Practice update

Drew Doughty, who left last night’s game after the second period with flu symptoms, did not practice today but did cardio work on a bike and is likely to practice tomorrow. Word is that he felt better today.

Apparently there was no injury issue with Wayne Simmonds, who practiced today as normal.

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  • Marc Nathan

    In this era of no disclosure on injuries, I sure as hell hope that Doughty isn’t suffering anything more than “flu-like symptoms,” because we suffered through a period of time a few years ago when instead of Tip A King, it was Tip A King Over!

  • Kngcussion

    I agree with you Marc…See my name!

    I think he looked pretty good in the game, until he left…He skates so well! Really have to wonder if it is the flu…

  • cristobal

    Doughty did get popped pretty good after taking a shot at the end of the first period by Getzlaf, but what would be the reason for hiding the fact that there’s an injury? Doughty looks great, I hope to see him a little bit bigger soon. I don’t think he should have slimmed down because he looks a little small to be honest, though I know he’s really not small.

  • Jeff

    If Simmonds wasn’t hurt, then why did he only play 6 minutes? Was there some other issue?

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if Doughty wasn’t the ONLY one with flu-like suymptoms…