Tuesday practice update

A couple quick things, with details to follow…

— Jack Johnson will have his shoulder surgery today.

— Kyle Quincey is in town but spent the morning taking his physical, so he won’t play tonight.

— No lineup changes expected, other than Peter Harrold stepping in. Scratches should be Calder and Richardson with LaBarbera starting in goal.

— O’Sullivan was skating with Brown and Kopitar this morning.

More quotes and notes to come…

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  • Anonymous

    Give Ersberg a chance Murray!!

  • Mike

    ^^^ Why? Labs is playing good?

  • crownme

    Labs plays good under continuous work loads…

  • anthony

    I wish Murray would start Ersberg.

  • mrbrett7

    I tore the labrum in my shoulder about 4 years ago. JMFJ is in MUCH better shape than I was or am, and they told me I would be off the ice for about a year, and was back in 6 months…if his really is only a partial tear, he will be back on the ice skating in a couple of weeks (yes, seriously), shooting in about a month, and playing in about 2, no problem.

  • brianguy

    damn labrum