Boyle makes an impact

One of the biggest cheers in Staples Center last night seemed to take place when Brian Boyle leveled a Ducks player near the boards. It was the type of aggression that the Kings have been looking for from Boyle, and in general, his oddly constructed line with Patrick O’Sullivan and Peter Harrold seemed to perform well. They combined for 12 of the Kings’ 35 shots and five of the Kings’ 13 credited hits. Boyle probably had his most effective game of the season, and here’s what he thought of it…

BOYLE: “That’s just what I’ve got to do, I guess. It was good, because I felt more comfortable. I wasn’t thinking as much; just reacting. You just have to go out and play and get out of your own way. It’s good, because you find yourself in the right position and you find yourself being able to move your feet, as opposed to being flat-footed and not being able to be physical. I just kind of went out and played and it was fun, a lot of fun. We got some good ice time.”

Boyle also talked about his new line. Afterward, O’Sullivan walked by and tossed in his opinion that their line was the best on the ice. O’Sullivan’s pride in his line’s play seemed notable, given his publicly stated frustration about his role. Anyway, here’s what Boyle said about the line, particularly the transition of Harrold from defenseman to winger…

BOYLE: “If you look at how Peter did, he’s a really, really skilled defenseman. He’s a skilled hockey player and he’s really smart, so even though there’s some things he doesn’t know about (playing) wing yet, he’s still a good hockey player. He made a bunch of great plays, especially one toward the end of the third period that freed me up for a shot, and Sully was kind of going backdoor. It was fun. It’s a fun line to be on. Good skaters, good puck handlers.”

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  • Quisp

    That was an awesome display of strength, that check (which was on Neidermeyer, wasn’t it?). I watched it several times. I especially enjoyed how apologetic Boyle appeared to be (in his facial expressions) as he was smashing Neidermeyer into the ice after Neidermeyer objected to Boyle smashing him into the boards from more or less the center ice dot. And I now know exactly who Boyle reminds me of: Titus Pullo from the HBO series “Rome.”

    I’m all for keeping POS and Boyle together, as long as they get big minutes. I’m not Peter Harrold’s enemy, but I would rather see Brown, or Purcell, or Moller, on the other wing.

    But, hey, more of that please. There are several sleeping giants on this team, and when they wake up, it will be something to see.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    With Boyle’s size, he should be noticeable on the ice. For the most part this year, he either wasn’t noticeable, or you noticed him for his poor play. This was the first game where you noticed him for his good play,. He’ll get there. What was that, his 10th NHL game?

  • Marty

    Gimme a break, the coaches can do alot better than putting them out there together.Boyle is just happy to be getting in the games same goes for Harrold.Sully will put up with this crap for only so long and will ask for a trade to a team that is serious about winning.

  • Sarah

    Is it just me or does it seem that which ever line Sully is on becomes the best line most nights?

  • Zak

    The Harrold experiment is kinda weird, but I actually thought he played pretty good last night. This might actually work. MIGHT work.

    I think Boyle has the potential to be a 40 goal scorer someday. He played great in Manchester last year once he was converted back to center, he is a big body that can sit in front of the net and punch home rebounds, and last year he showed he has the skill needed to score goals. 4 goals in 8 games. Hopefully someday(PLAYING FOR THE KIGNS) he will be able to put in 41 in 82. Team is loaded with potential all three ways, scoring, defense, and goalie. Too bad potential is all that it is.

  • Watching the Kings and Murray’s coaching style the last few days really started to irritate me. But then it all started to make sense….

    …just watch “Miracle” and you see a young team challenged by their coach. By the middle of the movie all the players put their stuff aside and were molded into one unit through their mutual respectable animosity towards their coach. Even the star players like Eruzione were told that they might not make the Olympic squad

    I’m not saying the Kings are gonna win the Cup, i’m just saying there is something healthy about removing any complaceny for any player….to an extent (pro players ARE different than college kids) but maybe that’s part of the line shuffling

    That being said you don’t want players to feel like they’ve been targeted arbitrarily and most importantly challenging players is one thing but making them feel like they don’t have a chance to succeed is going too far.

  • ReggieMoto

    “That’s just what I’ve got to do, I guess.”

    I guess? I guess? Are you kidding me?

  • ziggy33

    Anybody want Richardson back in the lineup? I feel the guy was not given much of a chance to show what he could do.

    Extremely frustrated that the kings cant score. Rich, can you ask Murray why Ivanans is still on the team?

    I vote for O’sullivan to go back on the Kopitar line. Doesnt make any sense to have Calder on the top line.

  • cristobal

    Ziggy – I think Richardson would be good back in the lineup. Armstrong too. Harrold should be playing D.
    I don’t think it would be a bad move to make the defensive lineup:
    Quincey – Doughty
    O’Donnell – Harrold
    Gauthier – Greene

    Power play sees:

    Doughty/Stoll – Harrold/Doughty in variable order.

  • Cynic

    Doughty stays with O’D as it gives him complete confidence to play the way he’s playing. Yeah, he could probably do it with anyone, but if I’m coach, I’d hedge my bets too.

    Quisp – By FAR the best part of the Boyle-Niedermayer incident is when Brian introduced Rob to his elbow on the way to the ice. Tossed him down like a rag doll and gave him the shiver to boot! Rob was a bit slow to get up. It sent a clear message to the Ducks not to mess with him. He needs to send that message every night.

    Ivanans should only be on the ice on the 4th line and only in the game if we need that goon presence. Raitis is a good dude, but that’s his role.

    I think Richardson is kinda bland with his play. I’d rather see Gabe Gauthier come up and show some of his leadership on the 4th line. He and Army together with anyone could do damage. The depth chart has BR at center with Army on the right, Army can swap with Harrold. It’s complicated, but here’s what I end up with:

    POS – Kopi – Brown
    Fro – Sto – Mo
    Calder – Zeus – Sims
    G.Gauth/Ivan – Boyle -Army/Harrold

    2 solid top lines, a 3rd that can grind and a 4th you can tinker with to match the team you play next. Thoughts?

  • Marc Nathan


    For all the talking you do, to the players and the coach… why nothing with savvy veteran Derek Armstrong? I’d REALLY like to know what he’s going through and what’s going through Terry Murray’s mind to put Ivanans, Simmonds, and Harrold out at forward on nights when you need offense and some sort of legitimate veteran presence… Armstrong has always been a trooper on this team, and maybe he wants to keep his mouth shut, but maybe there’s something I would rather read than hear about how Terry Murray thinks Peter Harrold has been “tremendous” on the wing.


  • socalkings

    As much as I hate to say it, Gigure played a great game against the Kings.

    Boyle needs to have better talent around him to be effective. Has he played on the same line as Fro? They worked together well last year.

    Give the kids some time. They maybe on a losing steak, but the played well against Detroit, Anahiem, and Calgary, they should have won each on those games.


    CYNIC – I agree Brad Richardson should be in the line up with Armstong I have said it before give these guys a chance and show what they can bring. I have seen Richardson pay in the OHL, AHL and with Colorado. Give him a chance put him on with a couple of good skaters and there will be success. Not only that he is the best faceoff guy the Kings have.


    Well I have told Brad richardson we won’t be coming down to LA to watch any Kings games as he is not in the lineup. Instead Matt Cooke has invited myself and my son to Pittsburg for a few games. It’s too bad I use to be a big Kings fan even more when Brad Richardson was traded to the Kings but alongs comes Murray never liked him as a coach so I am on the Leafs Bandwagon. They are more of an exciting team to watch than the Kings and they are suppose to be a young team rebuilding

  • Duckhunter

    Sapper you don’t have to tell us your jumping ship……. let me give you a little shove….Bye!!!

  • deadcatbounce

    Sapper, sorry if you feel the Kings aren’t giving Richardson a chance. I’d like to think that he’d be in the lineup of the coaching staff thought he could contribute. I think you mentioned the other day that you were a coach in the junior ranks at some point, so you should know that the road is littered with junior and even AHL superstars who, for whatever reason, couldn’t cut it in the NHL.


    To the duckhunter: thank you my friend the shove it made me see the light and the direction Wilson is taking the Leafs the whole team has bought the new system. Unfortunately i can’t say the same about the Kings unless the system it is to get the first draft pick next season.
    To Deadcatbounce: you are indeed correct about the road to the NHL littered with players approx. 11% of the players will havve a chance of making the NHL their chosen profession. I have had the chance to see Brad Richardson develop he can be a regular player in the NHL if given the chance. Any team that requires a good faceoff man or a good 3rd line player with speed and an excellent wrist shot Richardson would do well with.

  • Dan H.

    Last game was Armstong’s best game this season.

    Keep the kids in there and let them build. Armstrong was in the locker room I’m sure before the game and during intermission so they didn’t miss his “leadership”.

    I’d rather see a guy like Moulson, Richardson,

  • jet

    Great hit, I think it gave us momentum for the rest of the period. I agree with cynic that it showed how strong Boyle really is when ragdolled Niedermayer. Boyle even seemed surprised himself at how much leverage he had. A hit like that every few games will go a long way. I did not see the entire game, but I did not see Boyle give up inside ice once at the D end. Murray may be able to give more minutes.
    I also would like to see Richardson get a game with some real ice time. But, I like him for his D work. I think in the long run he may have to look at wing as Murray likes to be big in the middle.

    If we look at the first ten games, 3 -6 -1, the youngsters played pretty well overall. There was one game where they were buried, but overall they worked hard and were competitive. I hope we can improve our starts in the next ten games. The Ducks game was better. Anyway, 3 – 5 – 2 in the second ten?


    Sapper – I’m one Kings fan who thinks its a shame that people like yourself are being alienated by management and, now, the coaching. There have been positives this season but its hard to judge from the outside whether Murray’s tactics are failing or building up to something of quality. As a fan of the Kings, all you can do is try and enjoy the players and their efforts. Whatever lineup the coach is employing, players like Brown, Kopitar, Frolov, Moller, and Doughty are working hard and showing true talent. The rest of the team may not have a full grasp of their skills yet, but the effort and unity is apparent. I’d say don’t give up on the Kings yet for the players sake. Maybe, just maybe, Murray is in the middle of something positive.
    The Kings need all the knowledgeable hockey fans they can get.

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