Brian Burke likes the Kings

As part of a story on the salary-cap situation this season, our Ducks writer, J.P. Hoornstra, asked Ducks GM Brian Burke what he thought of the Kings. The quotes are in the context of the different salary-cap situations that the Kings and Ducks face…

BURKE: “Dean Lombardi’s done a wonderful job. That’s a special group of young players. That’s going to be a hell of a team. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s building a pyramid. They are going to have success down the road. There’s no question about what Dean’s doing. He’s a bright guy, he’s a good guy, and he’s done a great job. They’re going to be a team to be reckoned with in the future.

“We’ll go through that phase, too. Your team ages to a point, then you’ve got to reload. We’ll get to that point where we’re reloading with young players, too. Dean’s done a masterful job. Their day is coming. They’re going to have success and they’re going to have the same difficult issues that we have. Dean, ironically, is doing such a good job that their day will come. That’s a wonderful group of young players. But their day will come. He knows that. What’s he going to have to pay to keep that group together in three years or four years? He’ll be at that stage, too. Right now he doesn’t.

“He’s done a good job of identifying the players, locking them up. That team is going to be a force in a couple of years.”

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  • jake


  • Harry

    Brain Burke to the Kings DL to the Ducks?

  • Rob

    –insert negative comment from Anthony here–

  • Anonymous

    Of course he likes the Kings. They are eight relatively easy wins for the Ducks.

  • BringBackKingston

    when the good times start to roll, enjoy it as much as you can cause it’ll only last a few seasons before the reloading/rebuilding starts all over again.

  • Irish Pat

    Burke is just planting the seed early for the Canadian media to chew on for the rebuild he puts Toronto through starting next season.

  • s cahill

    Thats a wonderful wonderful story. I knew when I first started reading it that its was going to be a wonderful story about a special guy, a great guy. And when youre building a story on a hockey blog, you want it to be special and wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Burke. A lot of words to basically say three things.

  • brianguy

    what Irish Pat and s cahill said — exactly

  • Pat McGroyn

    Irish Pat,

    I agree with you 100%. It’s pretty apparent that Cliff Fletcher is just keeping a seat warm for Burke in Toronto this season. Anything said by Burke this year regarding his Ducks, or any other Pacific Division team, has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • cristobal

    Is anyone else tired of hearing the hype that the Kings are going to be great soon? If other GM’s are so enamoured of Lombardi’s tactics, why aren’t they doing the same thing? I’ve never heard such praise for someone who’s taken a team straight to the bottom of the league. It smells fishy.
    Shouldn’t a professional league have 30 teams that are great RIGHT NOW?
    It’s easy to say that the team is going to have cap room down the line, but, when and if the team is icing players of quality at every position how will it work? Are we going to have 16 all-stars that spurn contracts larger than 4 million in favor of staying with LA?
    I think if we read between the lines of what’s being said, we’ll see an NHL marketing campaign focused on maintaining SoCal’s interest in the league. If the seats are still empty at the end of this season there will be backroom dealings to get Tavares here. It seems almost too coincidental that the failing Pittsburgh franchise dropped into pole-position to get Crosby. If the Kings finish in the bottom three and get the lottery pick it must certainly be manufactured. No?
    Could this by why we have no established goalies and Peter Harrold skating on the wing?

  • Anonymous

    That would be a very good combo…Burke/Lombardi management for the Maple Leafs…a wicked Irishman and an intense italian. Sounds like a good team to me!
    But which is better…Guiness or Peroni?

  • brianguy

    Wicked Pissah vs. Ah Fahgoul! you decide

  • Seitz

    Shouldn’t a professional league have 30 teams that are great RIGHT NOW?

    Yeah, Cristobal! All 30 teams should be above average!!

  • Nick

    Seitz with the destruction. Well done sir.

  • deadcatbounce

    Seitz, what would be wrong with all 30 teams being above average? It can be done because Cristobal told us so!

  • Anonymous

    brianguy…that’s funny…with a name like Brian…u must be wicked Irish!!

  • Roger

    Brian Burk is correct in his assessment of the kings team. The kings will be a force to be recon within couple of years, no doubt about that. But as the Ducks go, they’re team is on their last legs so to speak. Their star players are reaching the twilight of their careers. The absence of Neithermier and Salany made them a mediocre team last year. So how much longer can these guys perform at the level they need to, in order for their team to be successful. I think time is running out for them. But the future for the kings is extremely bright. I for one am excited to see, perhaps in couple of years. Hoisting a championship banner at the staples center, and that is reality.


  • PowrrrPlay

    do you think that day will come?

    and which day is it?

  • Anonymous

    Link to original story or it never existed

  • mrbrett7

    Cristobal…will you ever get it?

    How long did it take for Ottawa to get to where they are now?

    How long did it take New Jersey to make their 10+ year run? How many years of garbage did they go through.

    Boy…you really need to get a job or something, this is consuming your life.

    If Cristobal had his way, we would have Sam McMaster as GM…why not just try to sign every available GM, be at the Salary Cap, and STILL win nothing…that makes a whole hell of alot of sense.

  • deadcatbounce

    Personally, I think that Brian Burke has a lot of integrity and speaks his mind. If he thought Lombardi was an idiot, as he does Kevin Lowe, I do believe that he’d just come out and say it. The only thing he’s not saying is that he was looking at real estate in Toronto when he accompanied the Ducks on their trip there last week. I’m sure the appointment with the moving vans has already been made.

  • brianguy

    “brianguy…that’s funny…with a name like Brian…u must be wicked Irish!! ”

    only half.. ! the rest of my bloodline craves cannolis

  • cristobal

    mrbrett – Isn’t it just a little bit presumptuous to think that Lombardi can manufacture a winner when there are other teams out there building with young players and developing stars too. Are you going to tell me Buffalo doesn’t have some outstanding young talent? St. Louis isn’t doing good things, bring in players through trade like Boyes who scored over 40 last year, and drafting very highly regarded defensemen like Johnson and Pietrangelo. Vancouver came through here with a pretty young team and an incredible goal tender and was impressive. They also went to Anaheim and fought back after a poor start to outlast the ducks, and then on to Detroit to push them hard in a 3-2 defeat? Phoenix is doing fairly well with some new players, and then you have Chicago, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Washington.
    People can gush all they want, but until a team proves they’re winners, what’s the point in GM’s ‘promoting’ other teams but marketing?
    Just look at the attendance at some buildings and think about it.
    Where there’s no smoke, there’s no fire.

  • wavesinair

    Rich deleted my last post about cristobal. Poor judgment Rich. Apparently it was unacceptable to you, although in no way offensive. Lots of stuff slips through that isn’t necessarily hockey related. I seriously am concerned about the guy. It brings this blog down. I guess I won’t be censored if all I say is… I agree with mrbrett.

  • metalmaster

    Reality is right now this team is a long way from making the playoffs no less planning celebrations for multiple Cups. There are a few other young teams that are further
    ahead than LA is right now and they actually have a legit
    NHL goaltender. By the way the Ducks were so mediocre last year they had over 100 points again. Lombardi would love to have a couple of mediocre seasons like that in the very near future.

  • Eric K

    “Vancouver came through here with a pretty young team and an incredible goal tender and was impressive. They also went to Anaheim and fought back after a poor start to outlast the ducks, and then on to Detroit to push them hard in a 3-2 defeat?”

    actually, they played Detroit at home. and it’s easy to pick out a few games and use them as evidence… remember, we pushed Detroit hard in a one-goal defeat (probably would have been a win if not for Gauthier’s costly turnover) and beat Anaheim 6-3 in a mostly dominating performance. what’s the difference? right now, it’s Luongo.

    i think we’re exactly where a number of other young teams are, and within a few years (and especially once our goalie situation stabilizes) we’ll be where a lot of those teams will be: in contention for a championship.

  • Nick

    Cristobal, I don’t really get what you’re arguing. You’re saying other teams are winning with young players, so why aren’t we? Is that it?

    I mean, Pittsburgh and Washington and Phoenix and St. Louis and Chicago were all bad for an extended period of time and have been building young depth for quite a while. 3 of those teams missed the playoffs last year, 1 of them (STL) will probably miss the playoffs this year.

    I don’t think Vancouver is a particularly young team. The Sedins, Demitra, Salo, Ohlund, Luongo, all core players that are quite a bit older. Their average age is 27.452, the average age for the league is 27.828. Young, but only slightly so, and a lot of their core players have been in the league for quite a while (Sedins, Demitra, Ohlund, Luongo, Salo, and so on).

    Washington also isn’t a particularly young team any more (average age: 28.1), they paid/overpaid for a lot of veterans (Fedorov, Nylander, Kozlov, Poti, Theodore) to supplement what was a young team. I like the idea, but I don’t think that Washington is going to have the staying power w/ they way that they spent. I mean, in net they overpaid (even at 2 yrs) for a completely mediocre goalie. They have a couple of prospects (Neuvrith and Varlamov), but neither is on the same level as Bernier. They’re probably going to be in trouble again in 2 years, if not sooner.


    Good day Kings Fans what are the lineups for tonights game. Just in case I want to watch it on PPV. I hope Brad Richardson is in.

  • Anonymous

    Cristobal – I’m very intrigued by your point of view. It seems to be that you have quite an issue with the situation the Kings are in. Here’s my opinion on your comments: I see your point of view, but don’t understand how you assume that the Kings are destined to be in the cellar. Yes, there are a lot of great young teams building. And at the same time, there are current powerhouse teams that are aging. Its a cycle. From what I see, the Kings are on the right track along with several teams that are pulling out of their low points. Truth is, the Kings have the best chance of keeping their core together because of how your friend, DL, has managed the player contracts thus far. You’re right to say that nothing has been proved yet…but wrong to say that the Kings don’t have a shot at being a contender within the next few years. As the salary cap era has proven (Philly, Washington, Boston), a team can turn around very quickly with the right moves. And judging from what we see now, the big trades and free agent acquisitions you want should happen this summer if the plan continues its course. After all, whats the use in buying talent so early, if the rest of the team can’t do anything with it? Want proof? Ask Kovalchuk. He’s in the mud out there in Atlanta because he has no one but Kozlov to skate with. And now he wants out…Its about making the big move AT THE RIGHT TIME!

  • mrbrett7

    I don’t think you get it Cristobal.

    Let’s try this again.

    Ottawa was the worst team in the NHL, building from within, for 7 years. Yes, SEVEN YEARS…read that again…SEVEN YEARS. They drafted the likes of who they have playing for them now, and THEN they were able to bring those along, trade for others, and fill out their team.

    Detroit was one of the worst teams, and organizations in the NHL for 20 straight seasons, then along came Mike Illitch, Steve Yzerman in 1984…guess what happened? They sucks, BADLY for another 8 years…couldn’t play defense, couldn’t do anything right…then along came Ken Holland, and guess what? They DRAFTED WELL. Oh…what happened? They started winning eventually.

    This happened in Detroit, New Jersey, Buffalo, Yes Anaheim, San Jose, Carolina…seeing a pattern here? Now…how were all those franchises, all those teams BEFORE building? They stunk…

    This is not hard Cristobal.

  • cristobal

    mrbrett – waves:

    It’s hard to explain what I’m saying here because, as you may understand, the most seemingly innoccuous comments get deleted. I don’t really get the filtering process, but I’ll attempt to clear up what I’m saying here.

    It strikes me that Burkes comments sound scripted much like a political statement or a athlete speak. Maybe “coached” is a good word. I think it is insulting to GM’s with other teams who are finding great players in the draft, making good free-agent signings and pick-ups, and trading for great players with stars in their future. Buffalo, Colorado, Vancouver, St. Louis, Chicago, Washington. I could list names of players: Boyes, Semin, Backstrom, Green, Setoguchi, Svatos, Kositsyn, Bernier, Kesler, Bieksa, Raymond, Stastny, Wolski, Liles, Oshie, Stempniak…I could go on.

    I like what the Kings appear to be doing now. It’s too late to worry about the past, all I can do as a fan is wait and see. I support Murray in all that he’s doing, except the recent juggling, and i support all the players on the team – including Labs. I don’t need to be told over and over to wait, that the team is going to be a winner. I haven’t gone anywhere, though I don’t go to games, because I’m a hockey fan. I don’t need a marketing campaign to see what’s going on. The Kings have just as much chance of failing as they do in succeeding, maybe more. Attendance is awful, and that alone could lead to Lombardi getting fired along with his coaches. What would happen? Nothing. They’d just start telling us that we’re going to win a cup in a few years with the new regime. Or, the team could really get sold, then moved.

    There are many teams doing well despite tremendous turnover. LA is still 3rd bottom of the league and its young stars are struggling. Who deserves praise? Lombardi or Burke or Regher? The Ducks just had a rookie goalie face a dozen+ shootout attempts before finally losing to Vancouver.

    Bottom line – there’s lots of other teams that are facing the same challenges as LA and they’re already moving forward. Struggling for a decade doesn’t give you a pass into the playoffs in the NHL, and there are teams who are always failing, like Colombus and LA and the Isles. Wait until they prove something to praise them. That’s it.

  • What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    “Of course he likes the Kings. They are eight relatively easy wins for the Ducks.”

    Hey moron: The Kings lead the all-time series with the Ducks.

  • cristobal

    Anonymous said: ” As the salary cap era has proven (Philly, Washington, Boston), a team can turn around very quickly with the right moves. And judging from what we see now, the big trades and free agent acquisitions you want should happen this summer if the plan continues its course. After all, whats the use in buying talent so early, if the rest of the team can’t do anything with it? Want proof? Ask Kovalchuk. He’s in the mud out there in Atlanta because he has no one but Kozlov to skate with. And now he wants out…Its about making the big move AT THE RIGHT TIME!”

    What I’m asking is why haven’t we turned a corner yet after 3 years?
    Why does Buffalo lose most of their young guys because other teams poach them, yet they’re having the best start this season in the NHL?
    Why does Colorado make the playoffs every year despite losing tons of players to salary issues and injuries?
    Why are we so confident our young guys are all-stars (O’Sullivan and Johnson) when there are others out there that are just as young or younger and they show up every night? See Boyes, Wolski, Mike Green, Semin, Bieksa.
    There’s no proof that Lombardi’s method won’t destroy the young guys he’s counting on to be stars. We’re already seeing the frustration a lack of depth and skill can create.

  • mrbrett7

    Buffalo was garbage, absolute crap until they traded for Drury and signed Briere off the waiver wire from Pheonix.

    They made their run with those two…they got lucky in net with Hasek who was thrown out of Chicago behind Belfour.

    That list you threw up of players, not one is an all-star…Kevin Bieska? Your kidding me, right? Ask Canuck fans how they feel about Kevin Bieska…they just LOVE him (sense the scarcasm?). He is the 2nd coming of Brent Sopel. Alexander Semin? Do you have any idea how long he took to develop? How many teams he played on before he finally did? Your using TERRIBLE expamples Cristobal. Boyes? Do you know why he was traded from Boston? Doesn’t play defense…still doesn’t in St. Louis…oh, how is he and St. Louis doing right now? Just another 8-10 fringe team? No thanks.

  • cristobal

    whatsthefrequency kenneth – I hope this post doesn’t get deleted. I want to say to you, without attacking or antagonizing, that your use of the word “Moron” is very offensive. I have a family member who was hit by a car at the age of 2 about 50 years ago and technically speaking, is a “moron.” He’s got the mental capacity of an 8 year old but is one of the sweetest individuals on the face of the earth. Though they are thrown around too often, these terms for the mentally handicapped are just as offensive as those pejoratives based on ethicity, color, sex, or whatever. Again, I’m not attacking you, I just want you to know that it makes you look bad and that it’s insulting to those who are mentally handicapped or have friends and family that are.

    Again, please do not delete this Rich.


  • cristobal

    mrbrett – many of your ‘facts’ are not. I’m not interested in continuing the argument. Think whatever you want.

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around, and now Cristobal wants our sympathy…

  • deadcatbounce

    I do believe that Jonas Hiller is in his second full season with the Ducks, so hardly a rookie.

  • Hat Trick


    Eight easy wins? Are you counting pre-season? FYI, we play the dux only 6 times now, and we already have one EASY win!!

  • Quisp

    I think it’s a good idea for each of us to be sensitive to the feelings of others. It’s easy to feel attacked when being disagreed with. And of course it’s easier to attack than it is to form a coherent argument or counter-argument.

    Cristobal’s point about the historical original meaning of the term “moron” is well-taken. Other previously scientific but now purely derogatory terms include “idiot,” “retarded,” “feeble-minded” and “stupid.” However, it’s just as offensive to call someone “insane” or “crazy,” or to call their comment “insane” or “crazy.” Or, for that matter, “dumb” (which is offensive to mutes, and no I’m not kidding). Which brings me to “blind.” Leaving aside “non-sighted,” or whatever the latest term is, blind people are offended by the casual use of the term. Yet didn’t we all grow up listening to the organist play “Three Blind Mice” when the refs skated out onto the ice? We also probably shouldn’t have had franchises like “Redskins” or “Blackhawks” (to say nothing of Fighting Sioux, Braves, Mohawks, Warriors, Moccasins, Indians, Aztecs, Chiefs — all of which have been formally protested by Native American groups). “OMG” is offensive to my catholic parents (taking the Lord’s name in vain). And there are left-handed people who object to the word “sinister.”

    It’s a slippery slope.

    And speaking of not wanting to offend, I loved Bob Miller’s aside (re St. Louis’s Roman Polack), “and yes, that is the way he pronounces it.”

  • cristobal

    My last comment on this. I’m not trying to be holier than thou with you Kenneth. I’ve said and done many things that I look back on with embarrassment. I’m not angry, either, or looking for sympathy. My point was to let Kenneth know how it can be offensive to some so that he can judge for himself if he wants to continue using words like that. That’s it.

  • Quisp

    Cristobal, re “retard/retarded”

    It’s not really a matter of your opinion, even though it’s not clear from your comment exactly what your opinion is. Mental retardation is a diagnostic term that originally had no derogatory sense but which now does, in the form of the label “retard” and its adjective “retarded.” It’s unclear from your comment whether — in quoting “now purely derogatory” — you are objecting to “now” (as if you are saying, it has always been so, which is not the case), or “purely” (as if you’re saying it’s still used clinically, which is true, although, due to its use as an insult, I think you’re more likely to hear another phrase, e.g. “mental disability” etc.).

  • deadcatbounce

    Quisp, I have a very good friend who is blind and who is greatly amused by people who dance around the word because people think hell cry if they use it in front of him. He told me once that its much easier to say blind than to have to use visually impaired or sightless. And, yes, I get on him all the time about abandoning his sorry ass somewhere if he says something thats too funny.

    The thing is that I think that this country has gotten so PC that people will find anything to get offended about. Do I make fun of blind people? Of course, but if I see a blind person when Im out and about whos obviously lost Ill always approach them to ask if they would like assistance. Since I already know a blind person, theyre quite surprised when I offer them my arm rather than trying to take theirs or, worse yet from what Im told, grab their hand.

    Retard and other terms have been so engrained in the lexicon that I dont think theyre ever going to go away.

    Oh, and in addition, mental retardation is still officially recognized as a diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-IV. Its only the PC media who has started to use euphemisms so that nobody will get their feelings hurt.

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