Sorry, Crow

I hope everyone is looking forward to tonight’s Kings home opener. Remember, faceoff is at 6 p.m., a bit of an odd time. Plan accordingly for traffic, as I’m told there’s a little baseball game up the street… Anyway, it’s good to get back to regular-season hockey.

Also, Lisa Dillman of the Times, who did a great job covering the Kings the last two years in her most recent stint, captured this exchange on yesterday’s CBC broadcast involving former Kings coach Marc Crawford.

Counting Crows

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  • cristobal

    the daily news and times working together? odd…but then so is the world.

    What I want to know about this telecast is what Crawford said about Cammo, about LA, about Lombardi, about Johnson, about Lubo, and Blake. Maybe he kept his lip buttoned? He seems a bit exciteable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to say about his stint in LA.

    Don’t worry Crawford, nobody holds failure in LA hockey against you in the NHL. In fact its kinda like a badge of honor, or a purple heart. You just look foolish if you thought you could make a difference here.


  • anthony

    After last night, I already miss MC.

  • Gary

    I haven’t heard him say anyting negative about the Kings during his two CBC broadcasts.

    He has refered to many of his previous players & had pretty good comments.

    SEDINS: Said they are slower but amazing with the puck, they will kill you if you leave them infront of the net & the FLames were guilt of that.

    BERTUZZI: Big body that has lost some of the size, however he’s a smart player, goes to the net & when you go to the net good things happen (Right after a Bertuzzi goal)

    Cammaller: Has a nose for the net & is going to go to the net even if it means he’s paying the price or something of that nature, again nothing negative.

    He’s hard to listen to but I guess trading him for Millen was worth it…anyhow I don’t hate Crow, I think at the end of the day he was just not a good “fit”…rather than not being a good “coach”

  • Anonymous

    I listened to that live and nearly fell out of my chair. Hilarious.

  • Paul

    I watched most of the game on CBC thanks to the NHL Network now airing Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts.

    Crawford spoke glowingly of course about Cammalleri, but didn’t have much to say about the Kings or anyone in the Kings organization. I’ve watched a few broadcasts now with Crawford as the color man and I can’t recall ever hearing him talk about the Kings.

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