Moulson sticking up top

It had been widely presumed that Patrick O’Sullivan would reclaim his spot on the Kings’ top line alongside Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar, but in the mind of coach Terry Murray, there’s no need to make a change right now. Murray has been impressed with the play of winger Matt Moulson, who scored an outstanding one-time goal in Tuesday’s victory over the Ducks. Moulson, 25, had five goals and four assists in 22 games last season. He’s doing pretty well for a guy who was drafted in the ninth round by Pittsburgh in 2003…especially considering that there is no ninth round anymore. Here’s what Murray said today about Moulson’s play…

Question: What have you seen from Matt Moulson so far?

MURRAY: “Matt has impressed me. He was talked about in the summertime, during our meetings obviously, and I did end up watching several — more than several — games from Manchester. He was on a line with Boyle and Purcell. Quite honestly, I was watching Boyle and Purcell, and Moulson was doing real good things as far as complementing the line and being creative, scoring goals and playing the game, what I thought was the right way. He was getting to the net. So I was really looking forward to seeing him in training camp and he has played very well. He’s smart, he works hard, he’s very opportunistic and plays with good players. He’s able to, because of his skating ability, get to the right places at the right time. I think we saw that on the goal he scored the other night. Brownie made a tremendous effort on that goal, to get down the ice and grab a loose puck and make the play. But that’s a pretty special player, to score glove-side on that kind of a look. He’s been very impressive.”

Question: The question seemed to be if he could keep up with those guys. Now it’s whether they can keep up with him…

MURRAY: “Yeah, I agree. That was one of the things that I was looking at, as we went through the training camp. Was this something that we could work with and develop some chemistry, and was speed going to be able to be maintained? So far, so good.”

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  • anthony

    I wonder if POS is regretting holding out.
    To lose your job to a Matt Moulson (of all people) must not be pleasant.
    I strongly believe the top line would be more productive with POS.
    And to have an AHLer play on that line instead, it sells that line short. It holds them back. It takes away from their full potential. Kopi and Brown haven’t scored a goal in 3 games yet.

  • Ru

    Murray is being an idiot now! Just stop the whole punishing Patty O for holding out. Patty produced on the top line in the PP and that line has a PRESENCE when they are together. Moulson is just lagging behind. Kopi gave him an open net pass on Moulsons stick against the Ducks and Moulson completely missed the whole net. But all everyone seems to remember is the shot his took that went in, which Moulson could of done very well on the 4th line with that play. I don’t think Moulson will develope the same chemistry the BKO line has.

  • MS

    Murrays job first and foremost is manage a team on and off the ice. He is doing what he feels is the correct thing to do in keeping Moulson, who I believe, has always been a sleeper.

    If it’s working, don’t fix it, POS or not.

  • wavesinair

    “I wonder if POS is regretting holding out?”

    First, he didn’t hold out. Second, he’s only played in 2 games. Third, no.

  • Anonymous

    Moulson’s goal was not a one-timer. It was a wrist shot, top corner.

  • petey

    Hey Anthony, it’s about spreading the scoring out. You would actually want to have all the top offensive guys on one line, which would in turn have the opposing team only have to shut the top line down, in turn shutting the Kings down? Oh, I’m sorry, anything thet YOU feel you need to put down the Kings brass (coaching, management, ownership), you don’t waste a second to do it.
    You ever wonder why you’re posting on the internet, and they are actually DOING the jobs you feel so obliged to criticize? No? I didn’t think so.
    I’m fine with keeping Moulson on the top line 5 on 5, but on the p.p., you’ve gotta put O’Sullivan with Kopitar and Brown, which Murray has done.
    So, Anthony, let’s leave all the personal decisions to the professionals. Okay? Thank you.

  • Maverick

    I dunno, Frolov-Stoll-Sully seems to be a very strong line to me. I think it could be good for the King’s secondary scoring. We will just see how Moulson holds up.

  • 28 KINGS

    “It’s all Lombardi’s fault said:
    I wonder if POS is regretting holding out.
    To lose your job to a Matt Moulson (of all people) must not be pleasant.”

    FYI…he wasn’t holding out.
    Patrick missed all of camp and is playing his way back into shape and eventually back on the top line.
    Matt Moulson EARNED the spot on the top line.It’s not like they just gave it him because there was nobody else. John Zeiler on the top, then you’d have to scratch your head.

  • cristobal

    My mom used to say, “its not what you’re saying, its how you’re saying it.”

    O’Sullivan on the first line is not a bad idea, and I’m sure TMurray knows it. There’s no need to rush him onto that line, though it could spark some goals when needed. It will happen sooner or later, temporarily or permanently. For now, Stoll and O’Sullivan are playing well, and I would like to see these two changes –

    Moller moved to the 1st line to play with Brown and Kopitar, Moulson played on 3rd line because he should be prepared to play many roles for this team – be it scoring line, checking line, or a combination of the two.

    I’d also like to see Purcell or Simmonds get time with O’Sullivan and Stoll on the 2nd line. Probably Purcell as I haven’t seen him much but the highlights show that he has some decent hands…

    I was disappointed that Moller wasn’t tried on the 1st line in game one, but then again, this season is all about improvement overall. Let’s do some experimentation.


  • mrbrett7

    Moulson earned the time up there with Kopitar and Brown. If you don’t reward players for hard work, they will never trust you and work hard for you.