Congrats, Helene

This is a late-night special.
Tonight I attended the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation awards dinner, where L.A. Times hockey colunmist Helene Elliott was honored as the sports writer of the year. Luc Robitaille presented her with the award.
“Anything she ever wrote about me, good or bad, was the truth,” Robitaille said. “… She felt she had a responsibility to deliver the truth to her readers.”
Elliott’s award was presented first so that Robitaille could leave to attend the Kings’ game against the Canucks. I checked the score when he left, and it was 0-0. Not sure how many of Vancouver’s four goals he saw.

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  • Duckhunter

    Congrats Helene. Before finding this site, Helene was my source for Kings information. I love her articles in the Times. Helene, if you red this blog, I still read the Times because of you and Simers. You both are great. Thanks for you’re efforts and professionalism.

  • cristobal

    Congratulations Helene. I commend you for succeeding in this business that was long considered the domain of men-only. So much better than the AP-wire. Covering hockey for the LA Times – did I mention I’m jealous?

  • Rich Hammond

    Please allow me to second that. Helene is a Hall of Famer, literally, and a journalist of the highest integrity and talent. Even though we’re “rivals” in the traditional sense, there’s a fraternity among hockey writers and, as such, it’s an honor to be her colleague.

  • JDM

    If it wasn’t for Helene the Times probably wouldn’t have any hockey stories besides “The hockey season has started” and “The hockey season is over – so and so won the cup.” Her stories are about all that gets printed about the Kings these days. Sad state of affairs over there but Helene continues to be amazing.

    Rich, you and Helene should ‘elope’ and start up your own sports paper, the eden of Kings journalism!

    Congrats to Helene on an award well deserved.

  • cristobal

    Rich – Helene as a guest blogger for an hour or two would be fun.
    Well, maybe not for her.
    Forget it.

  • GMatsuda

    I don’t consider myself to be a colleague of Helene’s (or Rich’s, for that matter), since I don’t cover the Kings for a living…I’m certainly not a sportswriter of that caliber. But I too congratulate Helene on a long career of Hall-of-Fame worthy work in covering hockey from New York to Los Angeles.

    (bowing in Rich’s general direction…) 🙂

  • jet

    I stopped picking up the morning after game day paper when the Herald shut down. Helene got me back in the habit. Helene has some wonderful insights and has been able to keep the non-hockey diehards interested in the sport.

  • Harry

    According to several sources (TSN/Sportsnet/Team1040 Vancouver) Mats Sundin was in attendance last evening in Los Angeles as the Canucks took to the ice against the Kings.

    Rumors are abound that Mats has been training in Los Angeles for about a week now and a decision on his playing future may come soon.

    Rich, do you know where in LA? Was it the Toyota Center ?

  • Forum to Staples

    I want to add my congratulations – Helene Elliot is a class act and a terrific sports writer. While you wouldn’t know it by the print coverage, LA is lucky to have two of the best — Helene & Rich — covering our Kings. If only the team played as well as they write…