Boyle’s second chance

Brian Boyle will be back in the Kings’ lineup tonight, as the center on an interesting fourth line that also includes Jarret Stoll and Raitis Ivanans. Stoll figures to be motivated after his demotion from the second line, and Boyle figures to be motivated after being a healthy scratch for the last five games. It’s a line that has some offensive potential, with Boyle and Stoll, and also could be a physical line. Boyle is well aware of his reputation for not being physical enough, and after yesterday’s practice he talked about getting back in the lineup…

Question: Seems as though you got some good news…

BOYLE: “Great news. I just got some feedback from Jamie (Kompon, assistant coach) just now and, especially in practice like that, that’s what they’re looking for. First and foremost, that’s what I’ve got to do. In all three zones, be strong and push guys around when they have the puck. It’s not rocket science. It’s just something I have to do better, so I’m glad I get the opportunity now.”

Question: That’s an interesting line there, with Stoll and Ivanans. Did they tell you the thought process behind that?

BOYLE: “They shook them up pretty good, so we’ll see. You’ve got Stolly, who can pretty much do everything. He can score and he can bang. He does everything, so it’s great to be able to play with him. Then you get the physical element with Raitis, so I’m looking forward to it. That’s what I’ve got to do too. We get in there and we establish body position and forecheck, and then hopefully we get some good time in the offensive zone and play down there, because that’s a hell of a lot more fun than the `D’ zone.”

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  • Mark

    I can see a punishing line of Stoll/Boyle/Simmonds on the same line. Ivanans is a great role player but I’m not 100% sure why he hasn’t been part of the rotation because he doesn’t bring any offense to the group when the group needs it the most.

  • anthony

    What the hell has TM proven thus far to demote players like like Stoll and POS.
    Has he looked himself in the mirror lately.

  • Anonymous

    Ivanans doesn’t provide offense, but I don’t think he is expected to. LIke I always say you need a player like him in the lineup all the time. Yeah we have OD and Greene who will drop the gloves, but we cannot afford them sitting for 5 minutes. Also Ivanans puts fear in oppenents, if you saw the Blues game nobody would drop the gloves with him. They ran our guys then when Ivanans came calling they go and drop em with Brad Richardson of all people. You never know when a game could get out of hand, so I think he stays in the lineup.

  • Beavis

    Anonymous said:
    “Also Ivanans puts fear in opponents”

    I agree, RI needs to be in the line-up.
    The Kings get pushed around as it is with him in there, can you imagine the liberties taken without him?. the Kings need to get tougher or the kids won’t develop properly. they need to know their backs are covered.
    Does anybody remember last year when RI went down and then came back and couldn’t fight? yeah I know you do, we can’t afford to have that happen this year. I am sick and tired of having the softest team in the league, it’s one thing to be the worst but softest I can’t stomach anymore.

  • Duckhunter

    I think people should stop worrying about Ivanans and his offense. He’s definitely not there for the offense. He’s there to protect the players who are suppose to be scoring. Criticize the eight other forwards who are not scoring not the enforcer who is not scoring. And please don’t come back at me and say we don’t need one(enforcer).

    Glad to hear Boyle seems to understand what the team needs him to do. Take care of the system first, then throw you’re special touch to it. That’s how team structure works. Hope he does well in all areas of the game.

  • Duckhunter

    I guess I should have said, the other eleven forwards should be scoring.

    Just reread my post, sounds kind of harsh. Didn’t mean it that way, so hope nobody takes offense to it.

  • EJ

    anthony said:

    What the hell has TM proven thus far to demote players like like Stoll and POS.
    Has he looked himself in the mirror lately.

    Ahh, that’s our anthony. I wonder what your mirror reflects, anthony. Any surprises? A Cup-winning coach perhaps??? Didn’t think so.