Morning skate recap

Some quick notes from the morning…

— Kyle Quincey will be in the lineup tonight, in place of Peter Harrold. Quincey will partner with Matt Greene and play the left side.

— Barring unforeseen changes, Calder and Richardson will be the scratches again. Drew Doughty, as expected, will play.

— Terry Murray said he hasn’t given any thought to the idea that Oscar Moller might go back to junior. He seems very impressed with Moller’s game.

— As previously posted, John Zeiler skated today, but took it relatively easy. He will continue skating for the next couple days but isn’t on the verge of game action or anything like that.

Quotes to follow…

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  • Bob Bobson

    Any word on why richardson is not playing ?

  • anthony

    It looks as though Harrold is gonna be the next Kevin Dallman on the team. That’s too bad. He’s worked hard in the monors and has paid his dues.

    Calder and Richardson will hardly see any ice time for the season. Barring any life threatening injuries of course. Never understood why DL traded for Richardson in the first place.

    Zeiler is completely useless. Brings little to nothing to the table.

  • Anonymous

    What will the lines and D pairings look like for tonight?

  • Rich Hammond

    No changes on lines or pairings expected, other than Quincey for Harrold.

  • JDM

    I’m excited to see Quincey play. Wish I could watch it live… thank god for Tivo and Rich’s updates!

    Doughty gets his first NHL point tonight. You heard it here.

  • ian

    It’ll be cool to see Gleason & Corvo play again tonight, it’s been a while…

  • mark4kings

    Have you ever seen Zeiler skate? For that matter, have you ever been to Staples for a King’s game? Zeiler is all energy and effort and never passes on an opportunity to hit someone. He’ll never be a big scorer but in the games he played last season, the place buzzed when he was on the ice.

  • anonymous


    With all due respect to your opinion, as much as I usually disagree with anything anthony has to say, I would have to agree with him on this one.

    Zeiler is worthless. He’s a horrible skater who can only stop himself by running into someone (sometimes his own teammates). Guys like hime are a dime-a-thousand. He has heart, he tries 1000% and he can play physical. He gets brownie points and some respect for giving it his all, but in today’s NHL, his all is not enough for him to warrant a roster spot.

  • ryan oliver

    Wow. Talk about total dissension on one player. i think Zeiler is a great player and a great fit for the fourth line. Won’t score more then 2 goals a year, but is all hustle, and hits everythnig that moves.