The other line changes

As previously posted, Kyle Calder will move to the second-line left-wing spot, alongside Jarret Stoll and Oscar Moller. Matt Moulson returns to the lineup as the fourth-line right wing alongside Raitis Ivanans and Derek Armstrong, who moves back to center. Moulson started the season as the Kings’ top-line left wing but has been a healthy scratch in the last three games. Here’s what Terry Murray said about the two moves…


Question: Do you think Calder will be a good fit in that second-line role?

MURRAY: “I think so, and I like what Calder did with Kopi’s line. He scored a good goal the other night, going to the net. That’s his game, but the kind of game that Calder plays, I think, can fit with most lines. It’s, get the puck in, get the forecheck, get in quickly, cycle the puck, go to the net, hang around the net looking for loose pucks and rebounds. So I like what he did with Kopi, and I’m making the change hoping that Sully can get his game going at a higher level and that the line is more productive on the offensive part of things.”

Question: And Moulson is going back in?

MURRAY: “Yeah, I’m going to put him back in. He’s been out for several days and he’s been working really hard. We’re going to put him on the right side. I know it’s not a position that he’s real familiar with, but in a conversation he said he feels fine. Obviously he would say that to me; he wants to get back in the lineup. We had a discussion a few games ago, when I did take him out, about his play and what I’m looking for from him. He’s aware of it, so it’s an opportunity to go back in and do it.”

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  • mk_42

    I like how open he is. I especially like “Obviously he would say that to me; he wants to get back in the lineup.” Not only is it not BS from his mouth, he even recognizes it’s BS that he’s quoting from the player. I mean he’s still a coach so I still don’t expect plain english, but among coaches he’s definitely the most candid I’ve heard.