Moulson gets another chance

Matt Moulson has gone from first-line winger to healthy scratch to fourth-line winger, back to first-line winger. That’s where he will play Saturday against Calgary, as Patrick O’Sullivan drops down to skate with Michal Handzus and Wayne Simmonds. That, I’m told, is an attempt to get the “gritty” part of O’Sullivan’s game going again, the part that elevated him to first-line status last year to begin with.

But back to Moulson. He has one goal, zero assists and a minus-3 rating, but the hope is that he can be strong in front of the net and pounce on some scoring opportunities. Here’s what Terry Murray said about Moulson’s comeback…

MURRAY: “He has worked really hard. All the guys that have been out, I’ve got to tip my hat to them. They’ve given me a lot of hard work and tried to get themselves ready and tried to get refocused and listened to what it is that they need to add or improve in their game in order to contribute for us. Moulson, he had a good training camp and I’m looking for him just to get back to that same level. Hopefully that message has been sent by taking him out of the lineup for a couple games.”

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  • cristobal

    I wonder what Lombardi thinks of Murray’s management of his players.
    I wonder if Lombardi knows Igor Larionov’s phone number.

  • Not Impressed

    I don’t understand all these line changes with one game left until they send Boyle, Moulson and who knows whom else back down. It doesn’t make sense to me. Is there anyone else who can explain it to me?

  • Anonymous

    At first I was annoyed with all this line-changing, then I realized we are still in the first month of play and only the first 10 games.

    I give credit to Murray for trying different scenarios. He came in with a fresh mind and I’m sure he will work this out soon. I don’t see him doing this all year. I see him maybe “tinkering” with a few more changes, than making a decision on what his lines are and sticking to it.

  • cristobal

    The KingsInsider is almost as empty today as Staples was last night. Has everyone given up on the team?
    Is Kansas City in the cards?

  • mrbrett7

    We are all working…

  • cristobal

    mrbrett7 – what’ve you been doing the other 4 days of the week?

  • JDM

    Why do people think the 10 game rule has anything to do with Moulson/Boyle/Simmonds? It doesn’t. For once and for all, AHL players on rookie contracts go up and down as the team pleases, when the team pleases. They could spend the whole season in Manch., they still use up a year of ELC. That rule ONLY applies to players with junior eligibility, which Simmonds MAY still have, but he also has AHL eligibility, so those guys getting sent down is not a decision that gets made simply because it’s been 10 games. That only applied to Moller and Doughty this season.

    Am I wrong? Anyone?

  • Not Impressed

    Okay, Thanks JDM.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but before they can send Moulson or Boyle or Simmonds down wouldn’t they need to clear wavers or something like that? Would another team be able to pick them up for nothing?

  • anthony

    Murray is a damn fool.
    He needs to see a shrink.
    Not the one the Menendez Brothers went to.

    2 1/2 more seasons and we’ll be through with Dumbo, Murphy, and Hexxy for good.

  • dan

    is being “gritty” murray’s logic for first line assignments? if so, someone please tell me when moulson has been “gritty.” i don’t mind moulson on the top line, but the shuffling of o’sullivan is strange. aside from last night, when everyone stunk up staples, the guy has been great.