Murray postgame

Sorry I didn’t get this up as quickly as I would’ve liked…But here are the
postgame quotes from Terry Murray:

I think what turned it around for us was being able to respond with our goal right after they scored their second goal 30 seconds later, coming down. Simmonds gets his first goal of the NHL. To me, that was huge. We were a little off-balance after they went up 2-0. To respond right away was very important.

On scoring six goals after just one through first two games
It’s nice to see us score some goals. That’s where confidence comes from and that’s where you can build a team a lot faster, when you have that kind of result. The work ethic has been great. The competitiveness has been tremendous right through the training camp. I thought we’d be able to score goals at the end of training camp. I thought we’d go into the season and be able to score than one in the first two games. To have a breakout here tonight is important for this young team so we can move on and continue to reinforce the things we’re working on.

On O’Sullivan
Patrick O’Sullivan, he’s a special kind of player. He’s very explosive. He’s got unbelievable vision on the ice. He made one play in the third period to find a weakside defenseman coming in when he was under a lot of pressure on the boards. That’s a special kind of play to make. I like it. I like it a lot. He’s going to be an important player to build around in the future. He’s going to be a very important player for this team to move forward this year.

On the penalty kill…why so good?
Mark Hardy. I think there’s just a big commitment. On penalty killing, you have to do a lot of things for the team. It’s hard work. It’s intensity. It’s doing the right thing, everybody on the same page. Your goaltending has to be very special. You have to have people willing to sacrifice, blocking shots, playing hard along the boards and talking. Talking is really important whenever you have possession of the puck to make sure it’s going to get out of your end. You probably have to make two more passes. Very seldom can you clear it from below the goal-line with the way teams are set up on the power play today. A little bit of talk, handoff plays and I think we’ve been doing a good job of that.

On Dennis Gauthier’s hit on Ryan Getzlaf after he ran LaBarbera in the third period
That’s hockey. (Gauthier) is a hockey player. Those are things hockey players have to do. When your goaltender is going to be taken liberties on, then somebody on the team has to help him out.

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  • taz42

    Thanks Rich,
    That was a great game last night and I really like the way Murray talks.
    I’m so glad to see this young teams attitude and toughness.

  • cristobal

    Gauthier also deserves so much credit for not pouncing and taking an instigator penalty. He actually was second to drop his gloves, but once he did he made the large Getzlaf lick some ice. Very, very good. He also pestered Corey Perry early with some bumping and nudging. Perry’s anger may have gotten the better of him and thrown him off because he was fairly invisible all night long, as was Kunitz.

    I think we need to remain grounded and take this win in stride, but it was a great performance. The Ducks were left resembling a team that believes they can turn it on and off when they want. Like they feel they don’t have to work for what they get. Maybe they believe they are still champions but that is sooooooo ‘O6.


  • stepa

    Was the worst game ever broadcast rinkview .

  • CiscoC

    It is so great to read his response regarding Gauthier. Finally!!!!

  • Mark

    great comment on Gauthier punishing Getzlaf, but what does TM think of Preissing failing to react to Perry having his way with Labs?

  • Jeff

    I loved Gauthier’s response to Getzlaf running LaBarbera. I doubt many on last year’s team would have done anything. This year, they’re lining up to take those shots.

    Win or lose, I love the edge this team is playing with.

  • Roger

    Great Game! Awful way to watch a game on tv, fox rinkside view sucks, If I Wasn’t a die hard kings fan I would have turned it off like other games I have turned off broadcast by fox on NHL CENTER ice via their rinkside view