Greene loves L.A.

I’d been meaning to catch up with Matt Greene since he signed his five-year contract extension, but after practice he’s usually caught up in conversation with a teammate. If you’re a Kings fan, that’s definitely a good thing… But I finally caught Greene yesterday and asked him about signing with the Kings long term after just a couple months in the organization…


Question: You made a big commitment without being here very long. What was it that made you feel comfortable enough to sign long term?

GREENE: “The organization has been great and the guys have been good. I like what I see. It reminds me a lot of the team we had in Edmonton, with young players who are going to develop and get better. I want to be around for when everybody starts to get better and a little bit older, and reap the benefits of having some good years here.”

Question: What are your impressions of this defensive group so far:

GREENE: “It’s a good mix of skill and size back there. I think the young kids are showing a lot of promise, and I think guys are just kind of filling in where they need to. Doughty has been rock solid, same with (Gauthier) and Tommy (Preissing) and Kyle Quincey has come in and done a good job. Doughty has a ton of poise and I think there’s going to be some good things coming from this group.”

Question: You had three partners in your first four games, but it looks like you’re settling in with Kyle Quincey. How’s that pairing going for you?

GREENE: “I’m still getting to know him, but I think it’s great. He moves the puck really well, but at the same time too, he’s a good-sized guy so he throws his weight around. I think it’s going to be a good partnership. He’s real easy to play with and he knows where to be, so it’s an easy adjustment for me. I just hope I’m doing all the things he wants me to do too.”

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  • charles

    Good suggestion about posting the link below to other kings sites, facebook, myspace, LGK, etc. Sadly, I do not know how to do any of that. I’m sure everyone else on here is more computer illiterate than I am. Anyone care to spread the word?

    And when the final poll results are released next Friday, I can already predict they will say that not that many hockey fans are out there….

  • Anonymous

    And LA loves Greene

  • deadcatbounce

    I really do hope that Green still loves LA as much in two or three years as he does now, if not more!

  • taz42

    Greene has a great attitude and this is just what DL is looking for.

  • stillkingly

    For the first time in a long time I can see a bright future for the kings, and I believe very soon it will be a place free agents want to come be a part of.


  • cristobal

    stillkingly – I think you’re right. Free-agents and young players may start wanting to come here if things keep looking good. It is great to hear Greene say that he likes it here and that he’s positive about the future. Hockey players from all over the world would love to play in Hollywood/Los Angeles, but for too long it was a place where an individual could prove their worth but had to leave to earn it. Blake won a Norris trophy but they never made him the highest paid d-man in the league.

    With all the good forwards we have, other forwards are going to want to be here racking up the points, too. Heck, maybe even a top-notch netminder will set his sights on LA.

    I am slowly starting to see that Lombardi’s plans may be so crazy they’re genius.

  • Duckhunter

    deadcat, in that time frame, the fruits of our potential should be ripe. I have a feeling he’s going to be extremely happy.

    By the way, Bob Miller has made a huge jump. Only 60 away from Scully. Keep the voting going. Thanks to the individuals who brought this to our attention.

    Kings 4….Blues 2…..I also predict Calder makes a solid contribution to the 1st line, and does not hurt it. Matter of fact, he’ll get 2 points

  • Justin

    Only the madman is absolutely sure…

  • DellaNooch

    I posted the link on a Kings Group in myspace anyone have access to Let’s go Kings

  • Stats1

    Hey everyone, Bob is only 2 votes away from Vin Scully! Keep voting!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rich I have a question, but anyone can answer if they know. How come some games are not televised by the kings, I have always wondered in this day and age why all the games are not on tv?

  • ollie

    Now I feel a little guilty voting for Bob a few times because he’s surpassed Vinny, who in my mind is the greatest sports announcer in history.

  • jet

    Barbs makes 2 good saves in the first 6 minutes.

  • jet

    Barbs another good save.

  • jet

    POS, Stoll and Moeller are flying

  • jet

    Best Kings game I have seen in years. Agree?

  • Rob

    Anonymous: Because the sad reality of the situation is that, in this day and age, hockey is still a second class citizen in southern california

  • cristobal

    Good effort by Calder tonight and a strong game all around for the team.
    Shakiest shutout I’ve ever seen by a keeper but maybe I’m just waiting for the Kings to look like the kings of old.
    Could the top forwards on this club be getting too many minutes? I see Brown and Kopi logging Pronger-like minutes out there. Not a criticism, just a question.

  • cristobal

    Is my internet machine broken or were there NO updates during the game and NO comments?
    That must be a first…

  • Moondoggie

    Kings – 4
    Blues – 0

    Kinda felt bad for Andy Murray out there tonight, especially when Jim Fox said his job may be in jeopardy. Still tho, the Kings flat-out outplayed the Blues. LA’s forcheck was amazing, the two turnovers by St. Louis that lead to easy LA goals were pathetic but overall, a great team effort by the Kings. Speaking of which, team defense….The Kings looked solid, pure, plain and simple. LA shut down a very good skating St. Louis team tonight. I don’t think it was so much what the Blues didn’t do as to what the Kings wouldn’t allow them to do. It was a great effort by all.

    Matt Green is certainly playing well and Kyle Quincey, what was Detroit thinking when they tried to send him down??? Drew Doughty, our man-child, playing the game like he’s been playing it for years. And do you guys actually get excited when Moller or Simmonds step out on the ice? You can just feel something good is going to happen every time they’re out there.

    This was a great win by a team that isn’t supposed to be very good defensively. Terry (the other) Murray has this team playing well. He just doesn’t get excited or rattled if something goes wrong which didn’t happen too often tonight. On to Nashville, again we’re at .500. Who would have even thought??? Do you believe??? Way to go DL!

    Go Kings!

  • jet

    I can’t imagine what more Andy Murray could do considering the injuries. He is not even 10% into the season and he has to play an AHL goalie. Although, he has had the injury curse for a while now.

  • nykingfan

    Moondoggie..I get the same feeling every time Moller and Simmonds are out there. they both hustle and hit and make things happen.
    DL has put together a young and exciting team that looks to compete every night. They played the perfect road game…they gave the Blues few chances and capitalized on the mistakes.

    I had the unfortunate task of listening to the Blues announcers. Bernie Federko’s an idiot. All game long it was bad bounces and breaks that were costing St. Louis…Not the play of the Kings.
    They also opened the telecast saying how on paper this should be 2 points for the Blues…HA HA…nice try…
    What paper..Rolling papers? LOL

    DL is the King of Kings!!!!!
    Anyone else out there not a believer?

  • Moondoggie

    nykings fan….Right on! Is this fun or what????

    Go Kings!

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