Murray on juniors

As the Kings make their decision regarding wether to retain Oscar Moller or send him to juniors, Terry Murray gave his thoughts on what juniors can do for a player.
“It would never hurt a player to play his junior eligibility out, unless you’re a real special player coming out, the first pick overall and then you’re ready to play. It never hurts a player to go back. Absolutely not. I think it develops your game. You can learn to dominate and learn to do a lot of good things. Maturing physically is probably the No. 1 thing that takes over. We’re making this decision based on our needs only and also with the mindset that we’re aware of Oscar Moller, who he is, what he’s done and what we see in the future from him.”

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  • Marc Nathan

    …and Moller’s junior team is terrible this season. That HAS to factor into the team’s decision some, no?