• JonG

    Hexy’s still mad because Luc beat him out for rookie of the year.

    Seriously, as much as I love Luc he’s not the GM and he shouldn’t interfere in that side of the team. Rich, can you shed any light on this?

  • Kyle

    these guys are so damn annoying. they won’t even let each other speak. i’d love to shut their mouths.

  • Paincorp

    Sounds like good press fodder to me. I don’t think Luc is trying to get involved in Dean’s operations. I’m sure they talk, but Luc understands his role. It’s no different than when he was playing. Every player has his role. A winger isn’t going to tell a defensemen how to play defense. Luc won’t tell Dean what player to keep and Dean won’t tell Luc what golf tourney to play in.

    Luc has a great thing going for him right now and deserves it. He and his wife’s charity work should make him proud enough, why would he not let Dean do his job? I don’t see Luc as a glory hound.

  • BS!

    Hopefully this isn’t true, but if it is, I’ll stand by DL and Hexy anyday over Lucky (even though that’s a little painful to say).

  • Maverick

    Luc has absolutely nothing to do with any form of hockey operations. Just the business side like how to get more people in the stands stuff like that. This is pure fluff, Luc even said himself he has little to no knowledge of what the Kings are doing behind the scenes and doesn’t talk to DL very often. I admit they need to give DL full control and full financial cooperation but this has nothing to do with Luc. His assessment of Philip Anschutz is right on, Robitaille, not so much. Luc deserves an office job, maybe not business operations, but something. And I think he has sunk into it and is doing a good job now with a few years experience, as anyone would.

  • deano

    What a bunch of useless jabber going on over there. Since when has Luc been appointed any role in the organization other than that of busniess operations. Are they trying to insinuate that Luc is being frozen out of player and contract decisions/management? Since when does the President of Business Operations have any say in what goes on with personnel? Sounds to me like a bunch of talking heads spouting off non sensical rhetoric to try to be compelling. It’s honestly a shame for any free thinking individual to have to be constantly inundated with idiocy like this. It’s not surprising though, modern culture seems to appreciates posturing over substance anyway.

  • JP Kelly

    Puh-lease! Strachan is a pathetic excuse for a hockey commentator. HNIC should have a little more self-respect than to allow this guy to open his mouth in front the of the camera. It sucks that drivel like this can turn into a controversy.

  • Anonymous

    i’m on Milbury’s side on this one. The GM should have full control over all decisions for player personal. Luc is the PR side. Nice guy but not smart enough to be GM..

  • Given Al Strachan’s reputation, I’d take what he said with the biggest grain of salt you can find. Strachan isn’t the most credible hockey journalist. He’s another one of those guys who makes up stuff almost as much as he reports facts.

  • Crash Davis

    Remember something: This is CANADA!!!! Hockey is the Holy Grail talked about 11 months a year (other than when the Blue Jays fire a coach or the Grey Cup is played). This jabber it typical. And if you’re hockey starved like some of us are down in So Cal, it’s actually a lot of fun to watch.

    Question: How did they get from Kopitar signing to Lucky running parties in parking lot? Wow, what a put down by Milbury. That said, I’m with Milbury on this one too, that the GM and Asst Gm should run the hockey side. And Strachan is right that Anschutz is into building and running arenas. That’s why he bought the KIngs in the first place. It was all about REAL ESTATE. And that’s okay. McNall ran Kings into ground, the Carpetbaggers (Sudikoff et al) came around and did worse. Anschutz took Kings, filed bankruptcy, shed Forum contract (and liabilities + debts), built Staples…which leads to L.A. Live 8 years later. Shrewd move. Which is why he’s a billionaire are we’re not.

  • Bob mcKimson

    I watched the interview live. Mike Milbury has no basis for this. He knows no one in our organization. He never leaves Toronto. What a bunch of crap!

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