Quincey’s comfort level

Kyle Quincey, claimed off waivers by the Kings from Detroit yesterday, arrived in Los Angeles last night and spent the morning taking his physical away from the rink. He didn’t practice, so he won’t play tonight, but he will already have a certain comfort level when he arrives. Quincey is one of Patrick O’Sullivan’s closest friends, from their days playing junior hockey together in Mississauga of the OHL. Here’s what O’Sullivan had to say about having his friend come to town…

Question: I understand you’re already pretty familiar with Kyle…

O’SULLIVAN: “I played with him for three years in junior. We trained together in the summer in Toronto. We live about 20 minutes apart. He’s one of my best friends. Me, him and (Daniel) Carcillo, who plays in Phoenix, those two guys are probably my best friends outside of this team. He’s a good guy. I was real happy for him, really happy that he was coming here and that we’re going to get to play together again. He’s a really good player. He plays hard and he sticks up for his teammates. That’s a great pick-up for our team. He’s going to help our team.”

Question: Style of play?

O’SULLIVAN: “He keeps it pretty simple. In junior, he was more offensive, but guys obviously have to adjust, depending on what level you play at. He makes a good first pass and he’s a good pick-up, I think. It’s good for our team. It’s unfortunate for Jack, it’s too bad, but that’s a good guy, and even when Jack comes back, I think Quincey will be able to add a lot to our lineup.”

Question: It seemed like he just got caught in a numbers game on that Detroit roster…

O’SULLIVAN: “In Detroit, it’s so hard to get in there. A guy like Chelios is not going away any time soon. He would probably play on any other team but Detroit, so I’m happy for him. I know it’s been tough for him so far, not really getting a chance in Detroit, so hopefully here he can take advantage of his opportunity. He’s a good player and, more importantly, he’s a good teammate.”

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  • brianguy

    nice, let’s hope he works out well…

  • Paul

    I’m a conspiracy theorist, so it sounds to me like this could have been part of a “handshake agreement” to get O’Sullivan’s deal done. “We like the contract. If we sign, will you see what you can do to get Kyle Quincey in a Kings uniform?”

  • Duckhunter

    I find it interesting who O’Sull keeps company with. Quincey who sticks up for his team and Carcillo!! O’Sull is even smarter than I thought. I like what I hear so far, from the players and fans about this kid. This might work out pretty well. Wonder if DL makes this move, if JJ doesn’t get hurt? From what I hear, seems like this would have been a good pickup, without JJ being hurt.

  • MarkE

    Quincey sounds exactly what the Kings need, hit anything in front of your net, clear the puck, stick up for your teammates and some offensive skills. Right now even though we are down an offensive defenseman, our priority should still be physical & defensive minded.

  • Will Hutchison

    This is a good pick up.

    Although the Kings got O’Donnell for free, aside from his 1.25 million a year salary, I always thought Quincey would have been a better pick up.

    I remember reading that many teams were waiting around for the Wings to waive a defensemen, I am stoked that the Kings picked up the guy. None of the prospects in Manchester are ready for full time NHL ice time in a defensive role.

  • brianguy

    quite possible Paul…. I wouldn’t be surprised

  • Marc Nathan

    The best news about this pickup is that he’s so young. Quincey, if he pans out, can certainly be a fixture on the blueline for years to come. O’Donnell and Gauthier are on the back ends of their careers, and from what we’ve seen of the “kids,” they are still a couple of years away. Quincey has enough experience in the A, and his cups of coffee in Detroit that he really should be able to step into the lineup and be a top 6 guy.

  • jet

    MarkE – bullseye. There is no downside. The guy has 26 games playing with the Redwings and just turned 23.

    Paul – I like the idea, but with another twist in the script. Holland says to DL 3 weeks ago, “We came out pretty good on our deal for Stuart. I have this kid that could start for you, and I need to get rid of him to give me flexibility to add a player. I will hold him until you are in last place and then put him on waivers. Remember me in February.”