Ersberg earns another start

Terry Murray said this morning that Erik Ersberg will start in goal Tuesday night against Dallas. It will be Ersberg’s fourth consecutive start.

“It is just an opportunity for Ersberg to come out and play and keep playing well,” Murray told the Kings’ website. “What we are trying to do is to win games. He came up big vs. St. Louis and had a huge second period with some big saves. … It is very important for a young hockey club to get some wins under their belt.”

Also, Jack Johnson skated with Daryl Evans before practice, his first on-ice workout since his shoulder surgery. Johnson is way ahead of schedule and updated estimates have him possibly returning in the middle or late part of next month.

Today’s official Kings notebook can be found here.

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  • Kevco

    I can’t wait to see Ersberg play again, he looks great out there!
    Also can’t wait to see Avery, I hope he gets whats coming to him.

  • LB

    yeah Avery better receive some serious booing! Those of you that thought Blake was worth booing, better not take it easy on Avery. I would love to see Brown go with him and make him eat some fist 🙂

  • BS!

    I just hope that JMFJ doesn’t rush his return. I would hate to see him seriously injure his shoulder.

  • Cutty Sarkn3ss

    Nice to see Ersberg getting more starts

  • EJ

    Kevco said:

    Also can’t wait to see Avery, I hope he gets whats coming to him.

    And what is it exactly that Avery has coming to him???

  • LA KINGS 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!
  • CharlesinReno

    Avery was one of my favorite players and still is, I won’t be booing. Say what you want about his style but the truth is the guy gives 110% every shift, I’ve never seen Avery take a shift off and the intensity doesn’t quit even when his team is way down. With that said I still wouldn’t mind seeing Brown hit him hard.

  • JDM

    The Iceberg cometh.

    I’ve been looking to the first Dallas game for a long time. It tickles me how bad they are right now, and would laugh all the way to black hole finish if we are on top of the Stars. GO KINGS GO!

  • Duckhunter

    Lets go “Iceburg”, you the man!

    My hockey league has no idea who you are. But I do. Get me three in a row Mr. Ersberg. Good luck once again son.

  • Anonymous

    At least these starts are DESERVED…unlike some pillows that should remain nameless…

  • Bob Bobson

    I think we are all onboard with Ersberg for now but it has only been 3 games. Since Labarbera can get on hot streaks also I will reserve judgment about who the better goalie is over the course of 10+ games. Jason had his chance, let’s see what Ersberg does over the same stretch.

  • Will Hutchison

    I really hope Johnson is fully recovered before he comes back. I had shoulder surgery 4.5 months ago, and have had two setbacks so far. Both came after I was cleared for full activity.

    A few weeks ago I hurt my shoulder swimming at the beach and while surfing my local spot this morning I fell while getting up on a wave, droppign about 6 feet, landing on my board, perhaps has hard as a defensemen would get checked into the boards in a hockey game – it hurt. It hurts now.


    You can see when Ersberg makes a big save, it picks up the rest of the team.

    You also could see when La Boobala muffed a routine save (several times already this season), it let down the team and the game proceeded to go in the crapper.

    Ersberg controls rebounds, is cool under fire, plays hurt and doesn’t make excuses. He is the complete opposite of that other guy who, if exposed to waivers, would not be picked up by any other NHL team in its right mind. Send JLB down to Manchester, and even if he does not clear waivers, good riddance. Let somebody else pay his bloated salary. Bring up another one of the kid goalies and let’s keep the Youth Movement going full speed ahead!

  • Quisp

    I’m kind of surprised no-one commented on my Kings playoff push plan. So, shamelessly, I repost:

    Here’s how the Kings make the playoffs this year. Let’s take the season in 13 game chunks, since we’ve already played 13 games. In order to make the playoffs, what the Kings need to do is: improve by one point in each 13 game chunk. They’ve earned 12 points so far this year, just slightly under .500. In the next 13, they need to earn 13 points, then 14, then 15, then 16, and finally 17. At which point there will be four games left in the season, and they will be six points from the presumed playoff threshold.

    first 13 games: 12 pts, .461 (12 pts, .461 total)
    second 13: 13 pts, .500 (25 pts, .480)
    third 13: 14 pts, .538 (39 pts, .500)
    fourth 13: 15 pts, .576 (54 pts, .519)
    fifth 13: 16 pts, .615 (70 pts, .538)
    sixth 13: 17 pts, .653 (87 pts, .557)
    last four games: 6 pts, .750 (93 pts, .567)

    Overview: the Kings need another 81 points over the remaining 69 games. That’s a winning %, from now on, of .587.

  • Roger

    I dont know if others feel the same regarding the play of the kings when Ersberg is in goal for this team. They seem to play with more composer and conviction. Also they are not afraid of taking chances on the offensive side of the ice. And if a goalie is capable of instilling this kind of confidence in the team he then definitely deserves to be called the number one goalie. It may be too early to say it but Ersberg most definitely has earned the right to be called the number one goalie for this team.
    Also on another note, cant wait until Jack Johnson is back on the ice. That can lift the confidence of this young team to another level.


  • Moondoggie

    Bring on “The Iceberg”…..Go Kings!

  • jet

    Quisp I find your optimism is the best part of your comments. It is kind like my little one at ToyRus loading up the basket and saying I’ll pay you back when we get home. I hate to be the bad guy, but here it goes. The lack of experience, the number of games, and the schedule will surely lends your scenario to a few holes. There will be a time during the year when nothing goes right, you play poorly, they play well, the offense goes cold, the defense goes cold, your goalies can’t seem to stop anything, you hit the crossbar 4 times in a game, and inexperienced teams have a greater chance of falling into a hole that they seem unable to climb out of. Secondly, many Kings will play a record number of games this year. Some will thrive, but many will wear down. Finally, the second half of the year involves a great deal of travel and travel involving many miles. This is never easy, especially with youngsters.
    But, the team is already ahead of where I had them (2-7-1, 1st ten, 3-5-2 2nd ten). Murray made some great adjustments after the 10 game evaluations. The Kings have shown undeniable improvement in all aspects of the game. I still think Murray is feeling his way. He will have a better idea of what he has after another dozen games. I look at the number of players with under 100 games played and can not believe we are a win away from .500. Having said that, I just do not see how you can get around youthful mistakes, but with playing more games. I am hoping for good health, and a lot of learning.
    I hope my going Anthony on you does not deter any further posts. Your friend, Jet

  • MarkE

    Giving Ersberg another start is a no brainer. Play him while he hot! Playoff, still a dream, lets hope for .500 hockey. 8th seed at $100 a seat against Detroit not my idea of fun, although playoff experience for a young team would be great.

  • Quisp

    Jet —

    You suck at “going Anthony.” I don’t disagree with anything you said. Certainly all of the things you described will likely happen over the course of the season (the slumps, etc.). I’m not betting that the Kings get to 93 points (I stick with my original prediction of 82-87 points, or whatever it was; somewhere around there). My point is just that sometimes the playoffs seem impossible, unreachable, and so a lot of people more or less write off the season as a learning experience; but if you assume only that the Kings improve over the course of this year, in the tiniest little increments, the playoffs are not impossibly out of reach. And I’m pretty sure that TM has broken the season down into manageable chunks, probably more like 10 games rather than the 13 I picked because that’s where we are today. And I’m starting to get the sense that the team has more confidence in itself than the battle-scarred fans will allow themselves.

    Right now, the worst thing about the Kings is Rinkside View, and that’s got to be good news, right?

  • Alen

    Go Ersberg, lets keep Barbie on the bench.

  • Mark

    Why should we boo Avery? How did he disrespect this team? It was management that couldn’t get the players to play with the intensity that Avery played so they got rid of him, not because Avery wanted out. I still cheer Avery to this day because no matter how much you hate him, he brings his game every night and if he quit the antics he should be the type of player everyone looks up to.

  • Brian

    Ersberg deserves another start. I really like his composure. Dustin, welcome Avery back to Los Angeles in your own special way.

  • mrbrett7

    Mark and others. Read the article regarding how Avery treated his teammates. He tortured an 18 year old kid (Dustin Brown), and divided a lockerroom. Management getting along with him had nothing to do with this jackass being jetisoned, Avery had everything to do with it.

    Take a look at the Rangers…he immediately made them a better hockey team, and they could not WAIT to get rid of him.

  • jack handy

    @ mrbrett7-


    @ the avery love fest –

    avery can play hockey, but that’s where it ends.

    more importantly, avery is a distraction and a lousy teammate.

    now, will i waste my energy booing him? no.

    i will however, enjoy watching him ruin the dallas stars. and if you haven’t noticed that process got its legs going in training camp.

  • jet

    Quisp – everyone has to suck at something. You are correct about the team plying with confidence. They are starting to play like they expect to win. Sometimes youth does not know it’s place.

    Battle scared fans – true, but if you asked any hockey expert on September 1st if the Kings would be .500 after 14 games, they would have laughed at you. Then, tell them that JJ will not be playing, and you would be able to hear the laughter from Toronto. Agree?

  • mark4kings


    Thanks. You saved me a lot of typing. Avery is an ass.

  • Quisp

    Jet –

    I agree, but I think we all know that “hockey experts” don’t know anything. What they do is, they “predict” more or less exactly what just happened the previous season. Some are obviously smarter than others. But very few of them go out on any limbs.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rich (or anyone who knows),
    Why isn’t Moller playing tonight?

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