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Here’s what Erik Ersberg said about the status of his knee, in which he was struck by a deflected puck during practice yesterday.
“It’s just a little bit stiff and sore, but in a game it doesn’t affect me at all because you don’t notice that stuff when you’re playing,” Ersberg said.
Now, Ersberg has two black and blue knees. He stopped a shot with his facemask in Tuesday’s game, and the puck got stuck in his mask.
“They shoot pucks at me. Sometimes, I get hit and it hurts,” Ersberg said. “That’s part of my job description.”
On what kind of injury would keep him from playing:
“I think if you ask any player, it would take something pretty serious not to play. Everybody wants to play. If you can play, you’ll play. I don’t think anybody’s going to back off.”

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