is an all-star shoe in), I like what I saw in spurts from the young guys (moller and simmonds, didnt notice doughty much), Priessing was our outsanding Dman tonight and it was his best defensive game in a Kings uniform, that hit from Johnson makes me think he may indeed have sheded the chackles he had on last year. Barbs looked sharp and without him it there could have been at least 7 or 8 goals against tonight.

    Overall, we need to find a way to limit the number of shots against. This can be achieved in part by having more puck control through establishing the forecheck which should lead to more offense chances as well. (easier said than done) The effort was there tonight I feel, but we were up against a powerhouse, refined team in SJ. (It will be fun to see SJ vs DET later this year)
    This will be a fun year for us fans, as long as we dont expect too much in terms of wins. As has been said numerous times on this blog, this year is obviously about developing the young players and finding out which players are best suited for the various roles needed on a championship contender and how to perform those roles.

  • m

    yes, the Sharks are a great team. i expected the Kings to be in their zone most of the night.

    i expected the Kings to have problems with coverage at times, since they’re dealing with a new system, as seen by the Setoguchi goal.

    what i didn’t expect was the lackadaisical passing. it was just brutal, especially within their own zone. there were even a few nonchalant passes that resulted in the Sharks keeping it in the zone. the no-look passes didn’t quite work since they don’t know their linemates well enough.

    i’m sure it’ll come around, but at least move the puck like you mean it.

  • CBGB


    I noticed you left out Johnson’s -3 – I guess he really is picking up after Blake! He got SMOKED on the winning goal and to me had a terrible game.

    Moulson was god awful. I expect a healthy scratch in favor of POS.

    Richardson looked completely lost the entire game. I expect him to be scratched in favor of Boyle tonight.

    Didn’t we call for VanBoxmeers head for allowing 41 shots a game? Harpo cannot be pleased.

    I thought we were bad, I watched Columbus and that team is a lot worse than I thought. Atlanta is pretty awful as well.

    One thing I do know: It’s going to be a long painful season.

    But tonight:


    Should be fun.

  • cristobal

    People need to relax. The time for wondering what the F is going on is a few months past, at the least.
    Doughty made some mistakes. So what? He looks eager and unafraid. That’s what matters. I implore him to make every mistake a defenseman can make, this year. I don’t know if he’s the second coming of Paul Coffey, but he doesn’t need to be. There’s no doubt he’s ready to be here, just don’t expect too much season one.

    Johnson, I felt, showed why he probably should be at least an alternate captain tonight. He battled to the end, and reading his body language, he hates to lose. I encourage him to continue doing the same thing night in and night out and be Jack Johnson. He’s so lock-up-able in contract terms, its not funny.

    Handzus – I’ve used this guys name enough to think its an epithet at this point, but I thought he played well. Its obvious to me that with good talent around him, he’d probably be worth every penny Lombardi signed him for. He’s so damn big. He could use that size to his advantage more often. I’d like to see what he could do with Frolov and O’Sullivan on his line. I want to see him in an offensive role more than a defensive.

    Brown – The people that slighted his game tonight just don’t know hockey. I’ll never say a bad word about this kid.

    Kopitar – Like Brown, he was poised in the heart of a hurricane. Not everything worked the way he wanted it to, but when does it ever for anybody? So far ahead of everyone else around him its scary. He and Brown were the only two forwards able to penetrate the SJ blue line. I think they should have been grouped with Moller or Frolov most of the night.

    Moller – I’m impressed. He’s no more talented than Esa Pirnes or Jaroslav Bednar, but he never takes his foot off the pedal and I could sense a nastiness that I love coupled with the skill set. I’d keep him on the team all season. There’s no need to go to Manchester or wherever else. Keeper.

    Simmonds – He didn’t get the ice time Moller did, if I remember correctly. I thought he was fine. Didn’t do anything spectacularly great or bad, but looked prepared, talented, good skating, unafraid. I wonder what will happen with him after the first 9 games, or tomorrow. All his interviews show he’s eager to make an impression and I could see him trying to stir the pot tomorrow, especially if the Sharks are dominating the play again.

    Calder – I just wish he’d realize he’s only playing because of the size of his contract. He doesn’t make bad decisions while forchecking or backchecking, but he’s got no Rage inside of him right now. Maybe he’s a frustrated 2nd scoring line winger, but if he’s unhappy he’s gotta do something about it. Drop the gloves, pound someone for getting too close to Mr. Brown or Mr. Kopitar. They need your support.

    Labarbara – How can anyone judge him on that? He was getting shelled and spinning in circles trying to follow SJ as they circled the wagons on their horses. I still don’t know if he’s a starting NHL goalie or not, but even Grant Fuhr couldn’t play net in LA. There’s got to be some sort of curse on this position in LA. What’s Sean Burke up to?

    Greene wasn’t bad, O’Donnell was O’Donnell, Preissing was better than I remember him from last season, Gauthier doesn’t look like a thug, Richardson I realized was no. 15 with about 4 minutes left to play. I only recall 2 of his shifts which were nothing to go on. Stoll doesn’t look like a 4 million dollar a year guy, but how could he, I guess? The game went like I thought it would, except that the Kings got an early goal to take the lead and go into the second period with a shutout. The defense is going to struggle and struggle without some skilled veterans to settle things down in our end. There is just no way around it. Really, it needs to be addressed. The confidence of the team rests upon the ability to settle down. When chasing the puck around your own end, everything falls apart and the confidence of the team will fall apart with it. You could see it on the faces.

    Armstrong – What do you expect from Derek? He cherishes every game and the guy is just the coolest. He is NEVER taking his ice-time for granted and he’s on an island out there.

    Terry Murray – Its not his fault there isn’t an adequate level of skill at the back. His defense is too one dimensional and he was up against a good club. Things need to be sorted, though, because it got more frantic than it should have been. I wish he’d have moved Moulsen off the first line in order to give Moller, Frolov, Simmonds, or even Calder a shot with them. He needs to find a way to take the heat off of the team and keep them from chasing too much. If its defending our blue line with 4 or 5, so be it. But the opposition cannot be given the zone with clean possession or everything will unwind. The score flattered the Kings a bit as the Sharks missed on some good opportunities.

    Blake – he’s not washed up yet, he’s still swimming with the sharks.

  • Anonymous

    Their breakout was trash. So was their positioning at both ends.

  • Brian S

    At times I got the feeling I was watching the battle of Rorke’s Drift and we were the British. Still, we allowed less scoring than the (mighty) Ducks. My biggest take away was that, like has been said above, we were playing our first game against a cup contender in their second and in their arena. I think things will be different tonight. The rookies now know you can play a game against the Sharks and come out the other end. They will have more confidence and I predict will actually make some good passes out of the defensive zone.

    Prediction for tonight: Kings 3 Sharks 2.

    I can dream can’t I.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Im the only one who though JJ had a bad game as the -3 shows? He was outta position for 1 or 2 of the goals. I never bought into the hype for him and if he wants the big $ come the off season he has to show it your second contract isn’t based on potential anymore but actual performance. JJ has alot of work to do in his own zone imho.

  • jet

    thanks to all

  • Anonymous

    Kopi took ONE shot last night…ONE. Played 19 minutes. That is pathetic.

  • Triple Crown

    I really have to take issue with all of you who are down on Brad Richardson. Although he did make a bad pass (who didn’t), he did his job well. He won 5 of 7 faceoffs (no other KINGS player was above 50%), was part of the PK unit that was 6 for 6, and was not on the ice for any of the shark’s goals, all the while playing with wingers Armstrong and Ivanans (about 10 min). We did not get him for his scoring, but for all the above mentioned. Don’t put yourselves in anthony’s little myopic world
    of ignorance. Appreciate the player for the role he is assigned for this team. Soon, you will be able to appreciate his contributions for the team.

  • Marc Nathan

    Preissing: -1
    Greene: -1
    Doughty: -1

    JOHNSON: -3

    What’s up with that? He was -7 in the pre-season, and although Kings fans seem unfazed with his mediocre play, as Tim Gleason continues to be a stalwart contributor to the Carolina defense (and offense, as he had three assists on opening night) it’s not escaping me that this trade is not as lopsided as people had originally suggested. While Johnson should straighten out and be the player most seem to assume he already is, he’s sure far from being the guy you can depend on in “stopper” situations.

    This opening night minus fest may just be a blip on the radar, but couple it with the pointless preseason and the shaky play in his rookie year, and color me far from sold that he’s as ready for the kind of duty and responsibility that seems to be falling onto his shoulders as he’s been receiving.

  • BluLine77

    That was one of the worst performances by a Kings team I’ve ever seen. Just awefull passing, no neutral zone speed, almost no forecheck. But I’m not really down on the team because it looked like everyone was putting in the effort. It really looked mostly like a team still trying to put it all together and mixing in a bunch of nervous rookies. . .which the Kings are.
    Doughty was HORRIBLE in every aspect of the game. I didn’t expect him to be gripping like that. I’m sure he’ll have a much better game tonight.
    JMFJ had a couple of nice hits but -3 and got straight clowned on the SH goal.
    Moller and Simmonds both looked pretty poised even if they didn’t really provide any offense.
    Handzus should center Frolov for the rest of the year. They both can really dominate down low with the puck and show alot more chemistry than Fro does with Stoll. Zues by far looked better than at any time last year.
    OD and Preissing were about the only players that played well the whole game. Both stuffed numerous chances.
    I don’t like JLB that much but everyone on the Kings team owes that guy dinner after this game. The score should have easily been 7-1 or 8-1. None of those Sharks goals were very “soft” unless you are one of those armchair hockey players who don’t know better.
    6-6 on the PK thanks to JLB and about 3 posts. But I’ll take it!

    Hope the Kings got the nerves out and come out with some fire at home! Kings are 9-0-4 in their last 13 home openers.

  • Pat McGroyn

    From the Kings perspective, what stood out to me were the punishing hits laid out by Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson. Give Boyle some more playing time and teams will begin to think twice about skating through the middle against the Kings.

  • Anonymous

    The one player that stood out to me last night is NOT on the Kings.

    Rob Blake played a solid game for the guppies.

    And, except for his selfish, myopic decision this summer to leave LA LA land and head north…

    The Kings would’ve benefited in having a player like Blake in uniform last night. (Leadership & surprisingly consistent play) He looked steady, motivated and, dare I say, happy.

    Now, he’s got a BIGGER target on his back than he’s ever had before. And it continue again.. TONIGHT!

  • James

    we looked good in the 1st period then the rest of the game looked like they were playing catch up the whole time. Not sure what to expect tonight, but its gonna be a long season

  • Randy Manery

    The Kings were continually beaten in the neutral zone, and constantly muscled off the puck. I thought the defense looked completely lost and always a step behind. Stoll was a non-entity and I thought Green looked off balance most if the night. Truly it was a lousy start to the season and hopefully not a precursor to what we get to watch all year. Bright spots for me; one, the Kings PK. Also, I was hoping that Murray would take Moulson off the first line and let Moller play with them. They needed a spark plug which Moller could have provided. Moulson was awful. Re Moller, I thought he was also a bright spot and seemed to be one of the only Kings effective on (a few) breakouts. Simmonds also a bright spot in that he didn’t look like his feet were in cement. Brown was also great considering the circumstances. The worst thing about the night was the fact that Phoenix has really risen as a Western Conference possibility. The dominated Columbus from the first face-off and really look good. Their speed is amazing. So, the Kings have their work cut out for them. Despite all this, what a glorious night! It is FINALLY hockey season!! Kings will rebound tonight and beat Sharks.

  • Qusip

    I’m up in Napa for the weekend, so I had the pleasure of watching the game on the Sharks local channel. On the game itself, I don’t have much to add to everyone else’s observations, other than (1) yes, JJ seemed to have a bad game, at least as far as the three goals against were concerned; (2) I liked Moller’s little cross-check to the face of whoever it was who tried to hit him (right before Brown came in and clocked the same guy); (3) I hope we’ll see Boyle tonight, in addition to POS. Sit Ivanans and Calder (okay, Richardson; I know they won’t sit Calder in game #2.)

    The San Jose broadcast was interesting, however. They were full of praise for the Kings in general. They were in love with Dustin Brown, and gushed over what they referred to as a “stickhandling clinic” he put on in the second period. They loved Preissing. They said “LaBarbera doesn’t get a lot of love outside of LA but he’s doing great tonight.” I was thinking, OUTSIDE of LA?

    They talked a lot about Blake and wondered if he was going to get booed tonight in LA. They decided, no, he wouldn’t, because he’s an ambassador of hockey. They also said they thought the number of shots on goal Blake has taken in his first two games is a franchise record.

    These announcers (whose names I never caught) were a million times better (and more balanced) than the horrible freak show that is Bryan Hayward and that other Anaheim guy. We’re obviously spoiled with Bob Miller and Jim Fox, but the Sharks guys were pretty good.

  • HBfan13

    God help us all when it is Cristobal, who is the voice of reason. I do, however have to agree with him on his analysis of the game. To all of you who think the season is already lost. You might consider this. The Sharks played in Anaheim for their season opener which allowed them to keep their rhythm while the Kings haven’t seen action in a week. So add that to the fact that they are learning a complete new system which would make anyone look tentative and show up in the form of poor passing when under pressure. Maybe you guys might want give them at least until tonight’s game before you start penciling in Tavares or Hedberg

  • Dennis

    I loved the way JMFJ played..The stats don’t look good but he was taking control. I felt he got hung out to dry a couple times with no help from teammates..Doughty, this kid is going to be awesome!! His end to end with the puck was unbelieveable although no forwards dropped back to help when he was up ice..He made few new guy mistakes which is expected but I am excited for this team with him on it..He did way more good than bad. Oscar Moller? what can I say, that kid deserves to be in the NHL. He was the hardest worker from start to finish and challenged every Shark on the ice..He showed no respect when it came to taking the body on vet Shark players..I think I even saw him take a run at Blake but not sure if it was Blake..Stoll better get better or this is a waste. I also really like Greene on D. He was way better than I thought he was..Gauthier and Preissing also looked very solid. Gauthier seems to see the ice very well and made some great passes out of the zone and was tough on the ice.The rest of the forwards were pretty much invisible…

  • Dennis

    I loved the way JMFJ played..The stats don’t look good but he was taking control. I felt he got hung out to dry a couple times with no help from teammates..Doughty, this kid is going to be awesome!! His end to end with the puck was unbelieveable although no forwards dropped back to help when he was up ice..He made few new guy mistakes which is expected but I am excited for this team with him on it..He did way more good than bad. Oscar Moller? what can I say, that kid deserves to be in the NHL. He was the hardest worker from start to finish and challenged every Shark on the ice..He showed no respect when it came to taking the body on vet Shark players..I think I even saw him take a run at Blake but not sure if it was Blake..Stoll better get better or this is a waste. I also really like Greene on D. He was way better than I thought he was..Gauthier and Preissing also looked very solid. Gauthier seems to see the ice very well and made some great passes out of the zone and was tough on the ice.The rest of the forwards were pretty much invisible…

  • Dennis

    I loved the way JMFJ played..The stats don’t look good but he was taking control. I felt he got hung out to dry a couple times with no help from teammates..Doughty, this kid is going to be awesome!! His end to end with the puck was unbelieveable although no forwards dropped back to help when he was up ice..He made few new guy mistakes which is expected but I am excited for this team with him on it..He did way more good than bad. Oscar Moller? what can I say, that kid deserves to be in the NHL. He was the hardest worker from start to finish and challenged every Shark on the ice..He showed no respect when it came to taking the body on vet Shark players..I think I even saw him take a run at Blake but not sure if it was Blake..Stoll better get better or this is a waste. I also really like Greene on D. He was way better than I thought he was..Gauthier and Preissing also looked very solid. Gauthier seems to see the ice very well and made some great passes out of the zone and was tough on the ice.The rest of the forwards were pretty much invisible…

  • John

    CBGB = anthony???

  • Anonymous

    Well I pretty much expected this outcome for the first game. First off all they are playing a cup contender and they have no chemistry yet besides Brown and Kopitar who couldnt penetrate the offensive zone last night. Also I was impressed by Simmonds and Moller, they didnt score but for teir first nhl games they played well. I think Murray needs to play them more tonight and I also think he will sit either Armstrong, Calder or Richardson for Boyle and POS. Overall we cant judge this team until they play atleast 20 games as a group in this new system.

  • nykingfan

    It’s only game 1 folks…on the road against a solid team
    Props to Barbs…he stood on his head most of the game. Without him it would have been 56-1 after 2 periods.

    I thought Moller was the best player on the ice for the Kings…that’s not saying very much. Moulson and Stoll may have been the worst players out there. They had a lot of company though.

    Tonight should be interesting…The jitters should be gone. I would hope they come out a lot more physical than last night.

  • vicarious

    I thought O’Donnell played solid. I thought he and Preissing wereg our best defenseman. I think JJ is still finding his game. He had some good moments but played too aggressive and one goal at least was caused when he left his man too early, mistakenly thinking the zone would be cleared and it wasn’t. That left a 2 on 1 down low and the sharks scored.

    Puck possession being very important, it seemed to me the Sharks had the puck most of the time. They consistently kept the puck in our end, stole the clearing passes, and the Kings often had to chip the puck out (thereby losing possession)

    I agree with the comments about Stoll. Too bad, I thought he wld be a stronger player.

    Plenty of room for the Kings to improve. If not soon, we hv to go back to not watching, drinking or gallows humor.

  • cristobal

    HBfan13 – Don’t you understand I’ve always been the voice of reason? Didn’t I say it would be like this months ago? Yes.

    Now it remains to be seen what percentage of the paying public of LA will be left after 2 seasons of serious growing pains. I’ll still be a Kings fan, I just might be completely bonkers by then. I’ll also still be a HUGE critic of AEG and their methods.

    Last night is what I meant when I said this is like an AHL team. There’s much more talent of a serious nature than in the AHL, but there is no balance and no chemistry yet. It’ll get better. Though there will be nights when even Columbus might run us around for long stretches.

  • John

    It was 3-1 folks. Babs looked bad on all 3 goals, a VAST majority of their shots were from the outside, it was Kopitar’s first game as a $6M dollar man, Brown’s first as captain, Green’s, Stoll’s, Doughty’s, Moller’s, Simmonds’, Gauthier’s, Richardson’s, O’Donnell’s & Coach Murray’s first game period, a brand new system, O’Sullivan didn’t play…basically infinte variables coming together all in one game. PATIENCE my friends! 81 games to go…

    Oh & the Sharks actually would’ve won 56-1 last night if they were playing an AHL team… they’re good.

  • Brian

    The ONLY one’s that stood out to me were Kopi and Brownie and that was only a few times. I liked what I saw from Frolov though – he actually had some legs and didn’t let everyone beat him to the pucks.

  • jet

    I appreciate everyone’s prospective. Was JJ out most of the time against Thorton’s line?

  • petey

    New system, a lot of new players. It’s to be expected for the first 10-12 games. These players need to not only get familiar with each other, but with a system that focuses on defense.
    Doughty did not play bad at all. I thought he played a good game seeing as it was his first regular season game. You definitely see the upside in his play. In fact, it was more so the veterans that **** the bed in this one. The 4th line of Calder/Armstrong/Ivanans was worthless. The first two should not be dressed. Ivanans should only be dressed when needed. Last night he was needed because Parker was playing, so I see why he was playing. Calder and Armstrong need to be waived or shipped out ASAP.
    LaBarbera, while great at times, gives up too many rebounds….still. After years and years of playing goalie, you would think the guy would learn how to control rebounds. Even after losing weight, his lateral movement is still slow. More times than not, he couldn’t slide across on his pads, he had to dive across. Thank the lord above that this will be his final year with the Kings.
    Browns stick handling display in the 2nd period on the P.K. was a thing of beauty. Moulson should be no where near the 1st line. Moller, I liked. In fact the 2nd line of Frolov/Stoll/Moller was good. They created most of the limited chances by the Kings. Johnson? I feel he’s trying to do too much right now. Should he jump up into the rush? Sure, but only when the time is right. Preissing? He played a good game. Broke up the 4 on 1. Very nice. Handzus played a good game. Nice pass to Fro on the goal.

  • Quisp

    More thoughts…

    petey, re calder/armstrong/ivanans:

    I agree. I don’t know what the Kings can do about Calder and Armstrong, other than hope they play well enough to be traded — of course, they could be waived, which I think will be an option in a month or so provided that (1) they don’t cease sucking and (2) a viable alternative presents itself.

    My hope for the alternative is Moulson/Boyle/Simmonds and Purcell/Handzus/Richardson for the third and fourth lines. Also, when Clune is ready, he has earned his shot at third line wing/agitator duty.

    It’s interesting that the Frolov/Stoll/Moller line did all right given how sub-par Stoll’s game was. It’s reasonable to expect that line to do better (i.e. score) when Stoll gets it together.