Sharks 3, Kings 1

Welcome to the NHL, Drew Doughty. He got caught up ice and lost the puck, which led to a 2-on-1 the other way. Joe Pavelski kept the puck and took the shot, and it might have deflected off Jack Johnson before it beat LaBarbera. The goal came 63 seconds into the third period.

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  • cristobal

    the worst part was how he didn’t bust ass to get back…growing pains. There’s gonna be some…

  • cristobal

    Can’t Terry see that he’s gotta put Moeller up with Brown and Koper?

  • JDM

    I agree cristo. Moulson hasn’t had his normal energy level tonight. Let’s hope Sully reclaims his spot tomorrow night.

    We’re great, but we don’t suck.

    And the PK has been solid. Thank you Harpo.

  • cristobal

    C’mon Calder, get your hands bloody. DO SOMETHING.

    Boy, Doug Murray is the worst skating defenseman I’ve ever seen…Crush him Ivan.

  • jkwondachef

    or that Labs is our #1 goalie. #1 my (insert obscene word here) Play Ersberg!

  • cristobal

    Wow, Jeremy Roenick has been playing in the NHL longer than Simmonds, Moller, and Doughty have been alive…not that I miss him.

  • Anonymous

    The Kings need to do better tomorrow in two particular areas:

    (1) Clearing the puck in the defensive zone

    (2) Playing with urgency/intensity

    I don’t know if they are TOO comfortable w/ Murray, but they need a fire lit. At least make it LOOK like you are trying out there Kings.

  • cristobal

    Nothing bad from Richardson, but based on tonight, I think taking that pick would have been a better idea. There are enough 3rd line guys for a small war on this team.

  • JDM

    Call me crazy but I thought Labs was one of our better players out there tonight. Though on the 3rd goal he shouldn’t have seemed so surprised.

    SJ is scary good.