Postgame notes, quotes (10/30)

— This was (almost obviously) the Kings’ largest margin of defeat of the season and their second shutout loss in nine games.

— Special teams were huge. Vancouver scored two power-play goals in five chances while the Kings went 0 for 7 with the man advantage.

— Shots were even, 11-11, after the first period. From there, the Kings outshot the Canucks 17-7.

— Dustin Brown recorded a game-high eight shots on goal. Denis Gauthier was credited with a game-high seven hits.

— Kyle Quincey played a game-high 24 minutes, 19 seconds for the Kings but was minus-2, as were Oscar Moller and Jarret Stoll.

— The Kings out-hit the Canucks 29-17 tonight. Los Angeles has only been out-hit twice so far this season.


Oscar Moller: “The energy wasn’t there tonight like it was against Detroit and we have to regroup and come out with a better attitude.”

Terry Murray: “It was a tough start. We got a double-minor in the first minute of play and then it ends up on a five-on-three, that’s a tough start. You’re just trying to get the game going and get everybody into the game with good flow and getting involved, but that does happen. We just about got killed it off and they end up poking in a loose puck and get the first goal.”

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  • Anonymous

    What ever you do dont have a non hockey talk with
    anyone in the chat room or you will get the boot
    by Richard or Dick whatever he goes by…..

  • wavesinair

    Not impressed with the top line tonight. Kopitar especially. Saw him get pushed around a few times with almost non-existent retaliation. I don’t know what’s going on there but I want some damn fire from him soon!!! JLB MUST go. If Ersberg doesn’t start next game, then Murray is already stuck seeing the forest.

  • Nick

    Agreed on Kopi. He was weak tonight even though Brown and Sully were pretty good.

    The whole team just seemed a little out of sync tonight. Not necessarily bad, just a little off.

    Ersberg should definitely start on Saturday. He’s earned it by attrition at this point.

  • Anonymous

    This is the type of game everybody is expecting LA to play this year

  • ian

    JLB was awesome early, it could have been much worse…Peter Harrold seemed pretty good tonight, not that anyone stood out too much. Frolov putting the penalty shot in at that stage of the game would have helped a lot..

  • Harry

    If we don’t pick up Gaborik, then we are looking for the first round pick !

  • Anonymous

    A few breaks went against the Kings, a few went their way. One thing the Kings did do to hurt themselves was to lose the opening face-off of every power play they had in the Canucks zone allowing them to ice the puck. We lost more than 1/4 of our PP time right there. Not a good night.

  • Duckhunter

    Kopitar has been getting pushed off the puck all year. Have you noticed how many times he’s been knocked off his skates this year? I’m convinced he has some kind of leg or groin injury, or he came into this season out of shape. I don’t think I’ve seen him get knocked down this much in the last two years combined.

    I too, would like to see our top line play like they should. I’m starting to get a little disappointed. I haven’t seen the 1st line play like one all year. We are 9 games in and have been playing for about a month now, they should have all the kinks ironed out by now. Lets start playing boys!!!

    I also think it’s time for Ersberg to get his shot. We need a little change, just for change sake. I thought LaBarb played pretty strong tonight, his team let him down today. Still, I’d like to see Ersberb play.

    Was it just one of those nights tonight, or did it look like we have a deficiency of skill on our team. I couldn’t tell if they were that good defensively or we were that bad offensively. Everybody was invisible tonight. We need a better showing Saturday.

  • Patrick

    Time to shake up the lineup. Is Big Brian Boyle ready to go? Surely Tom Preissing has learned from his mistakes. Erik Ersberg is well rested and ready to go.

  • Harry

    Saturday’s Flames vs. Kings game at Staples Center will not be televised by FSN, so Kings fans in the LA area will be able to catch the HNIC telecast of the game on NHL Network that night. Channel 215 on DirecTV. The game will be broadcast in HD – and no rinkside view for a change which many will be thrilled about.

    It’ll be the first time the Kings will face Cammalleri since he was traded to Calgary, and to add a fun twist to it all, Marc Crawford should be the color commentator for the broadcast. This should be good!

  • Jon

    We should start a “WE WANT ERSBERG” chant at every game. Better yet, boycott games until Ersberg gets a start.

  • Kevin

    I haven’t seen a game like this from the Kings in a while. They didn’t look into the game at all. They just didn’t show up.

    But it was a record game, nonetheless, albeit not in a good way. Tonight was the first time in Kings regular-season history that they were shutout by the Canucks in a home game, either at the Great Western Forum or Staples Center, according to the Associated Press.

  • cristobal

    Well, as Jimbo Fox said, “momma said there’d be days like this.”

    Moller is a keeper and had his strongest game so far.

    Simmonds, I keep thinking, needs to go to Manch. or Jr. and keep growing. I think that, and then he does something that shows mental maturity and validates his spot in the line-up. He’s a keeper. I didn’t like the penalty call on him, either. He didn’t know where the puck was and just saw Bernier descending upon him. I’d have ducked too.

    O’Sullivan has been horrible the last 2 games. A shadow of what he showed in the first 4 games. Tired? Someone posted that the Kings looked tired at the end of the last game. Maybe they need to change the training routine. Are they playing TOO much ping-pong?

    Kopitar will take the heat but he’s trying to do everything out there. Maybe he’s trying to do too much. He had one of my favorite plays of the night when, instead of dumping the puck from the red line and watching the possession change (way too much of that tonight) he turned and ragged the puck back to the defense to keep possession. More of that.

    Labs? Well, what can you say. I, again, think he’s been the victim of poor defending (granted some were power plays), and Moller can’t let defenders walk right past him no matter what the angle. Rookie mistake by Oscar? I honestly think Labs was innocent on every goal. The Gods must not like him though because the puck seems to be looking for ways past him. The second goal got through a mouse-hole, and the 4th couldn’t have been redirected anywhere else but where it was and find the net. I’d still start him 6 more games, but he must be seeing the Gallows out his window at night.

    Doughty was a joy to watch, but the defense in general is looking way too 1 dimensional. Doughty, and possibly Harrold, seem to be the only one’s capable of dangerous passes from their own end. Nice pass by Doughty to spring Fro.

    Man of the Match – Absolutely goes to Armstrong. Kids, he’s leading by example. Great game Derek.

    Murray lost the game in the 1st period. There was no respect being shown to our Talent, and the dogs should have been called on. Don’t let those kids do that, Mr. Murray.

    I liked the play of all 4 lines. More mistakes to work on, but I didn’t think they ever quit.

  • cristobal

    Duckhunter – We outshot them. What you saw was Luongo. He’s an elite netminder. They gave up a bit to get him. He could probably have been here in LA for Lubo and Cammo. Anyway, he made the Kings look weak offensively because they had some excellent opportunities and about 3 irons.
    Penalty Shot – The ice quality is really starting to make the players look foolish.

  • Jon

    cristobal – i don’t want to start a labs debate with you, too many people have tried. so let’s just agree to disagree. but today in luongo you saw what a good goaltender does. he cuts off angles and has no holes. you either beat him when (1) you have a perfect shot, or (2) on a scrummage in front of the net. sure, the kings hit 3 posts, but it’s because they have to shoot for the posts to get it past luongo. his positioning is perfect, and he flails only when he has to, not on every single damn play. sure there’s a bit of luck to hockey, but the gods aren’t labarbera’s enemy, he just isn’t that good.

    don’t forget also that it very well could have been 5-0, that second period goal that got disallowed because of the buzzer beat him as well. geez just let ersberg start.

  • Duckhunter

    Critobal, I guess that’s my question. Why couldn’t we finish our opportunities? It seems like all the teams we play, bury the puck in the back of the net, when given opportunities like that. I think I have to disagree on Luongo. Yes, he’s good, but he didn’t make any great or spectacular saves. We outshot them, but how many were of any threat. So, I guess it’s two fold, we didn’t put that much pressure on Luongo, and the few opportunities we had, we couldn’t finish. Ya, that’s not a good combination.

    4th line played pretty good tonight ha? I think Army look good tonight as well. One of the few who stood out. Fro played another strong game. I really enjoy watching him play this year.

    As you say, Doughty is just outstanding. What else can you say about that kid?

  • cristobal

    Jon – I agree with your assessment, but for one point. Those shots of the iron could have been goals if placed right. The Kings are not placing it well right now but O’Sullivan, Moller and Frolov are coming close.

    But Labs is never going to be Luongo. I know that. But we also don’t have a Luongo to rely on. What’s the best way forward for this club? To bring in Khabibulin, if available, and try and “hide” the mistakes the team is making? Or stick with what we’ve got and wait for Bernier or Zatkoff or Quick to become “elite” goaltenders.

    If Ersberg turns out to be elite, great. But if he doesn’t, we’re going to be looking at a situation where we need to call upon the young guys too early.

    I say ride it out for another 7 or 8 games. The mistakes may end and the bounce may switch directions.

    Last thing Jon – that disallowed goal Bernier had was by a player skating unchecked right in front of Labs. He knocked the shot from the point down and deked Labs who was still trying to track the shot. For me that’s another defensive breakdown, not poor goaltending.

  • cristobal

    I’ve never seen the Foru….uh, Staples, so empty. Granted, it was 0-4 with 10 left in the 3rd, but there couldn’t have been 2 thousand left. Cannucks fans?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This was a team effort. Everyone played bad. It happens to a young team, especially when they play against one of the best goalies in the world. Regroup and come back on Saturday with a better effort.


    Okay King fans, after watching last night game, I hope Murray plays Richardson with Armstrong, Moulson on the 4th line. Ivanans and Simmonds two players that should ride the pine for awhile through in Boyle for Simmonds and let them have 10 mins of ice time. They should be hungry enough to stick with the team so they should make and impact.

  • deadcatbounce

    Missed the game last night, but from all accounts that probably wasn’t a bad thing. The Kings are really young, and really young teams are going to be inconsistent. Hopefully they’ll gel and start to play better over the next ten games or so, but if not I can see them bringing in a veteran goaltender as a stop-gap. I get the sense that LaBarbera’s confidence is shot to shreds, so it might not be a bad idea to have a vet come in and take the load off that position since I don’t think that any of the young kids in the minors are ready to get their brains blown out in L.A.

    Gaborek or Luongo in Los Angeles? What will that do? Finishing 13th instead of 15th doesn’t justify such a move…

  • nykingfan

    Fox said it right..”Momma sad their would be nights like this”
    Not a good game from any aspect. I don’t blame Barbs but I think it’s time to let Ersberg get a start. I think what we saw in Luongo is the reason I have such high hopes that Bernier is the man (insert Zatkoff if you please) When you have a stud in goal,you don’t worry as much about 5 on 3’s or late game situations. You have 100% confidence in your guy. That’s something we have never had here, and something I’m hopeful that the kids will be able to give us. Someone mentioned Khabibulen…I don’t think he’s the answer at all. Neither short term or long term.

    Back to Fox’s comment…we all knew that these games would happen during the season and we would have some rough patches during the year. We’re struggling right now and i’m not sure wholesale lineup changes are the answer. Let the players play themselves out of it. It’s another lesson that they will learn this year.
    This was the 1st game that Oscar Moller looked a little lost. I wonder if it will have an effect on his status, since it was in the 9th game? I hope not..I think he should stay. TM had said as much in a previous post prior to the game.

    I don’t think there is any need to panic or wonder about whether the Kings are a good team or not…They are young and will continue to improve. This is just a rough time for them. All young teams go through this. It’s not just one player costing us the game, this was a team effort.

  • PowrrrPlay

    Another inept offensive game.
    TM will be doing something in the next 6 games. Look for something like Simmonds to Manchester and Purcel called up. And/Or a bonafide goal scorer signed… can you say Shanahan?

  • BRS

    I was at the game last night & was embarrassed by the amount of empty seats. And I was embarrassed by all the Canuck fans. I also think Ivanans is an important part of the team. I like him. He tried to get a few things stirred up but the Canucks wouldn’t go for it. I love this team though. They’ve been in every game except last night. Saturday will be different.

  • BluLine77

    Pretty ugly game all around. Reminded me of Andy Murray Kings hockey. Throw the puck away on 4 on 4’s rather than keep possession. Dump the puck on constantly with nobody ever chasing. No intimidation by your alleged heavyweight. Lost of perimeter shots with nobody going to the net. Bunch of stupid wrap-around attempts. Absolutely no chances off the rush. Through 9 games our top line has scored a total of, what 6 or 7 goals? Ugly.
    Moller at least seems willing to take it to the middle off the half boards on the PP and almost scored and Brown had 8 SOG. It was just one of those games I guess. I mean, the Kings couldn’t even get a shot on goal on a PENALTY SHOT. lol.

  • jet

    The refs called a very tight game last night. Christobal is being too generous with “I did not like the call” on Simmonds interference penalty. Interference is not just about touching the puck, but also about interfering with the player from going somewhere. Simmonds left hip was almost on the post. The referee has to realize that Brenier is trying to recover position. The only way he was going to do that was to go through, or as it happened over Simmonds. Of course there were other bad calls that went the Kings way, but I just think last night the refs took the game away from the players. I am not saying the refs were terrible, just not as good as they have been so far this year. This is also not an excuse for the uninspired play.

    It is obvious that Army is a center, and it is silly for us to try to put him on a wing. I realize that is a problem since Boyle and Richardson are also centers. Each brings a different skill set, but Army’s is best suited to the 4th line.

    Stroll and Moeller missed POS on the D side of the ice. What good is it to put POS w/ Kopi if the 2nd line becomes a defensive liability?

    Sedin’s pass on the second PP was not a blind pass, that play was practiced. Are we over committing?

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    A few of you were probably guilty of overrating Simmonds a bit going into the year, judging from the comments I’ve seen from Kings fans both here and elsewhere. In my view he never really projected to much more than a 4th line grinder/energy type of player, a player who probably needed to prove himself at the AHL level first.

    He had some good stats in the CHL, but he also had some pretty fair linemates in both Owen Sound & the Sault. He never struck me as the type of player willing to make the required defensive sacrifices needed to succeed at the NHL level. He possesses the raw skills, it is just his total commitment to the game that I wonder about.

    That said, I hope he succeeds. He just needs to make some smarter decisions with the puck, and to play balls out every shift from now on.

  • -J

    I can’t believe anyone is questioning that call on simmonds. The dude stuck his butt out 2 feet to intentionally get in the way of the Van player. It’s been beyond me how anyone in their right mind could think that isn’t an interference penalty. You can not move into a position to directly impede another player, which is exactly what simmonds did.

  • deadcatbounce

    PowrrrPlay, you’re making a big assumption that Shanahan would want to end his hall-of-fame career playing for a loser. Personally, I don’t think this will ever happen.

    And if anyone wants to criticize me for calling the Kings losers again, please feel free because you’ll look even stupider than I am!

  • jet

    J – my point is that that player must be going somewhere. there was no where for Brenier to go. Yes, Fox tried to sugarcoat it by saying Simmonds bent over and stuck out his butt. I agree he did, and Breiner ended up laying in the crease. If Simmonds does not move, then Brenier goes through him and they both end up in the net.

  • cristobal

    -J – Totally disagree that the call is not debatable. Vladimir Konstantinov was once called for the same damn thing and it makes little sense to me. Simmonds obviously had no idea where the puck was and was merely avoiding what looked like an impending hit. I don’t know anywhere in the rule book where it says protecting yourself is interference. It’s like saying being checked is interfering. Honestly, how can Bernier think he’s getting by Simmonds? Stuck his but out 2 feet? Do you have a DVR? Simmonds feet and body in no way “moved into” Bernier. Maybe it really IS a call, but to say it’s not debatable is presumptuous. Anyway, it was one play in the game. Disagree but what’s the point? Too many Kings penalties in the offensive zone. The team is pressing way too hard. That’s when things like that happen

    Murray’s going to need to chill out a bit with the lineup changes. If he changes them all around again it will make matters worse. Offensive zone penalties and skaters “looking off balance” are signs that they’re trying to do too much. Just relax, play “OUR” game and let the play come rather than chasing.

    Any Patrick O’Sullivan sightings?

  • deadcatbounce

    When was the last time Konstantinov played in the NHL???

  • cristobal

    Deadcatbounce said: ” And if anyone wants to criticize me for calling the Kings losers again, please feel free because you’ll look even stupider than I am!”

    Quite a challenge.

  • nykingfan


    If you feel that way about them, why bother watching?
    When you are calling the Kings losers, you’re calling guys like Kopitar, Brown, Sully, Frolov, Doughty all losers. Real fan!

  • deadcatbounce

    Nykingfan, No, I said the Kings as a team were losers. It comes from 40+ years of waiting and hoping. I didnt say anything about the players individually. To quote an old clich, Theres no I in team. Unfortunately, for all the years theyve been around the Kings as a team have precious little to show for their efforts: game six against Boston, game three against Edmonton, game seven against Toronto. What else??? Is that a record to be proud about? Weve had three of the top all-time scorers come through Los Angeles and what do we have to show for it? We have winners of individual trophies, but what do the Kings have to show for it as a team? A big fat nothing! That Stanley Cup finals in 1993 was great, but if you were around then youd have to admit that was a fluke because the Kings were only a third place team in the Smythe Division.

    So if you want to call this franchise a winning one then be my guest, but theyve never even had the consistency of being a consistent playoff team.

    I do agree with you about the good players we have and the great ones we have had, but itd be nice if they could even just make the playoffs consistently and maybe even contend for a cup. If you were around for the no-offense teams in the 1970s and the no-defense teams in the 1980s then youll be aware of the misery.

    And Im glad that some of you (not you, Nykingfan) are up to my challenge(

  • -J

    I don’t need a DVR to know simmonds moved into his way- I knew immediately he was going to be called. I’ve seen the replay twice, last night and again this morning, and if you think A) that bernier had no room to get around him if Simmonds had not moved or B) that simmonds did not move to get directly in his way, then you need to get your eyes or your head checked.

    Either of these part of the rule could apply to what simmonds did- “A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who interferes with or impedes the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck.” or
    “A minor penalty shall be imposed on an attacking player who deliberately checks a defensive player, including the goalkeeper, who is not in possession of the puck.” He wasn’t trying to avoid a check, he moved in front of Bernier’s path. Simmonds basically threw a pick, which in today’s game, gets called as >95% of the time as interference. The only times it doesn’t is when it isn’t seen.

  • -J

    If you still think Simmonds should’ve been called, read over rule 67 on interference, noting the sections on body position and picks.

  • cristobal

    I totally disagree that he moved into Bernier’s path deliberately so the argument breaks down. Bernier was more aware of what was going on and it could be argued that he was penalty fishing. Do you really think he would’ve gone over Simmonds like that without enhancing it?

    C’mon J, you know Simmonds had no idea where the puck was and that it appeared to him as though the puck had dropped at his feet and he was the target of an arms up hit. If anything he’s trying to avoid Bernier.

    Anyway, I guess we just disagree, but there are too many offensive zone penalties occurring.

  • hockey junkie

    Hey Harry,
    thanks for the heads up on program note for saturdays game. excellent!!

  • Duckhunter

    Cristobal, it was a penalty. Pretty plain to see. You’re starting to sound like that dude that does the Quacks games.

    Yes, thanks Harry for the heads up on the game.

  • cristobal

    Hahaha. I never said I’m not a homer. It pissed me off when the crowd was booing the Kings, even. Once a King, always a King, too. except Cloutier, he made that czech guy look good.

    The ducks are hiding the Nuckleheads.

  • nykingfan

    Deadcatbounce I can’t argue with you as far as the history of this franchise…its been a long and painful trip since the 70’s for me as well.
    I have to put the blinders on and go forward with the DL era. This is the 1st time this franchise seems to have some positive direction.

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