Ersberg gets sore knee, another chance

Sometime during practice today, Terry Murray let Erik Ersberg know that he would be starting in goal tomorrow night against Florida. A bit later, Ersberg must have seen that opportunity flash before his eyes when Jarret Stoll deflected a puck that hit Ersberg flush on the side of his knee. As previously posted, Ersberg was down for a while and left the ice but returned, albeit gingerly, to finish practice.

After practice, everyone — including Ersberg, Jason LaBarbera and Terry Murray — attributed the incident to the reduced protection that goalies have around the knee/mid-leg area. The new equipment rules were designed to make goalies look less like “Michelin men,” but they also leave areas of the body exposed. Ersberg suffered a deep bruise on the other knee in training camp on a similar shot, and said he took a puck in a similar situation just last week.

Assuming the injury doesn’t turn more serious, Ersberg will start tomorrow. He looked solid against the Ducks and stopped 26 of 27 shots in a 1-0 overtime loss.

ERSBERG: “It’s a lot easier to start a game than come in. You get the warmups and everything. I got off to a good start too. They had a power play and I got a couple pretty easy shots to stop, so I got into my rhythm early. That was a good start, and then I felt like normal after that.”

MURRAY: “Yeah, I’m going to go back to him tomorrow. He played very well. As I mentioned after the game, I thought his composure was good. He was under control, he was on the puck, he made some nice stops, some big stops. He’d been waiting his turn and he took advantage of it, so he deserves another opportunity right away.”

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  • Anonymous

    I am not one who thinks Ersberg will be our “savior,” and he will undoubtedly let in his share of goals. However, Erik is very composed and fundamentally sound, and I do think that with him in net, Kings fans will see much less of the “he should have made that save” soft goals that LaBarbera kept letting in. GO ERSBERG!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This is very much of an about face for Murray judging by his comments after the game last night. Congrats on the epiphany, Coach. Every day is an opportunity to start over after all.

  • MS

    Off the topic, and I’m sure some of you have already heard/seen this news, but those who have not..

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  • Cynic

    Nice to see the right decision made. Hopefully Eric can shake off the knee injury and have a equally nice performance tomorrow, only this time with a little offensive support from his teammates.

    Now get the REAL first line together and let them learn from each other…