Murray explains top-line change

Here’s what Terry Murray said today about his decision to move Patrick O’Sullivan to the top line…

Question: A couple lineup changes today?

MURRAY: “Yeah. I’ve decided to make a change on the lines. I put Sully up with Kopi and Brownie. I want to get (O’Sullivan) a better opportunity, I think, to play with those guys more on a regular basis. He’s out there on the power play, but I want to see how it all goes with the 5-on-5 play. I know that he was there last year and the line had good success. Let’s bring it together and see where this thing goes. We have a six-game homestand now, six games out of our homestand remaining, and it’s a really important time for us. I’m hoping that it brings his best out and I hope it really shows good chemistry with the line.”

Question: How much do you look at the fact that those guys are good friends and get along so well off the ice. Does that translate onto the ice?

MURRAY: “Yeah, it does. I think if a pair of defensemen or a line are hanging out together and going to dinner and the families are close and they’re good friends, I think it does translate. There’s always that deeper awareness for what’s going on on the ice, in practice and in the games. It should always bring the best out of a player and the best out of a line, and I’m hoping that we can see good things happen with this line as we get going tomorrow night.”

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  • mk_42

    I’m probably the only one who doesn’t like this move. I think the first line will be better but I think the Stoll line will suffer so on the whole the team will be worse off. Until now the opposition has had to choose between Kopi/Brown and Sully/Stoll. Now they won’t have to. Rich, can you ask how this new decision squares with his earlier philosophy of spreading out the scoring.
    I’m fine with trying it for a few games and I’ll be happy to be wrong if it works.