Kings valued at $210 million

Forbes has released its latest study of NHL teams and puts the Kings’ estimated value at $210 million, which ranks them 12th among 30 NHL teams. Last year, the Kings were valued at $209 million and ranked No. 10. Forbes lists the Kings’ operating income — described as “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization” — at $1.2 million, down from $2 million last season and, of course, quite different from the Kings’ claims of losing millions each year. Revenue and player expenses each increased by $7 million and gate receipts remained at $29 million.

The report on the Kings can be found here and the entire report can be found here. The report on the Kings starts off with, “The Los Angeles Kings are owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz, who knows nothing about hockey and probably cares even less.” Ouch!

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The other line changes

As previously posted, Kyle Calder will move to the second-line left-wing spot, alongside Jarret Stoll and Oscar Moller. Matt Moulson returns to the lineup as the fourth-line right wing alongside Raitis Ivanans and Derek Armstrong, who moves back to center. Moulson started the season as the Kings’ top-line left wing but has been a healthy scratch in the last three games. Here’s what Terry Murray said about the two moves…


Question: Do you think Calder will be a good fit in that second-line role?

MURRAY: “I think so, and I like what Calder did with Kopi’s line. He scored a good goal the other night, going to the net. That’s his game, but the kind of game that Calder plays, I think, can fit with most lines. It’s, get the puck in, get the forecheck, get in quickly, cycle the puck, go to the net, hang around the net looking for loose pucks and rebounds. So I like what he did with Kopi, and I’m making the change hoping that Sully can get his game going at a higher level and that the line is more productive on the offensive part of things.”

Question: And Moulson is going back in?

MURRAY: “Yeah, I’m going to put him back in. He’s been out for several days and he’s been working really hard. We’re going to put him on the right side. I know it’s not a position that he’s real familiar with, but in a conversation he said he feels fine. Obviously he would say that to me; he wants to get back in the lineup. We had a discussion a few games ago, when I did take him out, about his play and what I’m looking for from him. He’s aware of it, so it’s an opportunity to go back in and do it.”

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Murray explains top-line change

Here’s what Terry Murray said today about his decision to move Patrick O’Sullivan to the top line…

Question: A couple lineup changes today?

MURRAY: “Yeah. I’ve decided to make a change on the lines. I put Sully up with Kopi and Brownie. I want to get (O’Sullivan) a better opportunity, I think, to play with those guys more on a regular basis. He’s out there on the power play, but I want to see how it all goes with the 5-on-5 play. I know that he was there last year and the line had good success. Let’s bring it together and see where this thing goes. We have a six-game homestand now, six games out of our homestand remaining, and it’s a really important time for us. I’m hoping that it brings his best out and I hope it really shows good chemistry with the line.”

Question: How much do you look at the fact that those guys are good friends and get along so well off the ice. Does that translate onto the ice?

MURRAY: “Yeah, it does. I think if a pair of defensemen or a line are hanging out together and going to dinner and the families are close and they’re good friends, I think it does translate. There’s always that deeper awareness for what’s going on on the ice, in practice and in the games. It should always bring the best out of a player and the best out of a line, and I’m hoping that we can see good things happen with this line as we get going tomorrow night.”

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Kopitar (also) happy with move

Here are Anze Kopitar’s thoughts about Patrick O’Sullivan’s return to the top line, along with his impressions of what it might mean for him…


Question: You’re back with Patrick now. Is that comfort level there right away?

KOPITAR: “I think so, yeah. I think we had good chemistry going last year. Maybe we were a little disappointed in the beginning because we didn’t play together right from the start, but that’s how it is. The coaches and the staff had their own reasons why they didn’t put us together, but I think now all three of us are really happy to get back together and show that we’re going to be a great line.”

Question: What is it about the three of you that works so well, in your mind?

KOPITAR: “Maybe it’s just the mix of everything. Sully is more of a shooter. I’m maybe more of a passer. Brownie is more of a power forward than a shooter, so it’s probably just a mix of all the skills that we have. We’re young and energetic and we kind of think the same way too, so that’s probably what helps us.”

Question: Does having a shooter like him out there make the opposing team look at you guys differently?

KOPITAR: “Maybe, yeah. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see checkers every night now, but that’s what we’ve got to deal with. We had checkers last year, and we’ve got to battle through it.”

Question: Might it open things up for you a little bit more?

KOPITAR: “I hope so. Not that it wasn’t open enough yet, but there might be some more space out there for me now.”

Question: Do you get a sense that teams have been focusing on you a lot more this year?

KOPITAR: “I think so, yeah. Especially on me and Brownie. Like I said, we’re facing the checkers every night and a tough pair of defensemen, but we take it as a compliment. We’ve got to be doing something right if they’re trying to shut us down.”

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Just to reset the table, here’s what the Kings should look like on the ice tomorrow…

Patrick O’Sullivan-Anze Kopitar-Dustin Brown
Kyle Calder-Jarret Stoll-Oscar Moller
Alexander Frolov-Michal Handzus-Wayne Simmonds
Raitis Ivanans-Derek Armstrong-Matt Moulson

Sean O’Donnell-Drew Doughty
Kyle Quincey-Matt Greene
Denis Gauthier-Peter Harrold

Jason LaBarbera

Brad Richardson goes out of the lineup and Tom Preissing stays out, as does Brian Boyle.

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O’Sullivan happy with move

Here’s what Patrick O’Sullivan said after practice regarding his reunion with Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar on the Kings’ first line…


Question: Happy to be back with those guys?

O’SULLIVAN: “Yeah. I don’t know the reason or whatever, because they haven’t really talked about it. We have a lot of chemistry and we’ve been successful together. It’s something that we can go right back to, so I’m excited. They’re the top guys on this team and we’re close off the ice as well, so I think it should be fun tomorrow.”

Question: Is this just sort of a natural progression for you, getting back after missing camp and all that?

O’SULLIVAN: “That might be part of it, but I don’t think the camp thing has ever really been a factor since I got here. It usually takes about 10 games, and then everything seems to figure itself out. Obviously we’ve had success together, so that’s something to lean back on. We all play our own style that complements each guy. That’s why any line is successful and that’s why we’ve been successful as a line.”

Question: And you guys have already been together on the power play quite a bit…

O’SULLIVAN: “Yeah, exactly, and we’ve had some 5-on-5 shifts together. Me and Brownie like to get in on the forecheck, and obviously Kopi is so smart in the middle of the ice that he can make plays. Brownie goes to the net hard and we try to get Kopi the puck as much as we can and try to get open for him.”

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Quick practice update

O’Sullivan will indeed be back on the top line, as he switches spots with Calder. Moulson will skate on the fourth line as the right wing in place of Richardson.

LaBarbera is back in goal tomorrow.

It seems likely that Oscar Moller will stay with the Kings, a decision that must be made before Saturday.

More to come, including stuff from O’Sullivan, Kopitar, Stoll, Boyle and O’Donnell…

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Goaltenders analysis

Here’s a look at the Kings’ two goaltenders…


ERIK ERSBERG: He has played a total of 65 minutes this season, so there’s not much to analyze yet. Ersberg had a rough start to training camp because he had flu symptoms, then he had to hold off Jonathan Quick for the No. 2 spot. Ersberg hasn’t complained, which is consistent with his easygoing nature, and Terry Murray hasn’t expressed any particular regret about not getting Ersberg in a game. Ersberg became something of a fan favorite with his strong play at the end of last season, which made it easier to forget that he had been fairly inconsistent for Manchester throughout the season. Ersberg has quickness and good rebound control, but is he ever going to get an extended chance to show his skills?

JASON LABARBERA: Is there any player more debated than LaBarbera? Goalies tend to be viewed a bit like closers in baseball. Any time they make an error, they’re held up for public scorn. Yet even the greatest goalies make mistakes. The question is, how often do those mistakes take place, and do they occur in critical situations? Has LaBarbera been fantastic this season? No. Has he been awful? No. And that’s why there’s so much debate about him. The defense in front of him has improved this season, but he’s still prone to bad rebounds. He made a couple huge saves in the third period last night, but it’s still hard to shake the feeling that he’s just a placeholder until Jonathan Bernier or one of the other prospects is ready.

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