Big fall for Stoll

Jarret Stoll, who spent the first nine games of the season in the important role of second-line center, will drop to a fourth-line winger tomorrow night against Calgary. It’s been an up-and-down season for Stoll. He came under criticism for a slow start, seemed to pick it up and now, it seems, is back in the doghouse a bit. I asked Terry Murray for the reason for Stoll’s quick, big drop…

MURRAY: “Well, that’s something I need to sit down and have a little talk with him about, in a one-on-one. But it’s just a change right now. We need some scoring. We’re not getting enough pucks to the net. We’re not having that shot mentality that we had in the early part of the year. We need more contributions from everybody, and certainly I’m looking at the second line, with Stolly, being a line that’s pretty skilled and has the ability to score, and we need to get more from that line. I’m looking at Moller, seeing if maybe he can be that creative guy that he was back in training camp.”

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  • cristobal

    In the last 4 games we’ve had one shutout, been shutout, nearly beat the defending champs, lost to a very young Vancouver team without Demitra, shut down a talented young team in the Blues who are getting consistent contributions from Boyes, and had a schizo game against Nashville. The only consistency is the inconsistency.

    Leave O’Sullivan up top for 4 or 5 games and return the rest of the lines to their original for with the possible exception of Armstrong centering a 4th line with Boyle and Ivanans.
    Murray is tinkering too much, except in net.
    He’s starting to lose the plot. Then again, what is the plot?
    Is Murray trying to make the playoffs or help the team rebuild? What are his goals?

  • nykingfan

    Here’s my take on the drastic line changes by TM for Saturday’s game:

    I think it’s fairly simple. This team needs to give a consistant effort for 60 min every night. they haven’t been doing that and TM probably feels that some people are getting a little comfortable. These players need to know that you can’t take a night off and think everything will be ok. If you slack off, you get dropped down in the to speak.
    Stoll needs to be one of the leaders of this team. How good is it, if a leader isn’t giving 100% effort every night?

    Just my thoughts on it.

  • JDM

    I’d like to see what happens if Kopi and Brown are split up. Put our forward leaders on separate lines. Just a thought –

    Calder-Armstrong-Simmonds (weren’t there a few shifts of this line last night that were good shifts in the 3rd?)

    Why not? These lines make just as much sense as the ones we’ve seen.

  • mrbrett7

    I can’t argue with that JDM…as much as Kopi/Brown play well together, I’ve always been a big believer in spreading around the scoring potential.

  • cristobal

    nykingsfan – I don’t think there’s been anyone in a Kings uniform guilty of taking a night off. They have yet to quit and played until the final whistle last night. ALL the juggling is having it’s effect: inconsistency. I support the Labs persistence and don’t understand the flip-flopping with the skaters for that very reason.

  • Mark

    I think Murray should have kept Sully and Brown on the top line and drop Kopi to the second line because on the top line the defense is gunning for him which makes it harder for him to make or draw plays. If Kopi is put on the second line the other team will have to decide if they are going to use their best d-line against Sully/Brown’s line or Kopi’s line. I can see something magical happen on the Euro line of Fro/Moller/Kopi.

  • Mike Corrigan

    Stoll may be choking but how about taking some dramatic action in the goaltender situation rather than placing blame with a forward who is arguably producing. It seems to me that if the Kings win with a certain lineup, they should stay with that winning lineup until it’s obvious that it’s gone soft, or at least to see if any consistency appears. Now TM’s down on Moller for not being creative enough? But for two bad bounces last night Moller scores one or two goals. He was minus two perhaps but still looked like a pretty decent NHL forward the rest of the time, and one could argue that that was his first less than exciting performance. If he’s had a game lacking “creativity” it was last night. But not too many Kings were “creative” in this game. LaBarbera’s the only guy TM has shown commitment to it seems. I agree though that POS should remain on the first line. That falls under the “don’t fix what ain’t broke category” and never should have been messed with in the first place. Go Kings

  • Not Impressed

    I’m all for spreading the talent around, but we don’t have enough to spread to the 3rd or 4th lines. Putting Frolov or Sully on the 3rd line never made a lot of sense to me.

  • Duckhunter

    I agree with JDM and Mark with some top line adjustments. I agree with you Mark to put Kopitar on the second line. I posted this earlier, but here’s my lines

    Another thing we have to remember is that we were 27-for-27 on the PK. If 2 or 3 go in we might not have a single victory. We can not expect our PK to be perfect. So other areas have to improve.

  • cristobal

    Duckhunter – I like your lines. They are all strong both ways.

    I only change one thing, Switching out Moulson for Purcell to look like this:

    2nd line – O’Sull-Kopitar-Purcell
    3rd line – Moller-Boyle-Simmonds