Boyle back in

Brian Boyle, a healthy scratch in the last five games, will return to the Kings’ lineup tomorrow and center a line with Jarret Stoll and Raitis Ivanans. The Kings have challenged Boyle, who has zero points and a minus-4 rating in three games this season, to play a tougher game at both ends, and Terry Murray said he’s pleased with the progress Boyle has made…

MURRAY: “Boyle has been out of the lineup for a while and he’s been working really hard in practice. We’ve had several talks about what we need from him, as far as the style of play and what his role is. We’re seeing more of that. We saw it yesterday, we saw it today in the practice, using his size and strength to be one of his trump cards. If we can get him going at the level that we need and are able to get four lines playing at a high level, we’re going to be a better hockey club because of it. In too many games this year, already, I feel I’ve shut down that fourth line, having them play only three, four minutes. We need to get some flow with our game, much more intensity, shorter shifts and a greater contribution from that fourth line. Then we’re going to be a better hockey club.”

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  • Anonymous

    How, with all these line up changes, is Ivanans still in the line up? Send Ivanans to the KHL and put Richardson in.

  • cristobal

    T. Murray is already starting to sound like a broken record.
    Moller is a center, too?
    The balance on this team is all out of whack.
    Maybe O’Sullivan and Brown can skate on the Wings for 60 minutes and all the rest of the forwards can rotate at center throughout the game:

  • nykingfan

    Cmon Boyle..this is your chance. Please skate hard and use your body…and forecheck effectively.
    I think if he screw up this one, he’s guaranteed a trip to Manchester for the year.

  • Chris Kontos

    holy moly, this is the worst panic line-up change ever! having moller center the 2nd line is nuts…breaking up fro and zus (who had great chemistry?)

    i would do this…


    and i would start ersberg in goal…i think he proved enough last year that he can man the pipes at the nhl level and be successful…i can’t understand why TM won’t even give him a single start?!?!?!? is he afraid he’ll do too well?

  • cristobal

    Yes. C’mon Boyle.

    but… Stoll – Boyle – Ivanans? Ok.

    C’mon Boyle.

  • Timoteo

    And Ivanans stays in again? Hmm, let’s see, in 6 minutes a game he has….not registered a point, is a -5 (wow, minus five with only 6 minutes a game ice time!), and has 17 penalty minutes with too many of them having been accrued while his gloves are still on. If Murray wants to see some consistency on his 4th line how about putting 3 players on it that can skate well enough to keep up with play?

  • anonymous

    I have to say that I really like Terry Murray. I remember last year reading Marc Crawford’s comments and thinking that I didn’t really get what he was talking about. It seemed to me like sports generalities. But notice that Terry Murray is really specific.. also in another thread where he speaks specifically of exactly where on the ice the team is having problems. That’s my idea of a good teacher for younger players.