Manchester update

The Manchester Monarchs are off to a bumpy 1-3 start in the AHL. Jonathan Bernier and Jonathan Quick have each started two games and each has a goals-against average slightly above 4.00. Bernier has stopped 53 of 61 shots and Quick has stopped 66 of 74.

Up front, Teddy Purcell has three goals in four games and Gabe Gauthier has a team-high six points (one goal, five assists).

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  • Marc Nathan


    Here’s the question (for Hexy I guess…)

    The Monarchs have a VERY young defense, but more importantly they have an excess of defensemen. How does the organization plan on rotating NINE guys into six slots (ten if they make a move that involves sending Harrold down, though until Johnson is healthy, I would assume it stays status quo here)

    Kidd, Bagnall, Martinez, Piskula, Drewiske, Campbell, Crosty, Werner and Voinov have all seen action in the first four games. Obviously Werner and Crosty least fit within the organization’s depth chart, but both guys have experience (Werner a little more than any of the other eight.)

    So, there’s my question. You can phrase it any way you like. And, don’t let him give you the “the team generally plays three games in three nights, so a rotation is necessary” line šŸ™‚

  • Mike

    Bernier is gonna need to get mentally tough. Talent isn’t half of it in the show. I think Zatkoff is gonna be the better netminder personally.

  • jet

    Off topic – Calgary has had 3 5v3 PP tonight, but they still have only 2 goals. Going into tonight’s game, Calgary had the worst D in the league. That 2nd rounder next spring could end up being a valuable pick in a deep draft, maybe #40. The 3rd rounder, through Buffalo, from the Cammalleri trade looks like an 80th pick. Still more dividends coming for a player with one goal and +/- of -2 makes DL look good.

  • cristobal

    Maybe Jet, but the Kings could sure use a player with a knack for scoring on the 1st line with Kopitar and Brown.

  • Quisp

    Cristobal –

    Moulson has a knack for scoring. Moller has a knack for scoring. Purcell has a knack for scoring. Simmonds has a knack for scoring. Give them the time it takes them to feel comfortable, where they stop thinking, “damn, I’m in the NHL!” I feel pretty confident that’s what Murray is doing. And don’t forget, Moller and Simmonds arrived at least a year early (even by my optimistic projection). When that tree bears fruit, nobody is going to miss Michael Cammellari.

  • cristobal

    Ok quisp. I’ll take your word and wait for Moulson to flower. You’ve been correct about Moller and Simmonds.

  • Sheldon Kannegieser

    I don’t miss Cammellari at all now, and think the trade was great. I think the assessments of Cristobal and Quisp are right on. I would like to see the Kings swap out Moulson for Purcell to see if he can have better chemistry than the first line. But, it’s only five games in, I suppose. I believe this team will be very good in time, and even better as the plethora of picks engineered by Lombardi begin to take shape. It’s pretty hard to argue against the first batch of picks in my view. I haven’t always felt this way, and was very critical of Lombardi’s useless free agent orgy of last year. But, give credit where it’s due. I think the rebuilding process is real this time. It’s exciting. Keep it up Dean.

  • mrbrett7

    Quisp beat me to it. As we have seen before (with the Pallfy, Allison, Deadmarsh line), having one line that can score, and three others that can’t gets you nowhere.

    You MUST have at least 2 lines that can score consistently, otherwise, all an opponent needs to do is shut down one line for most of the game, and they normally beat you. BUT, if you have 2 lines that can score at a consistent pace (roughly 1 goal each, each night from both lines), your going to win a majority of your games. Reason being, on most nights, one of those lines will chip in with more than 1, OR, your 3rd/4th lines will chip in with 1.

    Then, if your giving up 2.5 GAA…you will be winning around 40-45 games per year. This is how Detroit wins, this is how the good teams win, period. You stack one line, and you might as well pack it in.

  • Brian

    Did you guys see that the Wild are shopping Marian Gaborik? According to the Sporting News Today they have talked to Montreal & the Kings about him.

  • mrbrett7

    He isn’t coming here. We would need to give up too much to get him, and he will be a UFA at seasons end, wanting anywhere from 7-10 million/season on around a 6-7 year deal…I’ll pass. He’s an unreal talent, that can’t stay healthy.

  • cristobal

    mrbrett – One line that can score at will got the Kings to the 7th game against the eventual Stanley Cup champions. I don’t know what you consider “nowhere”, but I like the playoffs. The Kings have been “Nowhere” for the past 5 seasons. Plus, you don’t spread out the scoring across all the lines by double shifting O’Sullivan, that will just wear him out. Plus, if you defense insists on turning the puck over in the slot, none of it matters anyway.

    Sheldon – If you don’t miss Cammalleri scoring important, and often game winning, goals, why are you watching hockey? If Cammo were on the first line, I think there’d be at least 3-4 more goals on the books. Cammo is an incredible hockey player and Moulson will NEVER be as talented. Cammo has succeeded at every level because he’s a special player. Wether you like his attitude or his assessment of his own worth is one thing, but if you aren’t missing his contribution on the ice, you never knew how good he was and what he was doing out there. We have ZERO return right now for Cammo. ZERO. If Teubert works out well and there is some return for the 2nd round pick next season, it may look like a good trade, but there is ZERO to be happy about in that situation right now.

  • Marc Nathan


  • mrbrett7

    So…Cristobal…tell me, what happened when 1/3 of that top line got hurt? What happened when that top line was shut down?

    Oh, I remember…they didn’t win. BTW, Cristobal…can you name for me one team that has had any real SUSTAINED success with only one scoring line? I’ll save you the research…ZERO.

  • cristobal

    Mrbrett – It was three thirds (3/3) of that line that got hurt.

  • cristobal

    mrbrett – it could be argued that New Jersey won a cup in the mid 90’s with no scoring line.

  • jet

    Cammalleri has one goal and a -2 +/-, Moulson has one goal and a -3 +/-. Cammi is also double shifting on the Flames PP.

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