New contract for Kopitar

If the excitement of tonight’s season opener isn’t enough for you, this should get you going…late last night — very late — Anze Kopitar agreed to a contract extension with the Kings. I don’t know the length and value of the contract yet, and I’ll be away from a computer for most of the morning/afternoon, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated. Just wanted to pass along the good news…

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  • mazokngstc

    Great week for DL, bring on the Guppies!

    And Rich, it’s 7AM on a Saturday–go back to bed, man! Seriously, thanks for the update.

  • cfbuckster

    This came out of nowhere. So what does everyone think of the D.L. contract negotiating process now? It’s nice for a change to have players who seem to want to stay here, or am I just being over positive? Anyways, this is very good news.

  • Pucktheducks

    Now I can buy that Kopitar jersey!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great start to the morning. Nice job, DL.

  • Saevel

    Great news!! Thanks Rich
    I really have no doubt that Johnson will be signed as well, but it’s a bit harder to predict just how well he’ll play this season. They might wait until the end of the season and reward him accordingly

  • Tompa

    Wow! Great news!

  • wavesinair

    This is absolutely shocking kings news. Totally out of left ice. My hats off to Lombardi and Kopitar for getting this done. I don’t even think you can call this “nipping it in the bud”…it’s even earlier than that! How about a major preemptive strike! Simply huge.

  • Toothless

    Awesome news!!!!

    Question for you Rich: Do you ever sleep or take a day off?

    Thanks for all the info!!!!

  • Brian

    This is great news to go with my coffee this morning. This is now showing that players do want to stay here and be L.A. Kings. Rich, again thanks for all of your hard work for us King fans. Brian

  • Paincorp

    Man, the season is starting out AWESOME! I wonder if Kopi’s talks with Sully and his mention of his frustrations with the negotiations didn’t have something to do with this. Anze’s a bright kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the one who asked to move on this NOW. That is the scoop I’D like to know about! If it was Anze, and the money’s reasonable, it would be one HELL of an example to the rest of the youth coming in after him AND the rest of the NHL. It would completely prove his passion for the game and this team is more important than the extra dollar.

    Looking forward to finding out 2 things:

    1. who initiated the meeting for the extension now.
    2. The dollar amount and length of extention.

    Thanks for this Rich. Now instead of being happy hearing about it at gametime, I can be happy about it all day! Much appreciated!

  • Brian

    Great news! It kind of makes me forget about the last two years. Now what happens the next two? The D.L. project has got a strong foundation! This team reminds me the past young Ottawa teams before they became a contender.

  • Bob Bobson

    Woo hoo ! I was just wondering how long it would take before people got on Lombardi’s case for not having Kopitar and Johnson signed. I guess he did not want to face the wrath of the comments section of Rich’s blog anymore…haha

  • Jonny

    Well folks its nice to have guys that want to play in LA.. like was stated earlier… I bet you Kopitar took somewhere around 5 mil or a little less just to set an example, and keep the group together…. lets see.

  • anthony

    I’m impressed.
    Not bad DL.

  • Gabby

    Outstanding news! Whatever Kopitar’s contract pays him, it’s a bargain. Next stop: Jack Johnson!

  • Rich is the man!

    Get that tattoo needle cleaned up, inked and ready to go!

  • pat

    The chicken little’s around here must be sleeping today. Haven’t heard a peep out of them! DL for Mayor!

  • Gary

    Is it just me? Or does anyone else NOT have a problem making the playoffs. I really think as long as they are having fun, learning from their mistakes & giving it their all…I don’t care where they finnish this year.

    This is one of those years where I am PROUD to be a Kings fan, not because they are the best team, but because they are doing things right & the NHL is getting a quick lesson on the team that is going to be running them into the ground for the next 5 years.

    All in all, I would have never expected Kopitar to sign so early, amazing work by the Kings & Kopi, nice to know that our stars are coming & stayin in LA….

  • Paul

    Now THAT is great news! I hope that means he’ll be a King til 2015 at least!

    I would temper the enthusiasm though by saying that Lubo signed an extension before last season, and now he’s gone. Not saying it would happen in this case. I’m just sayin.

  • ryan oliver

    Its still not in any of the major sports websites. Rich, you got this waaayy ahead of everybody else. Great job as always. I love this site. I’m hoping 10 years, 55 million.

  • Brian S

    Unbelievable! What a great way to wake up. I truly believe this is a new era for the Kings. All DL’s talk about the keeping the core is not just talk. It’s real and this team is going to be better than we all think. Can wait for the puck to drop tonight.

  • Josh M

    My dream has now come true. Kings Cup ’11!!!!!!

  • DellaNooch

    This is just awesome!

    Though I don’t expect JMFJ to sign until after the season, he needs to unleash the fury this season so that he can be compensated right

  • Micah

    according to the Kings website:

    “The Los Angeles Kings have signed center Anze Kopitar to a seven-year contact extension that will carry into the 2015-16 season, Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi announced Saturday. Per club policy, terms of the agreement were not announced (Kopitar has one remaining year on his current contract).”

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

  • CBGB

    Stock Market down 3000 points this week – depressing

    Kopitar signs extension – happy

  • All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together very nicely. This team is going to be GREAT probably sooner than people give them credit for. Great word DL and thank you Rich!!

  • Brian S

    Kopi Signs for SEVEN YEARS. AWESOME.

  • kozak

    does the contract include the ink for the tatoo? This is awesome news. Can’t wait for the season to start

  • jc_9

    7 year deal? We have him for 8 more seasons for sure, That’s awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    KOPI will be 29 by then and in his best years.
    So how many UFA years has he given up? 2 or 3.
    Probably a cap hit of around 6-7 million in my opinion because of the length of the contract. If it is this much the Kings have nothing to worry about. He deserves every cent no matter the amount.
    Stanley comin’ home to LA!!!

  • anythony

    HOW MUCH $$$

  • EJ

    anthony said:

    I’m impressed.
    Not bad DL.

    OMG, I do believe Hell has actually frozen over.

    What a nice surprise for a Saturday morning. Kudos to Anze, Dean, and Rich.

  • EJ

    Of course, we’ll probably never know, but I wonder if this happens if Crawford is still the coach . . . .

  • Micah

    I assume he would’ve signed for longer, but California law prohibits any contracts for personal services over 7 years…

    same reason Barry Zito signed for 7 years with the SF Giants…

    Same reason Gretzky signed for 7 years and then extended it later.

    At least as far as I understand

  • JDM

    Holy hell, this is amazing to wake up to! On opening night no less!

    Even anthony is impressed!!

    Seriously, for all the Sully woes, he is locked up for 3 years, Stoll for 4, and Brown and Kopitar for another 6 and 8 years respectively. This team is coming to together…

    Can you feel the lightning clouds brewing?

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