Quincey update

Kyle Quincey skated today as the Kings’ seventh defenseman, which would seem to make it unlikely that he will play tomorrow against Carolina, but after practice, Terry Murray said he was undecided. Here’s what Murray said about Quincey…

“I don’t know. I want to sit down with the coaches here, after we get through the early afternoon, and talk about that. I want to bring him to the game with the thought in the back of my mind that I might put him in the lineup. I’ll probably get him in the warmup tomorrow night, then make a decision almost at that time. I like what I see out there. He’s moving very well. He’s got a nice head on his shoulders. He sees the ice and he’s taking a look when he has the puck on his stick. I’m very interested to get him in the lineup and see how he performs in a game.”

And here’s a quick post-practice interview with Quincey, who will wear No. 27 with the Kings:

Question: Happy to be here so far?

QUINCEY: “Oh, for sure. It’s a great opportunity. It’s a young team and a great group of guys and it’s great to be a part of it. Hopefully I can get in some games and show the boys that I can help the team out.”

Question: What has Patrick (O’Sullivan) told you about the team? Has he been filling you in on different guys?

QUINCEY: “Yeah. Things are a little different than Detroit, but I’ll get used to it and hopefully be a part of this team. Sully has just been saying how great it is to play here and how it’s a great spot, so I’m just glad to be here.”

Question: It has to help, to have a good friend on the team…

QUINCEY: “Oh for sure. Even, I played with (Brad Richardson) on an under-17 team. I played against (Dustin Brown). I played with (Kyle Calder) in Detroit. It’s nice to have guys to get along with right away.”

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  • Kngcussion

    Wonder who would get scratched if he goes into the lineup?

  • Quisp

    Calder and Richardson.

  • MurrayIScrazy

    What is Murray thinking!? did he not see how HORRIBLE Peter Harrold was in the last game??? the guy must have had 10 giveaways/turnovers that almost led to Duck goals (good thing they suck so bad!) he looked less confident than a rookie.

    Please Murray, get Quincey in the line-up ASAP!

  • anthony

    I think we’ve seen the last of Calder or Richardson.
    Especially if Moller and Simmonds continue to play the way they are.

  • Marc Nathan

    against Carolina, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to let a guy like Ivanans or Boyle watch, and dress seven defensemen…

  • Quisp

    Anthony —

    Calder needs the proverbial “fresh start” somewhere else. What’s funny is, Armstrong saw the writing on the wall and has morphed into the Tasmanian Devil. I loved someone’s comment (maybe on the Battle of California blog) to the effect of “what happened to Armstrong? Now he’s angry all the time?” It’s so true and it’s great. And now Calder is the new Armstrong, running the risk of being the new Klemm, playing in Manchester to help the kids. Of course the word that I’m not going to utter (which begins with I and ends with njuries) has a way of changing things. But if the Kings stay healthy, Calder especially is toast.

    Richardson is in a more difficult spot, because I really think DL doesn’t want to send him down, knowing that he won’t clear waivers. Maybe it’s Richardson who will benefit from any [word that begins with I] and Calder is toast regardless.

  • deadcatbounce

    Calder was toast even before he got here. Why the Kings signed him I’ll never know. Remember that ABC line they had in Chicago a few years ago? They’re all toast now. How times change!

  • cristobal

    Quisp – Calder needs a fresh start in a grocery store. He looks as interested in trying to impact the game as my local Vons checkers. Armstrong, you’re correct, has been looking like Brown used to look before he really learned how to check VERY well. He’s throwing his body around with reckless abandon. While I love Armstrong, I wish he’d be given a player/coach role and play less often while remaining on the bench when he’s not on the ice. Army is a battler. He always has been. He can make a nice play with the puck on his stick, but his running around like Guliano or Zeiler worries me a little. I want him in one peice when he’s done playing. Richardson is my idea of Shotgun planning. Lombardi has soooo many 3rd line players there is no way we won’t have someone who can step in and pick up the slack. Richardson just didn’t get much opportunity in game 1, so how can we judge him? Its similar to the Tukonen situation. There’s really no way to know anything about these players with 4 – 8 minutes of ice-time in 3 NHL games.

    Now if Calder gets another chance, we know its about the contract, but wouldn’t it be better to just cut ties and wave him? He’s never proven he belongs in the NHL and I doubt he ever will. If he wanted to he’d be just as rabid as Armstrong out there, and Calder looks more like a puppy.


  • jet

    Richardson plays defense. I would definetly keep him up. It is obvious that Murray likes to go big up the middle, but I think Richardson is better than Boyle in his own zone. The 4th line is giving up too many chances for the ice time they are getting.

  • Kevin Allen

    I dont see much need to speculate on Calder’s future…I could care less either way…What struck me was what Sully said to Quincey about being here and how much he loves it. Thats a good sign for the future.