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Jason LaBarbera was pulled to start the third period against Colorado on Monday, a move coach Terry Murray attributed to his dissatisfaction with the team in general, not LaBarbera in specific. LaBarbera will be back in goal tomorrow night in St. Louis. He has a 2.98 goals-against average and a .889 save percentage this season. As for Saturday’s game against Nashville, we’ll see. Here’s what Murray said about the situation…


Question: It doesn’t look like you’ve lost any confidence in LaBarbera…

MURRAY: “Not at all. Nope. He’s going to play in St. Louis. The game the other night, those are situations where we had possession of the puck. Any time you turn it over and they’re back at you, you’re either going to get a spectacular stop or it’s going to end up by the goaltender. Unfortunately, on both of those chances they got, they ended up in our net. That’s something that we have to clean up in front of our goaltender.”

Question: Are you planning on going to Ersberg on Saturday?

MURRAY: “I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about that, going back probably a couple weeks. I’m not real sure. I’ll see how things go in St. Louis and how Barbs is feeling, how he plays, how the team is playing and make a decision probably the morning of the game in Nashville.”

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