Wednesday practice update

Erik Ersberg will start in goal tomorrow night…if he can. About halfway through practice, Ersberg crumbled to the ice after being hit on the knee by a deflected shot. Ersberg returned to practice about 10 minutes later and was flexing the knee quite a bit. He should have a nasty bruise but otherwise will probably be OK. Terry Murray has named him the starter for tomorrow.

That’s the biggest news of the day. No line changes in practice. More quotes and notes to follow…

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  • BS!

    YEAHH!!!!! He played well last night. See, TM did the right thing. How about a little credit.

  • ian

    Seems fair, hard to argue with that performance. Reminds me of the strong efforts he gave last year..

  • wavesinair

    What do ya think? 10 straight games for “The Iceberg” ???

  • Stillkingly

    I am so glad TM did this. He would have been really questioned had he not

  • Tompa

    No line changes? Surprising indeed. Glad to see Ersberg getting another chance.

  • Anonymous

    ohhh thank you Ranford! šŸ˜‰

    He deserves it after that performance from last night.


    Well I guess I won’t be watching tomorrow’s night game if he hasn’t made any changes in the line up it doesn’t take a rocket sdcientist to figure out the end result. The Toronto/Boston game should be more entertaining for that matter the Edmonton/Pittsburg game. It’s to bad I am sorry to you devoted Kings fans but I am jumping ship and going for the Leafs unless Murray goes I will not be watching anymore Kings games. He does not make any sense on any how of his decisions. Mind you I do like Ersberg and wish he was on more stable team. well good luck to you remaining Kings fans. I hope you win the lottery next years draft.

  • The Man from UNCLE



  • stepa

    Line must change . Best players must play in first line otlist 5 games ,and they start makin gols .

  • Marc Nathan

    because we NEED to see Wayne Simmonds do nothing for one more game…

    because we NEED to see Raitis Ivanans not have anyone to go with for one more game…

    because we NEED to see Peter Harrold on right wing, while legitimate NHL wingers Derek Armstrong and Brad Richardson model suits in the press box…

    because we NEED Patrick O’Sullivan to find no joy in playing fourth line minutes with first line talent.

  • JonG

    Missing quote from Terry Murray: “Ersberg wasn’t as bad as I expected last night, so we’ll give him another chance to disappoint us tomorrow. Then we’ll go back to Jason for another ten games in a row.”

  • stepa

    Sapper you watch Kings game after Toronto/Boston .

  • Anonymous


  • JDM

    Glad to see EE get the nod. Definately the right, and really the only, legitimate decision.

    Love “The Iceberg”!

    And at this point Rich, “No line changes” IS big news!

    Not to say that those lines are great, because they aren’t, but hell, seeing the same lines two games in a row would be refreshing in its own way.

  • Will Hutchison

    The team actually played pretty well last night. When the team gets used to Doughty jumping into the attack, they’ll be a lot better; twice he created scoring chances, and created a two on one, and his teammates screwed up on all of them.

    You can’t sit Kopitar for blowing an easy goal. Calder’s put back attempt that was saved was just unfortunate.

    The only line-up change I’d make would be Armstrong for Ivanans, but I don’t think Murray would like to see Greene, O’Donnell, or Simmonds fighting too much.

    Simmonds penalty was brutal, but you can’t really sit the guy as a healthy scratch, and sending him to Manchester for one mistake is too severe.

  • Quisp

    Off-topic… Rich has competition from another Rich: yes, it’s Rich Clune’s blog!

  • cristobal

    SAPPER – Can’t you be patient? It’s only been 3 years with Lombardi and if we just get 3 more top 3 overall draft picks, we’re guaranteed to make the playoffs. I don’t understand how you’re not in on the HOPE? This team is going places, don’t you know? Just sit back and wait, Harrold is going to have 50 goals playing on the wing. Matt Greene is going to break out of the slump and set up the power play, can’t you see he’s just on the verge of a breakout all-star season? Visnovsky and Cammalleri were washed up. Finished. Tukonen has no talent and less drive, there was nothing there. Blake, Sopel, Modry, Norstrom, Corvo, and Gleason can’t play defense in this league. Marc Crawford and Terry Murray are innovative new coaches. They’ve taken this team to new heights.
    I don’t understand why you’d jump ship. Watching this team on FOX SPORTS WEST is like watching Brando or Olivier.

  • cristobal

    Hamster vs. Clooney, what a battle we’re in for. I’m liking Clooney to take it.

  • wavesinair

    For all of the constant whiners, it should be no surprise to you that this team is struggling. It’s a young team with a lot of new faces and a new coach. We all knew before the season started that it would be rough. Now that we are only 11 games into the season, people have completely forgotten what this team is and have chosen to panic and jump at every chance to assign blame… from Labs, to Murray, to Kopitar and more. It’s time to get over yourself and remember that it is going to be a very long season.

    As much as we as fans can’t stand the losing, we are where we are…new, new, new. So give it some time, have some patience, and let the team come together and the coach find his stride. Let’s see how things have come along after 41 games and then we can start criticizing as much as we have. But to complain this much, this soon, about a brand new team and coach is at best unreasonable and at worst impetuous.


    Cristobal: well said you must have a crystal ball to see all of the good fortune the Kings are going to have
    It’s too bad Murray had to wreck my hockey season I gave him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning put I see he is back to his old ways and nothing good can come of it. I had high hopes this year for the Kings I was even going to come down as Brad Richardson had invited myself and my son down to watch a few games. But since he is not playing no point in paying the airfare.

  • wavesinair

    SNAPPER, you had high hopes for this season? I want what you’re on. Apparently knowing richardson didn’t afford you any insight, let alone seeing the obvious.

  • Frustrated Armstrong!!

    Marc Nathan you forgot:

    because we NEED to see Alexander Frolov do nothing for one more game…

    because we NEED to see Alexander Frolov not score on his breakaways….

    because we NEED to see Alexander Frolov lose the puck on a penalty shot…

    because we NEED to see Alexander Frolov hold on to the puck alot longer then he needs to….

    because we NEED to see Alexander Frolov do the same move that has never work….

    The Kings should Trade him or cut him loose, His time has come and gone!!!!!

    Let him be a superstar somewhere else!!!

  • cristobal

    Frustrated Armstrong –

    I get your frustration with what’s going on, but everybody in the world wondered if the young talent on the team would suffer or be destroyed by going too young and casting off any talent that was on the team. Frolov, Kopitar, and Brown are the only truly gifted players out there right now. Moller is too small, young, and inconsistent to count on and Doughty makes more mistakes than anyone out there.

  • Al

    Well gang, it doesn’t help any that we have the crappiest ice in the NHL. I think that even though the team hasn’t won in 4 games, they are working their a$$es off and if you can’t see it or believe it then check the final scores of the games, I haven’t seen a 8-2, 6-1 or a 8-0 score yet and I doubt that we will. “ICEBERG” what a great tag for the real #1 goaltender and it really fits him. I think I’d rather see some of the “VETS” in Manchester and more of the “Rookies” up from the farm. I think Kopitar has gotten that European Desease called “Long Term Greenbackitus” sure seeing some sloppy play and lack of effort from him. Ivanans should be used only when the team the Kings play have a guy you know will go after POS, Kopi or one of our other super scorers. I think what’s happened to “Murphy” is the same thing that happened to Crow when he named “whatshisname” as the #1 out of camp, or was it before camp?? Now he sees he does have a real #1 but he can’t crawfish. He’ll probably play Ersberg till he gets beat bad like 3-1 and then say “see I told you so” Right Murph. I think Murph better start giving the fans credit that we do know what center ice and offsides is and that we can tell the difference between a basketball and a hockey puck. How about Boyle last night, need to feed him more raw meat. Also every game that “Doughty” plays he’s learning more and more and man is he going to be great. We are going to have an outstanding exciting team before this season is over, count on it and they don’t have to make the playoffs this season, but they sure as hell better next season.

  • BringBackKingston

    i think TM is keeping with his practice of rewarding solid efforts. unless Ersberg gives up 0 or 1 goal, i can see Labs starting in goal for the next 4 until the back-to-back games.

  • Quisp

    Cristobal: Moller is inconsistent? Doughty makes more mistakes than anyone out there? Every time I give you the benefit of the doubt, you fritter it away on b.s. like this.

  • cristobal

    I’m crushed.

  • Kings4K3

    Thank you for putting it all in perspective Wavesinair! Wasn’t it just a little over a week or so ago that some of the very people complaining about everything now were all giddy with excitement after The Kings shut out the Blues? We all knew (or at least should’ve) that this was going to be a rough year, with a lot of ups and downs. Right now, we’re in a down unfortunately. Part of the reason the team had to be rebuilt so drastically is because of the very mentality that we are reading here…fire the coach after 11 games, trade for Gaborik, trade for Shanahan, and so on and so on. Let’s just let things go for awhile and see where we are in January.

  • cristobal

    Kings4k3 – careful who you side with, waves isn’t a big fan of what the teams doing.
    Kings fans are sick and tired of losing, its understandable to be frustrated. Plus, the positives the team had shown early are disappearing. They gave up 27 shots last night. The PK has been slipping. The forwards look frustrated and unconfident in their ability to score.
    Shanahan wouldn’t require a trade and the words of Holmgren speak to what a guy like him can bring. It’s not just about winning games. It should at least be considered and enquired about. If the answer is no, its no.
    And I haven’t seen anyone who really wants to give up much of anything for Gaborik. He’d be a great player to have, but their are too many questionmarks.
    Its just frustration. That’s all.

  • deadcatbounce

    Kings4K3, careful who you side with. Whoever agreed with you last night could rip your ass today.