A tough start

The Kings couldn’t have asked for a worse start last night. A double minor in the first minute and a 5-on-3 five minutes into the game. The Kings basically spent the first five or six minutes of the game killing penalties, and not only did they end up trailing 1-0, but it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game. Here’s what a couple people had to say about the start and how it impacted the rest of the game…

JASON LABARBERA: “It’s not ideal to start 5-on-3 like that. I was doing my best to try to keep us in it, and they just got a lucky poke on the first one. We just never seemed to recover from that. They just played a smarter game than we did, I think. They did a real good job of collapsing to their net and didn’t really give us a whole lot of opportunities, and obviously Luongo was there for them.”

MATT GREENE: “Yeah, it’s tough. You take a 5-on-3 that early in the game and they get one (goal), you’re basically starting the game down 1-0 at the six-minute mark. But it’s something you’ve got to rebound from. That’s what good teams do. Good teams can overcome those early deficits and get back in it. That’s what we’ve got to learn to do and learn to work toward.”

TERRY MURRAY: “It was a tough start. We got a double minor in the first minute of play and it ends up on a 5-on-3. That’s a tough start. You’re just trying to get the game going, get everybody into the game with good flow and get involved, but that does happen obviously. We just about got it killed off, and they end up poking a loose puck and get the first goal. But it was a game of special teams tonight. They end up with a couple power-play goals. We have, I don’t know what the final tally was, but six or seven power plays, and we don’t get the job done on that. We had three pokes, two on the power play and then later in the third period we had another one. It was a game of special teams, and they won that game tonight.”

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  • wavesinair

    Labarbara: “didn’t really give us a whole lot of opportunities.”

    Uh, what? This is just flat out wrong. We had plenty of opportunities Jason, and the other guy stopped them. You didn’t. The 5 on 3 was for 46 seconds or something and didn’t we kill it? I saw Brown out of the box before they scored! Wasn’t it 5 on 4 when they scored?

  • wavesinair

    Oh, and one more thing. Barbs looses sight of the puck waaaay too much IMO.

  • Anonymous

    When will Murray realize that lolbarbera needs to sit his big slow ass down and give Ersberg the start? Rich Can you ask Murray this question?

  • voice of reason

    Barbs played fine last night. Sometimes you just plain ol get your ass kicked by the other team. Hopefully the boys turn the page and come out strong on Saturday.

  • CBGB

    Sorry Kings, but you DID come back and actually hit a post – they WERE back in it until LaBs gave up that awful short side goal AGAIN.

    It seemed to me THAT is when the team deflated, not after the 5 on 3.

  • cristobal

    waves – Jason was part of killing off the 5 on 3. A big part. I don’t understand why you’re not being critical of the guys in front of Labs? What gives?

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