Seven years for Kopitar

Anze Kopitar got a seven-year contract extension today, for those who haven’t already seen (apparently the Kings don’t believe in press releases anymore). Hopefully I can get the dollar amount soon.

EDIT: I guess the Kings’ policy now is to put media releases on their website for a half hour before they…release them…to the media…

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  • The Little Lebowski

    Fantastic. Seven years is more than anybody could have reasonably expected. Let’s drop the puck!


  • JDM

    Rich, you make life so sweet. It’s a good week to be a Kings fan!

    Now let’s win some games!

  • txkingsfan

    can’t wait to hear what Anthony and cristoball have to say about this one.

    congrats DL and congrats to the Kings and Kings fans! This is a tremendous signing and solidifies this team for many, many years.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Don’t worry Rich, we still need you to help us know how much money they’re spending. We’ll always need you for that. 😉

  • ryan oliver

    yipee!!!! 35 million for 7 years would be sweet

  • ryan oliver

    7 years 47.6 mil as per TSN. alomst 7 per year. Good for Kopitar and good for the owners for finally stepping up and keeping a perennial all-star around for years.

  • OCPiker

    according to TSN, the contract is seven-year, $47.6 million contract, which averages to about $6.8 million a year. At least at this point, it’s unknown the actual amount he’ll be paid each year, but if this contract is similar to others, it’ll most likely be front-loaded meaning more money up front. Either way, great news for everyone.

  • lblocal

    Biggest and most important Kings signing since 08/09/88.

    It’s a great day to be a Kings fan. Go Kings Go!

  • anthony

    If I were Sully, I’d be pisssssssssed.

  • Anonymous

    So what kinda car you gonna be getting Kopi to drive around LA??? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nice. This is great news. The DL plan is starting to come together. 1 piece at a time. Looking forward to see it lead to the cup.

  • Kyle

    What a way to start the season! One more MAJOR piece of the team’s future locked up and I might note, without fanfare, controversy, or angst. Kudos to DL and Kopi for making this happen. And for those who doubted DL could walk and chew gum at the same time, the multi-year deals locked in now give us predictability on cap room going forward. Last time I looked, that’s what a good GM does–plan and execute.

  • Anonymous

    Who says breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck???

    Still this is a bargain for a superstar…