FINAL: Canucks 4, Kings 0

The Canucks get two power-play goals and Roberto Luongo doesn’t need much help tonight as the Kings fall to 3-5-1 this season. LaBarbera stops 14 of 18 shots. Notes and quotes from the locker room to come…

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  • Jayrew


  • anthony

    How depressing to watch. Pretty much everybody stunk.
    Moller needs to bury some of those wide open shots.

  • Mike

    We better get La Barbera out of town and call Chicago about the Wall. This team is losing faith in him faster than a prom dates panties come off. When a team has no confidence they have a chance in winning the game the play reflects. C’mon Dean get proactive damnit

  • Bring back Rogie Vachon

    LaBarbera needs to sit on the bench a few games to get his game together. That 4th goal was deflected, but a good NHL goalie would have had his pads together to protect the 5 hole. Either give Ersberg his shot, or bring up a netminder from Manchester who will give more effort on the ice, and one who has some sort of good fundamentals between the pipes. Jason just is NOT a No. 1 NHL goalie. Isn’t it time for the experiment to be over???

  • Anonymous

    This defense was mostly absent and except for one great shot in the third by Moller, Luongo just had to stand there to make the saves.

    Everyone has an off night now and then…but really no goals AND no fight even?!

  • smokiemcpot

    The Kings were awful…Maybe it had something to do with Crawford being in the building because that is what they looked like last year. This game was not indicative of the rest of the season thus far and to be completely honest I liked the three rolling lines better than having Sully on the top line (though it was their first game together). Stoll and Moller looked lost with Calder on the wing.

  • MS

    What a terrible game. The Kings were about as flat as a 2-day old opened beer. Hopefully they’ll rebound.

  • cristobal

    Rich – Where do we find attendance numbers?
    – Was the ice horrible again last night? Did it cause Frolov’s miscue on the penaly?
    – Are the AEG marketeers panicking?