During pregame introductions, Staples Center public-address announcer David Courtney just introduced coach Terry Murphy. Yes, Murphy. Courtney is a pro who has been doing the job for years and years, but…wow.

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  • Marc Nathan

    Glad you noticed it. I thought it was bizarre.

  • brianguy

    like Marc, was scratching my head… I thought I was hearing things.

    doesn’t help that we’ve already had a franchise-best coach with the name Murray, and at least one prominent player by the same name.


  • brianguy

    I also forgot to mention Brady Murray, son of Andy, and Marty Murray (captain in Manchester).

    not rocket science, though the Angels, who Courtenay also does PA announcing for have a Tommy MURPHY – so maybe that helps explain the slip up after he got used to saying that name many times in a row.

  • marc

    I blame DL for this since he’s always calling Terry Murray “Murph”.