Stoll impressed by Moller

Here’s what center Jarret Stoll had to say about linemate Oscar Moller, who be all accounts has been impressive as a 19-year-old rookie winger…

Question: Oscar seems to be getting a lot of praise from the coaches. What have been your experiences playing with him?

STOLL: “He’s very confident, for how young he is. For the experience he has, which isn’t much, he’s definitely confident. He’s learned a lot of things since the first day of training camp, and even since the first day of the season. You can see improvement, and he’s contributing to our team too. With guys that young, sometimes it takes a little while, but with him, it seems like he’s soaking it in. He’s learning, he’s playing well and he’s helping the team win. He’s doing what he should be doing.”

Question: Can he play here the whole year, or might he run into problems at some point?

STOLL: “It is a long year. As of now, yeah, he’s looking great. He has that consistency. There’s a level you have to be at, for an 82-game schedule, and hopefully more. That’s the tough part, even for guys who have been in the league a while. That’s a decision they have to make, and I’m sure they will make the right one for the organization and for Oscar.”

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  • Harry

    He kind of has Pavel Bure’s style of play

  • Carter

    you mean the kind of style where you score 34 goals in 65 games your rookie year?

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