Detroit 4, Kings 3 (shootout)

Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg scored in the shootout and Dustin Brown and Oscar Moller didn’t.
Kings played the Red Wings tough but a huge turnover near the end of the third period allowed Detroit to tie the game.
What did you guys think?

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  • Anonymous


    I really thought we had it this time.

    That play by Gauthier makes me want to vomit. I like the guy’s play all around, and I know he’d take it back if he could, but that was just flat out unacceptable. COMPLETE BONEHEAD play. You’ve gotta be kidding me bro.

  • typicaljs

    that was by far one of the worst plays I have ever seen from an nhl defenseman ever.

  • anthony

    You put your best shoot-out player (POS 4-5 last season) last in the order. He doesn’t even get a chance to shoot.
    You don’t even add Kopi on your shoot-out list.
    What can I say.
    Murray is a damn fool.
    His line combinations were pathetic.
    His last minute and OT strategy were questionable.
    Today, TM sucked at coaching. His worst of the season.

  • Dennis

    The Kings looked great tonight. They had great puck possession and the one real mistake of the game cost them and cost them huge..Gauthier will not sleep tonight for that one. Doughty, Moller, Stoll and Greene showed up to play tonight..These guys were on fire the entire game. I really can’t say anything bad about how the whole team played. Zues again showed why he should be making the big bucks and Sean O’Don looked like he had young legs again….I would also like to see the face off win % tonight. I don’t think Stoll lost a faceoff 1 time..Great job boys!!! I mean MEN!!

  • m

    another veteran d-man turnover results in a goal.
    this loss stings as the Kings should have held on. but the Red Wings kept the pressure coming which forced Gauthier to make a dumb play.

    and of course, Labarbera can’t make the huge save when needed. i know he’s not a legit #1 and he had a heck of a game, but when you have an elite #1, once in a while you get that HUGE save.

    and for the record, i don’t think Ersberg could’ve made the save either.

  • Datacloud

    Zeus did play well, but that was a bad. bad penalty he took late. He basically got smoked by Datsyuk and couldn’t recover.

    Doughty is unreal. I can’t believe the compete level he brings, his complete willingness to give up his body to block shots…that sliding poke check vs. Datsyuk was fantastic. Amazing to think that if he’s on the ice instead of Gauthier, the 18-year old rookie doesn’t make that mistake.

  • Barrett

    I agree with Anthony. You put your best SO player first not last. Murray screwed up big time today.
    What are the chances of Tom Preising replacing Gauthier next game.

  • JonG

    I wish we would have been more aggessive in the overtime period. Once it gets to the shootout it’s as good as over. No way is Babs going to stop Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Hossa.

  • uknojata

    the ringside view is fox’s worst idea since the glowing puck. first we get screwed with a limited HD schedule, and the HD games they do broadcast they insist on the confusion cam.

    apparently fox is trying to get more people interested in watching hockey. unfortunately all the gimmicks, graphics and sound effects so far haven’t worked. its up to the nhl to find a way to better market the game.

  • JonG

    Not only did Doughty make a great poke-check, he got up and finished his check hard into the boards. Awesome!

  • Datacloud

    Wow, that’s two comments I’ve had deleted. Apologies for the Gauthier death threats. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy in person.

  • Marty

    The one goal loss strikes again failure to utilize your best players definately cost the Kings this time.PLAY KOPI AND BROWN AND SULLY TOGETHER IF YOU WANT TO WIN! They all will produce more if they play together on the same line.I would highly recommend sending your best shooters out for the shootout in order of proficentcy.Please tell Murray for his own sake.

  • Bring back Rogie Vachon

    Kopitar HAD to be one of the first 3 shooters after OT. What the heck was he thinking?

  • Quisp

    Good game. Painfully bad pass by Gauthier, which is too bad after a good game from him otherwise. Good game by JLB until he was made to look silly in the shootout, especially on the Zetterberg goal. Another great game by Quincey. Nice spin-around-and-shot by Harrold. Harrold and Quincey seem to be getting some chemistry. Nice goal Calder-ish goal by Calder. Excellent PK. Power-play could have won the game for us; it’s a shame to have that many chances and not make them pay. My brother in Detroit just emailed me to say the Detroit radio guys were gushing the whole game about Doughty. Beautiful diving poke check by him. Lots to like about the game except — grrrrr — not winning.

    It’s always better to win the games you should win, but it’s equally important to learn from your mistakes.

  • Quisp

    Interesting point about Murray’s order of shooters. It occurs to me, since this is the Kings first shoot-out of the year, is this not Terry Murray’s first regular season shoot out EVER?

  • cristobal

    Quisp – I’m in complete accord with everything you said. It was a shootout loss, heads or tails for 1 more point.
    O’Sullivan had a quiet night.
    I could see Calder’s goal coming the second he drove toward the net. Exactly Kyle.
    Who could hope to shut down Datsuk and Zetterberg? They’re assassins.
    Moller doesn’t have many Swedish friends. Especially Kronwall. He came right back at him though, lil Oscar.
    Kings outplayed the Wings but still lost. That’s better than the usual story line of “the Kings got schooled and humiliated”.
    I’ll take that.


    -oh, and i love the play of prince harry.

  • cristobal

    Oh yeah, can we get rid of the SHOOTOUT? There’s nothing wrong with a draw.

  • KingsFan78

    The sad thing is that I should be 10 times more upset about the turnover than the shootout, but because of the way the shootout went, I’d call it about even. Why anyone on this roster is set up to shoot before Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Frolov, or Brown, makes no sense. Detroit starts with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Murray didn’t even give the Kings a chance to get that extra point.

    Still…that uncontested turnover by Gauthier…

  • Dan H.

    Good game overall. Whoever said that Labarbera didn’t make any big saves wasn’t watching. I don’t think he’s our answer but to pin this one on him is rediculous. He made 2-3 big saves in the third. That one was ANOTHER Turnover just like the ones that killed us last Monday.

    I hope Gauthier gets a good look from the press box. He should get a night off. I coached kids hockey for 10 years and my 6 year olds learned not to pass in the middle. That was rediculous. This is after Jim Fox kept referring to him as the “veteran” defenseman. Well he looked like a rookie and the rookie looked like a veteran tonight.

    I want Sully back on the top line but Calder looked good up there tonight and he’s not going to create like Sully but he went to the net hard, played the corners hard, and just looked good.

    Handzus was great besides the bad penalty towards the end there but he was strong all game along with Fro and Simmonds.

    Moller had a nice goal and he’s scrappy and gets in there all the time but he wasn’t noticible for most of the game.

    Shootout? Moller? whaaaat? I disagree with TM on that call but I wasn’t in practice to see what these guys normally do on breakaway practice so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…THIS TIME.

  • nykingfan


    Are you friggin kidding? You posted a death threat to Gauthier? If you’re serious that you posted that…
    (Rich…hide your eyes please)
    You’re an a$$…It was a mistake for crissakes. How about for every mistake you’ve ever made, someone puts out a death threat on you?
    We can all disagree about players on the Kings, but nobody is wishing death on them.
    If it was meant as a joke, it was a really bad one dude.

    Cristobal and Qusip,
    I agreed with what you said…except for the shootout part. I like the shootout. A tie is like kissing your sister. I would actually do away with the 1 point on a shootout loss.

  • jkwondachef

    When you play hockey you are taught never to make a pass to the middle, never pass to the middle, never pass to the middle, but sometimes you pass to the middle. Gauthier blew it, he knew it, we know it. Kings played well had the game and then that mistake cost us. Oh well on to the next game.

  • cristobal

    Does somebody have to die before the Staples Staff does something about the Boards/Glass issues? 4 Straight games/4 broken windows. I swear some lady almost got decapitated by a broken piece of plexiglass last night. Gauthier and Kopecky(?) were lucky not to have been seriously injured or killed. Awful. Awful. Awful.

    The Rinkside View regularly showed how many Red jerseys there were in the stands. I’m no advocate of Hooliganism, but shouldn’t King’s fans and management do something to stop this in OUR BUILDING?
    The bandwagoners were out in full force last night (there’s no way there are that many people from Detroit).
    They need to be silenced and forced to show a little respect for the King’s players. Management should be involved in this. In europe supporters are segregated within the stands. I don’t think OUR home ice, as horrible as that ice may be, should be a place where Detroit Bandwagonners feel comfortable wearing Red and cheering on the Redwings.
    Wearing red to that game should not be allowed unless there’s an Away Supporters section.