Kyle Quincey claimed

The Kings have claimed defenseman Kyle Quincey off waivers from Detroit, no doubt to take the spot left vacated by Jack Johnson’s injury. Quincey, 23, has appeared in 13 games over three years.

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  • Brian S.

    Quincey had a 48-hour window to be claimed. in all fairness, we don’t know when exactly the waiver claim was made, which could have occurred prior to Johnson ever even taking the ice on Saturday.

    were the Kings to claim Kyle McLaren on re-entry, then i’d suspect THAT one was Johnson motivated.

  • brianguy

    at first this struck me as a little bizarre.. don’t we have Harrold, so wouldn’t they just call someone else if there were another injury on D.

    but I guess with JJ out *3 MONTHS* (yikes!) it starts to make sense. that must be some serious broken arm or shoulder problem… just a guess.

  • JDM

    What kind of dman is he? I know his name but now his game. Big, small? Stay at home, puck mover?

    At least players who come from the Wings tend to have learned great work ethic regardless of individual talent.

    Welcome Kyle

  • brianguy

    “were the Kings to claim Kyle McLaren on re-entry, then i’d suspect THAT one was Johnson motivated”

    you make great points.

    but since we claimed this guy, don’t we fall near the bottom of the list for any other claims? I forget the exact rule, but that kinda seems like a bad thing.

  • anthony

    My reservations about how unsteady this GM can bceome keeps holding true.
    I understand we might lose JJ for 3 months, but we do have another player (whose itching to play) on the roster. Peter Harrold.
    Imagine how discouraged he feels. I have a feeling he’s gonna turn out to be another Kevin Dallman.
    We still have players in the minors who are eager to get a shot at playing in the NHL. Joe Piskula, Drew Bagnall, Davis Drewiske, Josh Kidd. Voynov.
    Does’t Dumbo have any confidence in these players. He brought them to the organization. He signed them to contracts. The idiot even braggs about them and how deep the organization is on defense.
    Would this not be a slap in the face to those players who are fighting to make it in the NHL.

    I don’t know. He bragged about Matt Elis and he’s gone. He’s very unsteady and compulsive. Often he shows that he’s not skilled enough to be a GM.

    For these poor D-man in the AHl & Echl (and, for that matter, most of the other players in the system) – they can’t wait to get out of here and run as far as they can from this eratic GM.

    He’ll never be extended another contract as GM. Two and a half more years and its over for him.

    BTW, the Kopitar and Sully signings were expected. Anybody would have been able to sign them eventually.

  • brianguy

    I noticed he was wearing #4 with the Wings… might it be 44 with LA, or 14. I figure we’re saving #4 for Hickey after the Blake “cooling off period” expires.

  • wavesinair

    Anthony, no one is saying Quincey is going to take JJ’s exact spot. He’s just a backup defenseman at the moment. I would expect Harrold to start unless he’s sick or hurt or something.

  • txkingsfan

    am I the only one who sees anthony’s name and automatically proceed to the next post? I doubt it.

  • cristobal

    txkingsfan – i see them and read them, but he doesn’t really know anything. Occasionally his point has merit, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.