More evidence Moller likely isn’t going anywhere

It sounds like Oscar Moller would have to have a horrendous game tonight not to remain with the Kings. Asked if he’s made the decision on whether Moller will go back to juniors or stay, Terry Murray said “No, but he’s going to have to have two real duds here in (games) 9 and 10. He’s played real well. We have confidence in him. He’s showing composure and the ability to play at a level that’s necessary to play in the NHL. Averaging 15 minutes a night. He’s been an important part of our team to this point.”

(Edit: Murray seems to be under the impression that the Kings have until AFTER the 10th game, but the rule actually kicks in when the player plays his 10th game)

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  • simonsez

    Yesterday Rich said they have to decide after tonight’s game (game 9). Murray implies that they don’t have to decide until after Saturday – which is it?

  • Kevin

    I’m pretty certain it’s before the 10th game. But if that’s true, Rich, why not tell Murray?

  • Kopi

    Rich.. all this talk about the 2 guys drew and moller… any talk about wayne doing anything… i think he has been a big part of the team…soo if u can get anything for would be nice..

  • -J

    It’s 9 games. At the 10th game, a year of his contract is officially used up. I posted this a while back on that rule:

    For those interested, the ten game rule goes like this: A junior player signed to an NHL contract can play up to 9 games. Upon playing in the tenth game, the first year of the player’s NHL contract is activated. He can be sent back to juniors at any time afterward, but the 1st year of the contract is used up. At 40 games played, the season will now count against his accrued seasons for free agency purposes. The numbers and rules are slightly different for goaltenders, but the gist is the same. One other thing to keep in mind is when the contract is activated at 10 games, it now counts against the team’s 50-contract allotment.

    The issue doesn’t come up too often so i’m not surprised Murray doesn’t know the exact rule. Most people refer to it as a 10 games rule, I guess the number is rounder or something.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Jill, not Rich. =o)

  • Kevin

    Oops. My apologies, Jill.

  • simonsez

    How funny would that be if they played him Saturday thinking they still had the option & then realized they were stuck.