Quick postgame (10/17) notes

— Big night for the Kings, who rallied from a 3-1 deficit, and the top line, as Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar both netted their first goals of the season. The biggest night, however, belonged to Michal Handzus, who continued his resurgence with two goals, including the winner in overtime.

— Jason LaBarbera stopped 23 of 26 shots.

–The Kings killed all five Carolina power plays and are 19-for-19 on the penalty kill this season.

— Sean O’Donnell and Drew Doughty were both plus-2 tonight.

— O’Donnell played a game-high 24 minutes, 15 seconds.

— Kyle Quincey debuted for the Kings and played 21:43. He had one assist.

— Brian Boyle took only seven shifts, not because of injury…

— The Kings were credited with 35 hits, including six by Denis Gauthier.

Jill should have quotes from the locker room…

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  • anthony

    Handzus was amazing. Good to see him finally earn his money.
    But really, Coach MURPHY should take Moulson off the top line for good. He does very little to help Kopi and Brown offensively. Its like putting two pieces of Fillet Mignon with Jack-Ass meat.
    When Sully was asserted on that line, the Kings scored 3 goals. Kopi and Brown play so much Better with him.
    Please, a career minor leaguer has no business on that line. And assure you, he will return to Manchester shortly.
    Every time Coach MURPHY plays Moulson on that line, it humiliates his atatus as a coach.

    But Murphy probably wants to pursue this failed experiment. How much you want to bet that Sully continues to play on the third line on Monday.

  • Noel

    Great game by Jason LaBarbera, Simmonds, and ‘Zues!

  • Barrett

    I agree with Anthony.
    When POS replaced Moulson on the top line, the team went from 1-3 to 4-3.

  • Anonymous

    Whats up with boyle? He doesnt use his size and isnt showing any of the talent he brought last year

  • SuperSonic420

    Yea, I’m sure coach MURRAY was real embarrassed when Moulson scored that goal with a wicked shot against the Ducks. I agree Moulson is not quite ready for first line work, he absolutely will not be sent down to Manch any time soon. Coach MURRAY is just being cautious since Sully missed so much time in camp, and as everyone who actually watches hockey (and not just bitches about anything they can think of) can tell you, players that miss that much time in camp are highly susceptible to groin injuries and have to limit those players minutes until they are fully ready to go. Stupid coaches!

  • Duracell

    Regarding Boyle, how many shifts did his line take? I don’t remember seeing the 4th line out much at all tonight. It seems like Murray is rolling 3 lines and only putting the 4th out in certain situations. Sucks for those guys, but they need to take advantage of what little ice time they get. Instead of taking a really dumb penalty (Army).

  • cristobal

    Duracell – I thought that penalty against Army was a bit ticky-tack. It was pretty much concurrent with the play being dead. The whistle was just a little slow. Plus, if he kept the forward off of Labarbara, its not all bad. And, with the Kings killing penalties like nobody’s business, they’re free to push the envelope without getting punished.

  • Mark

    Brian Boyle looks like he needs to go back to the minors and learn how to play up to his size. In the first period he took a really bad check from a smaller player and after the whistle he slowly skated like a Dodge truck that was crushed by a Prius. If he can learn how to play the system that Terry Murray has set out he can be a monster in the league until then it’s time to let him play with the children while the adults build the foundation.

  • Duracell

    True enough, but if you’re only getting 2 shifts a period…

  • cristobal

    Mark – You’ve got to keep in mind that Boyle is playing very few minutes on the 4th line with Armstrong and Ivanans. He may be huge, but he’ wasn’t drafted to be a guy to run around crushing people. He’s got a lot of skill in that extra large frame and is not really playing a role he was groomed for. If Handzus wasn’t playing so well (and I’ve seen him get nailed a few times, but he keeps his head in the game) he would be better placed on a line with Frolov because he’s got the hands to do it. Sure he could improve in the physical department, but getting in position for a crowd-pleaser check isn’t easy. I don’t remember Greene, Quincey or Preissing delivering any really memorable blows last night either, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t do their job. Boyle’s playing a bit of a strange role for himself, and maybe he’s got room for improvement, but its better to have him there than a guy like Zeiler because if they can build a scoring opportunity, Boyle’s got the skill to finish or set up for the finish.

    I’d keep him around and continue to play him. Its only the 4th game of the season and he’s still learning like all the Kings. Don’t forget this game was 1-3 at one point. Many teams are going to shut down better than Carolina did on the road.

    On the other hand, if anyone should get ONE more chance to try and be effective on that 4th line, its Calder. Maybe the new spirit of the team will spark some life in him and he can use his size on the wing with Armstrong at center.


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