LaBarbera goes 10-for-10

Jason LaBarbera will be back in goal tomorrow night for his 10th consecutive start. He’s not even close to a record though. According to Elias Sports Bureau, Gerry Desjardins started the first 23 games of the 1969-70 season, the most consecutive starts by a Kings goalie to start a season. So, check back in a month…

LaBarbera has a 3.01 goals-against average and a .886 save percentage, and for better or worse, Terry Murry has been steadfast in going back to LaBarbera. Here’s what Murray said, when asked if LaBarbera would be back in tomorrow…

MURRAY: “Yeah, I’m going to go back to LaBarbera tomorrow. You know, (early in the game) it’s a 5-on-3 and it goes to a 5-on-4 and it’s one of those top-of-the-goal-crease redirections. The only one, I’m sure, he would like to have over again is the 4-on-4 one, the short-side one, the second goal, but he gave us some very big stops. There was a lot of power-play, special-teams play last night, and he came up very big at the right times. He need to be better as a team. Everybody needs to step up their game in front, and we’ve got to really improve our play from the dots to the boards. We’re giving up too many plays that are coming back at us from those areas.”

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  • Anonymous

    one bad play by any skater, and TM goes ballistic, a billion bad plays by pillows, and TM does not flinch. the team wants tavares/hedman more than we could ever imagine

  • m

    I get what Terry Murray is doing. Since we don’t play San Jose and Rob Blake anytime soon, he’s giving the fans more time during a game to perfect our booing.

    Maybe if we prove how hard we’re working at it in the next game, he will let us do it more often.

  • Anonymous

    I fear this may be a downer for Erbserg….he might lose some confidence.

  • Steve Jensen

    Labs defeats the whole purpose of playing the young and the hungry. Why allow Labs to play every game of the season? Makes no sense. Your backup needs to stay in game shape, and to have confidence. TM, I like your style so far, but you are butchering your management of the goalie. Labs is not an NHL caliber goalie.

  • cristobal

    Anonymous – I’m sure that whatever Ersberg is thinking, he’s hoping that when he DOES play there are not so many amateur mistakes in front of him.

  • Mark

    This is starting to remind me of the excuses Crawford has made for the reason why Cloutier can’t steal a game or stop a puck. It’s like deja vu all over again with the cheap thrills and big disappointment at the end of the night after pouring out all that money.

  • deadcatbounce

    I wonder if this is more of an admission that none of the kids are ready yet? Be it by Ersberg or a veteran acquisition of some sort, I do believe that LaBarbera will lose his starting spot by Thanksgiving.

    Mark, meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

  • anthony

    Murphy and Barbs must be secretly sharing a room together.

  • Anonymous

    He should go for the unemployment line next… The way he’s playing…he’ll get there soon enough…

  • Big A

    I don’t agree with this at all. Murray can play EE while still getting the message across that Labs is his number one goalie, if it’s a matter of not hurting Labs’s confidence. I understand that for various reasons TM might want to keep Labs as the starter and I’m not going to argue that he needs to make a move. That said, there is no reason to play a goalie game in game out… only a select few stellar performers get up into the 70 game range, and god knows, Labs isn’t close to that level. Ersberg needs to be kept game ready, and should be playing at least once every 4 or 5 games.

    Furthermore, pointing the blame on penalties is weak (though again, maybe he’s doing this to coddle Labs’s fragile ego). Bottom line is his play has been average… that’s about it. Drops down WAY too soon and still has bad mobility (ie. he skates about as well as Luc did… witness the shootout loss to Detroit). Every team will have a few defensive lapses… it’s up to the goalie to save the day every now and then.

  • Bring back Rogie Vachon

    Are there mistakes being made in front of LaBarbera? Of course.

    Are there mistakes being made in front of other NHL goalies who, despite that, make key saves to keep their teams in the game? Again, the answer is yes, of course.

    The difference is, LaBarbera is NOT a No. 1 caliber NHL goaltender. Why not use Ersberg or Quick or Bernier? If we’re building for the future, let’s not tear down whatever confidence this young group of players has by playing a netminder who has really poor fundamentals and makes excuses for his mistakes.

    I bet if LaBarbera was put on waivers in order to send him down to Manchester right now, no team would put in a claim. His play has been that shaky!

  • wavesinair

    I guess they really want to trade Labs. Let him make a ton of starts, hope he gets on a roll and gets a few big wins, then wham! Traded for a defenseman or pick. Otherwise, I really don’t see any other reason Ersberg would not start tomorrow.

  • jet

    Anthony is back to the Murphy thing again. He must really be steaming. I might pay TM to start Barbs for another 73.

  • anthony

    Even the Broduers, The Luongos, The Nabakovs, get sit once in a while. If TM is stupid enough to lump Barbs to these goalies, we’re in for another long season.

  • Anonymous



    you go labs.

  • cristobal

    Bring back Rogie – How many of those other teams were shut out in the first 9 games?

    We got zero goals. Where’s Labs responsibility for that? We also don’t have 1 defenseman playing who was a regular in LA last year. These mistakes are the reason for all the goals against. That, and some beautiful plays by the opposition.

    This season was always going to be tough. It’s too late for complaining. Are we a netminder away from a Stanley Cup? No.

  • deadcatbounce

    LaBarbera for the Vezina!

  • Patrick

    I was really excited about the line changes until I saw Labarbera will be starting again. Starting to hate this team because of that. Infact I’m hoping Mike Cammalleri lights it up, you know he marked this date on his calender.

    Flames 4-0 in the 1st period.

  • Maverick

    I actually agree 100% with Anthony here. Labs just isn’t anywhere near being a #1 goaltender. If he was compared around the league he would be ranked 30th. If he was seeking a job as a backup around the league, maybe 5 teams tops would consider him. He doesn’t belong here and it is evident. We don’t need an o.k. goaltender, we need a very good to elite goaltender. Terry Murray needs to at least show his commitment to win by at least starting Ersberg once… Just once…

  • Bring back Rogie Vachon

    I repeat: Let’s put LaBarbera on waivers and see who claims him. My bet? Nobody.

  • taz42

    I just don’t understand constant use of Labs by Murray. It just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Why even bother having a back-up if you have no desire to at least give him a chance.
    Now, Kings will finally be seen by HNIC and what does he throw out there but Labs?

  • Anonymous

    if we gave labarbera food and made him gain his weight back and told him not to move in net, the result would be better than it is now. but even then, he’d still probably flop at the sight of a puck, or better yet, TIMBERRR!!!

  • Bring Back the BEACHBALL

    I’d rather clean all the bathrooms at Staples with my tongue than see Labs in nets again.

  • lll

    I absolutely hate the sight of LaBarbera anymore! Maybe even the team is sick of looking at him too. Why bother trying to win when you can’t count on the goaltender. TM needs to stop worrying about LaBarbera’s ego and worry about his very young team losing confidence and the drive to compete.

  • john

    Some of you should learn what you’re talking about before you go and say Labs is the worst goalie in the NHL. It really is pathetic. Labs isn’t THAT bad, we could have and have had a lot worse. I doubt Ersberg would be much better if we was forced to play every night.

  • Anonymous

    At least Ersberg could stop every routine shot that went near him…

    It’s time to send Labs to the Super 8 and have him announce hs retirement from hockey…because NOBODY will EVER pick him up after this year…