Tom Feuer: Let them eat cake

Here’s something Kings and Ducks fans seem to agree upon: “Rinkside View” isn’t good. The comments here have been overwhelmingly negative, and apparently they’ve been the same on Ducks-related outlets, such as the Orange County Register’s blog.

The Register’s Curtis Zupke talked to Fox Sports executive producer Tom Feuer, who said the broadcasts aren’t going to change. Feuer basically gave an “Oh well” response to the widespread complaints, while noting that ratings for the “Rinkside View” games are substantially higher than last season.

“I’m going to get killed for this,” Feuer told the Register, “but if these people truly don’t like ‘Rinkside View,’ then don’t watch.”

Well, I think you have your directive!

Here’s the full entry from the Register: Upon further review … ‘Rinkside’ not going away

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  • KINGS17

    Tom Feuer is a moron.

  • Matt R

    Well I guess I just won’t watch then. It seems like they have been using the cameras that are behind the nets more than the one at center ice lately though. I like that better, but not enough to actually watch.

    I’d be willing to bet that the rinkside view games have higher ratings because either it’s something new or because people who haven’t been watching hockey for many years like it better…or both. So they are going to alienate loyal and dedicated fans in order to increase ratings? Of course they are! Who cares about the people that love hockey? Just bring in the money! Up next, eliminate fighting, checking and introduce Fox Player Trax! Glowing players with different colors for each team so you can tell where they are and which team they’re on!

    Wait…please don’t tell anyone at Fox about that last one, they might actually try to use it!

  • Mark

    Lets give the man what he wants and boycott Fox Sports all together until they get their act straight. If it wasn’t for USC basketball and Kings hockey I would have blocked their channel from my lineup a long time ago. Time to go back in time and start listening to radio broadcast.

  • Someone


    Please get official comments from the Kings on this. If they are giving the OK to FSN to do this I want to know who. The rinkside view is a load of crap and I want it to stop. If FSN is doing this on their own volition, it’s one thing, but if they are doing this with the Kings blessing then that is inexcusable. I don’t expect a FSN goon to understand hockey, but I expect the Kings management to. I’m pissed and want to know who at the Kings I can call.

    PS Kings ratings are up this year because the Kings put a better product on the ice and people tune in to HD games. Tom Feuer: pull you head out. Why don’t you try RinkSide view on SD games and check ratings, better yet, why don’t you simulcast a Rinkside view game and a regular game (one on fsw and one on prime sports) and see who watches which one.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather see Cloutier make a craptacular return to the Kings roster than having to spend $400 a month on Dramamine watching the games…

    I’ll miss Bob Miller though…because that view is too ugly for RADIO…

  • Rachel

    So basically what he’s telling us to do is to not watch?

    Fine then i wont.
    There are many many other mediums to get the games on.

    In fact it infuriates me that hes so “whatever” about this whole thing.
    Maybe the rink side view games are the highest ratings because you put the best games in the mode you…[i’ll let you call him whatever you want]

  • Someone

    Another thing. Tom wants to liken this to the NFL and MLB adding different camera angles. One thing you forgot mentiong, Tom, the NFL and MLB didn’t completely eliminate the traditional camera views like you have. They had the brains not to shove their experiments down their viewers throats…

  • v5

    It’s very simple why they get decent ratings for those games. It is in HD.

  • JDM

    What an asshole and a moron.

    Rinkside view ratings are up simply because they are the only games in HD. More ppl are likely to tune in to the HD games just because people with HD get spoiled and will only watch thigns in HD (an exaggeration but in terms of general mindset something I’ve seen to be mostly true).

    If they had the old view in HD, I bet the ratings would be even higher than they are with Rinkside. This ass is saying “Well, Rinkside view does better than normal view” where really it’s simply that “HD games get higher ratings than SD games”

    Problem is, I’m way too stubborn to NOT watch a Kings game. I hate the view, but I’m not about to not watch a game because of it… I’ve always been a bad boycotter… but in terms of big picture, this guy is missing the point that with HD AND a view the fans liked, ratings would go up further.


    10 cameras my butt.

    I see only 4 angles used for game viewing. One camera on the bench, whoop. Probably two roaming the crowds and 2 more roaming for close-ups of the players that ONLY gets used for replays. Also, the 4 views they use for the ice don’t cut together well and often break the invisible line that makes things hard to follow when jumped across.

    To compare Rinkside view to what other leagues are doing is lame. Those new systems actually let you view more of the action, not less like Rinkside does.

    I’d be more ok with it if they added 2 more on ice cameras, one at each blue-line, then raised the center ice camera about 5-10 feet and zoomed out a bit. That I could see working along with the camera’s above the nets, which I don’t totally mind. But saying “We have 10 cameras now” is ludicrous when I they only use the two over the net cameras and the center ice camera to follow the action.

    10 cameras… 3 used with any purpose, one which sucks, is too low and hung on far too long to show action in either offensive zone and two cameras that are nice but can’t follow the puck properly, roam so much it can make you sick and often confuse you as to what side of the ice the players are coming down.


  • EJ

    For those who really feel like doing something, try wrtiting/emailing the advertisers and complaining, and be sure to mention FSN and Tom Feuer specifically. Tell them that you’re unhappy and that you’re less likely to buy their products/services.

  • jack handy

    it would have been nice if Tom had at least sent me a courtesy ‘thanks for your email’ reply when i emailed him about the ‘suckside view’ [note: i did not call it that in my email to him]

    ratings are up because no one is going to the games dummy… not because of the earth shattering rinkside view camera work.

    i love his indifference to those who watch their half- assed sports channel… as if we have any other choice for kings games.

    nice style tom… nice style indeed.

  • Matt George

    Um. yeah.

    Clearly this whole thing was Tom’s Idea

  • M

    I like the rinkside view, it reminds me of when I used to watch scambled porn when i was 12 years old.

  • mrbrett7

    This guy is an idiot!

    The ratings are higher because the games are not only in HD, but are only against top notch opponents!

  • Peter

    According to Feuerian logic the customer is always wrong!

  • Wolfe

    You want me to stop watching? Sure. Way to kill your business, idiot.

  • Matt George

    This is what marketing teams to at TV networks.

    They get excited over any change in ratings then rush to justify.

    The reason for the increased ratings TOM is because of HD. PERIOD.

    Your rinkside views are CLAUSTROPHOBIC at best.

  • MasterAL99

    How do we get a list of the TV ratings for all the Kings games on FSN from this season?


  • Damen

    They may not like it, but they seem to want to watch it, said Feuer, the only person dumb enough to take Nelson ratings without a grain of salt.

    Thing that sucks is not watching it is not going to mean anything unless you are a Nelson family, so why bother boycotting? FSN will never know.

    Keep up the pressure on FSN and the Kings. And maybe it’s time to unite with Duck fans over this now that we know they hate it too.

  • B

    Wow, how do geniuses like him have jobs? If the ratings are up, it is only due to the fact that the games are in HD and NOT because of that awful rinkside views.

  • Roger

    I have already stopped watching the game on FSN. It’s nauseating. I have no idea where the puck is on the ice and who has possession. FSN basically wants to kill the game of hockey single handedly. I hope the kings management can step in and not let this happen.


  • Quisp

    I have resisted commenting on the rinkside view problem because frankly it’s so obviously terrible that I didn’t feel I could add anything constructive. But now that the official Fox point of view has been released — “ratings are up so if you don’t like it don’t watch” — I have several points to make and will happily make them in an email to Fox after I get my thoughts together.

    — Ratings are up compared to what? Last season’s HD broadcasts? My opinion is that the Kings HD broadcasts have always left something to be desired, so that’s a pretty low bar they’re setting for themselves. But, more importantly:

    1) it’s the beginning of the season, when interest is higher after a summer off.
    2) attendance is down, so obviously, more people are watching at home.
    3) the Kings are playing better.
    4) the Kings picked #2 in the draft, so naturally people all across the country have increased interest in watching the Kings (just as I will watch Tampa to see Stamkos, etc.).
    5) the economy is in the crapper, so TV becomes a better value.
    6) HD is an emerging market. More people are getting HD TVs and more companies are carrying the HD signals, offering better packages, etc..
    7) The guy is talking about 2 broadcasts. Okay, maybe 4 if you count the Ducks. You can’t get any meaningful statistics from that.

    The idea that anyone would tune into a hockey broadcast because of rinkside view when they don’t care about hockey in the first place…is insane. The only people who watch hockey in October are hockey fans already. Even among hockey fans, if there are two games on, and one of them is a game you care about and one isn’t, is ANYONE going to watch the one they don’t care about just because it’s in HD? No. If, as a veteran viewer of 1000s of hockey broadcasts, I have to choose between two hockey games to watch on TV, and I care equally about the teams or the contests, only then would I choose an HD broadcast over a non-HD one. Even then, though, I would end up flipping back and forth and settle on the better game. Everybody wants a better picture, but nobody is going to watch a show because it’s in higher resolution, if there’s a better show on somewhere else.

    In any case, the problem with the rinkside view is that it’s incompetent. It starts with the incorrect assumption that the best seats are the ones behind the glass, which everyone knows (except celebrities who don’t care about the game and just want to be on TV) is b.s.. You can’t really follow the game from those seats, not in person, and not on TV. Worse, the cutting back and forth between two extreme points of view (the two end-zone cameras) is incredibly disorienting. Why? There’s a technical reason. When you cut between two essentially opposing camera angles (in this case, cameras behind each goal), the viewer interprets the cutting between the two angles as cutting between two opposed points-of-view, just as the same opposing angles would be used to shoot, say, a conversation between two people in a movie. But the viewer of a sporting event expects and in fact requires only one point of view, his own. For this reason, the “rinkside view” broadcast, by definition, is disorienting and off-putting. I am a huge hockey fan and I know a lot about hockey, and when I watch the rinkside view broadcast half the time I don’t even know what I’m looking at; the other half of the time, I know what I’m looking at, but my “seats” are so bad I can’t see what’s going on.

  • fanb4 gretzky

    I herd Reggie Dunlap just put a bounty on the bench cams.

  • Moondoggie

    Oh well…I was bound to piss someone off (namely the entire blog) but….I like it. I like the views, I like the angles and I like the close up action, it makes me feel like I’m right there. I’m also prone to motion sickness and the camera angles don’t make me sick. I seem to focus in more on the games when I’m watching rinkside, probably because the cameras are right on top of the action. I’m not wild about the end zone views, we could use less of those, I’m more of a center ice kind of guy. Overall tho, I do like the views. Of course, I voted for McCain too so what can you say???

    Ok, let the shooting begin!

  • mrbrett7

    Nice Job Quisp…

    I say you write that, and allow everyone to sign it…like a petition.

  • Josh

    I hate the rinkside view but I love the Kings so I guess Im stuck with it.

    I understand sticking with something new so it may grow on people but its too bad how Tom Feuer puts it so rudely. He could have said that he understands peoples dislike for the rinkside view but they are going to stick with it for a while to see if peoples judgments change.

    Instead he comes off very arrogant and has made some enemies.

    Good job Tom and Fox !!

  • nykingfan

    What an arrogant pr&ck. Who the hell is he to tell me not to watch the games? You lousy piece of pondscum, I watch the game because it’s the Kings. I could give a rats a$$ what network it’s shown on. Hopefully someday it’s shown on a network you are not affiliated with…It’s people like this that should be walking the unemployment line.

    Who can we complain to in the Kings organization? I’m sure someone with the Kings would love to hear that a netwoerk exec told us not to watch their product.

    Leave it to Fox to try and re-invent the wheel. Sports fans love sports. We tolerate the networks only because we have to! We shouldn’t have to tolerate a guy like this working for the network. Does he have a boss we can complain to?

  • Mike

    I would suggest writing to the advertisers of the Kings telecasts. Right off the top of my head, I believe that would include Carls Jr., Nissan and Mercury Insurance. I suppose I could come up with others.

    I would tell those advertisers that we wont buy their products as long as FSN continues to telecast with Rinkside View and I would copy Mr. Feuer on your communication.

  • Crash Davis

    Ok, this is a tough one. I am both a professional television director who has handled up to 7 cams for a live event and an avid NHL hockey fan + 20 yr Kings STH.

    Like Feuer or not is not the issue. Coverage of hockey on HD and whether it increases ratings IS the issue. Hockey gets miniscule ratings in L.A. Anything that can get more eyeballs at 200% improvement watching Kings hockey on tv – especially the casual fan – is GOOD. For the loyal fan, this is going to take some time to get used to. I feel your pain.

    Re: coverage. The rink is huge and the puck is small. We all agree on that. Cameras placed high in the stands via a traditional method cannot give the immediacy of being close to the ice. Better camera placement can. Above goals, center ice, side views. And we all know hockey looks fabulous in HD. All those sharp details.

    The only constructive suggestion I would make to FSN is to go to the center ice camera in transition from the players rushing from the defensive zone to the offensive zone so there is less of a “jump cut” of players skating up ice away froma goal then boom towards the attacking goal. That would make it easier for the viewer’s eyes in the “flow” from end to end action.

    But for a generation raised on video games, “rinkside” makes sense. Sorry.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I am intentionally watching the local Dallas broadcast of the next 2 games just because of the rinkside view. I may choose to watch the “other” guys broadcast from here on out. Thank God for NHL Center Ice!

  • Alen

    What an asshole. I didn’t watch the Blues game, I just caught the highlights. I won’t watch the rest of the rinkside view games either. Thanks Tom you dumb suit. I wonder if this idiot even knows the difference between a blue line and a red line. Retards like this that turn people off from hockey. Of course being a hardcore Kings fan will keep me tuned in, just not to this rinkside crap. I haven’t been able to watch one in full and I totally skipped on the last one. Thanks Tom.

  • NMKingsFan

    Wouldn’t “don’t watch” only apply to the Nielsen or some other TV ratings service “families” that FSN gets their rating information from? If the average person doesn’t watch, how would that affect ratings?
    That was a ridiculous rebuttal to a valid critique by Mr. Feuer.
    If there was another broadcast of the same game I am sure fans would choose the non-rinkside view.
    Whenever I have a choice on Center Ice, I switch, I don’t like it, but rinkside is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Quisp – nicely done!

  • Joe

    Maybe ratings are up because attendance is down? Is it possible that Fox is using this as a ploy to extort Kings fans into attending the games?

  • Nick

    WOOOOOW, IM SOOOOO ANGRY OVER THIS!!!!! I’ve been watching the kings for such a long time but this is a huge turn off. We need to get this story (and his remark) out there for everyone. NOBODY WATCH THE NEXT RINKSIDE VIEW GAMES ANYMORE!!!! Id rather listen to daryl, nick and save myself the frustration.This guy is an absolute jerk. OBVIOUSLY this was his idea. Does anyone have this guys email?

    Rich, will you be writing about this in the daily news??? Could be just what our little campaign needs.


  • PSP

    Crash Davis makes some valid points, but I think you’re missing what IMO is the biggest bonus of hockey in HD. It’s not being able to see the puck carrier any clearer – it’s being able to clearly see the players move and interact who don’t have the puck. Hockey isn’t an individual game – it’s a team game. Hockey in HD lets you watch how the TEAM plays. Red line rinkside view concentrates on the individual.

    Rinkside view is like going to a game and watching with binoculars. There are moments that it’s appropriate, but most of the time you’ll be missing something important.

    It will never happen, but it would be interesting to have a game broadcast in HD with traditional camera locations and simultaneously broadcast in rinkside view and THEN compare the ratings.

  • Kevin

    I only watch games on TV when I can’t use my season-tickets. As of next Monday, I’m starting a job that should actually prevent me from watching some of the games.

    I get some extra cash, I don’t have to watch “Stinkside View”, and Feuer gets his wish by not having me watch. Everybody wins.

    But seriously, this guy is a joke. The Kings aren’t a great team, and he should be lucky that there are still loyal fans to complain about the terrible camera angles in the first place. I do feel great that Ducks fans understand the pain, and in this case, I suppose you could say the two of us are united.

    I’m all for putting select games against teams like Anaheim and Detroit (why against St. Louis last Saturday?) in High Definition. But the Rinkside View offsets it. You get good picture quality in HD, but bad view of the game from Rinkside.

    Feuer also pretty much admits that they don’t give a hoot about the customer as long as they are making money. Here’s a thought: why not put all 41 home games on Rinkside View in HD? Sure, ratings will be higher. But you’ll be losing a very loyal fan base, fans who only watch the games on TV in the first place because some of them might not be able to afford to go to all of the games in person. Is it worth it? Maybe for him, it is. But for the fan who is fortunate enough to have season tickets, I can’t stand the thought of my team losing great fans because of one guy’s idiocy.

  • Maverick

    Wow… Thats all I can say. He faces huge dissatisfaction over his decision and what does he do? He continues doing it because fans have to watch the games anyway to keep up with their team… This is outrageous… They may not like it, but they seem to want to watch it Are you serious?!?! He knows that most viewers hate it but he won’t stop doing it because the ratings won’t go down… It is a professional sport and they are the only providers in a tattered NHL television market. Of course the fans are going to keep watching for their team, but not for FSN and their absentmindedness. This is just enraging.

  • JA

    I think the only way to get our point across is going directly to the advertisers and start flooding them with e-mails.
    If someone could draft an intelligent letter and post it here (including Feuer’s quote on what he thinks the viewers should do), we can all copy and paste it and send to the advertisers clearly stating that they will lose viewers during the Rinkside View games.

    I think there’s about 10-15 different advertiser per game so it wouldn’t be a overwhelming task to send it to them.

  • Mike in Oregon

    That’s a huge “F/U” to us Kings fans. There is a measurement methodology in marketing that every letter sent by viewers voters, etc, represents 10,000 of same opinion. This guy has a boss, and the boss has a boss, all the way up to Rupert Murdoch. I intend to write letters to these people reflecting the arrogance of this “executive” and featuring the arrogant quotes . If enough of us do this, his head will roll. I am also writing to the NHL with same, as Fox should be pressured by NHL to deliver good product. NBC was doing a FAR better job of covering hockey in the 1970’s with “Peter Puck” and a red line which followed the puck everywhere! Certainly Fox ought to listen to it’s customers. But, we gotta go higher than Fuer or whatever his name is. Obviously, he is an executive and not a hockey fan. WRITE LETTERS

  • Anonymous

    You have to respect those that don’t seem to mind it, however, whenever watching a game, before, did you ever said to yourself< I wish they would put cameras here and here and change the angles??? or were you simply enjoying the game??? imagine putting a camera on Ronaldo's shoulder and try to enjoy a soccer game. Also, percentages of people attending games around the league is down, maybe it has a little to do with the economy and price increases which, by default, will also increase percentages of people watching from home. I we had a choice of two or more channels, in la, for hockey, I guarantee you they would be singing a whole different tune. Politics at its best, loyalty????? whats that??? hey Saddam has nuclear weapons, I promise

  • Wolfe

    Does Feuer have a boss? If so, email HIM so he knows how disappointed we are with this arrogant prick. Only his bosses have the power to do something about this.

  • veroairlines

    Maybe the reason why the Kings are up 200% is that they actually have a product worthy of watching? Sorry FSN, I dont buy it. But they obviously do not care, especially if the fans of both teams have stated rather vehemently that the rinkside view camera does not work as well as FSN would like it to. If you all can, watch Hockey Night in Canada on the NHL Network. THATS the way to watch hockey: one stationary camera mid-ice, with behind the goalie cameras on both ends and hand-held cameras in the corners. The only way the head cheeses at FSN will change their thinking is if both teams and/or the NHL steps in. Shame on you, FSN, that is a poor way to react.

  • stepa

    Tom Feuer an IDIOT , who is his boss ?

  • Ciccarelli

    Wow, that is a surprising response. I could be pissed off about it, but I don’t dislike the rinkside view enough to get all worked up, let alone boycott.

    I note as well though, that I haven’t seen any other teams broadcast in rinkside view or the Canadian network feeds use rinkside…

  • Wolfe

    So I’m sending this to the NHL. Feel free to copy and paste, remember to change the name at the bottom

    I’m unsure whether you’re aware of the situation at Fox Sports West regarding LA Kings HD broadcasts. In a nutshell, the only games we get in Socal in HD are broadcast in what is being termed “rinkside view” (RSV) which consists of placing a camera on top of the boards at the redline and behind the goal. These cameras account for roughly 90% of the broadcast. If you have seen any of these broadcasts, you know that RSV is horrendous. The camera is jerky at best, often making the viewer nauseous. Also, the camera often loses sight of the puck as the operators cannot seem to keep it in view. Another major disadvantage with RSV is that the observer has a very tough time seeing how the play is developing away from the puck handler because the camera is so closely focused upon the puck handler. This is part of the beauty of hockey, to see what players away from the puck are doing and how they, as a team, work together to execute offense and defense. With RSV, this part of the game is eliminated. RSV turns the game into a nauseating experience.

    Understandably, this has generated much discussion on message boards like and The opinion of the thousands of hockey fans on these two sites is overwhelmingly negative. I direct you to these threads,,, and this poll, in which over 80% of members do not like the RSV

    Now, the head of Fox Sports West, Tom Feuer, has come out and said too bad regarding RSV in the following published media report, This man has the audacity to tell fans that even though they may not like the RSV, its not going away. What happened to listening to the fan base? He even challenges those opposed to RSV to stop watching. How is that going to grow the game we love? I have personally emailed his office many times, and have yet to get an acknowledgment. It is obvious he does not care about the viewers, exemplified both in his actions, and by his words. He believes that because the viewer numbers are up, his decision is justified. However, he fails to realize that with a failing economy, more and more fans are watching games on television than going to games, and when a game is in beautiful HD, they are more likely to watch than not.

    I call upon the NHL to intervene in the matter here. Mr. Feuer is going to single-handedly drive the production and dissemination of Los Angeles Kings games in to the ground. This is bad business for Fox Sports, and for the NHL as a whole. Mr. Feuer obviously will not listen to the fans, hopefully he will listen to the NHL brass.

    Thank you,
    A Kings fan for 24 years,
    Steven R Wolfe

  • Anonymous

    Did this moron ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the ratings are “substantially” (whatever that means) higher because MORE PEOPLE OWN HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISIONS NOW THAN THEY DID LAST YEAR????

    I, for one, just got a hold of my own High Def televsion for the primary purpose of watching Kings game and I have to put up with this crap.

    Oh, and by the way, I “not watching” by switching over to the standard definition channel, hoping that they wouldn’t be using the Rinkside view but to no avail. Sure enough, it was the same crap, but in standard definition – a double whammy.

    Finally, let me just say, if you want to use your precious rinkside view, FINE. Just don’t use it for 100% of the game. Don’t use it for 50% of the game. 35% or so of the game in Rinkside would be bearable. But, for goodness sakes, let us Kings fans who worked hard enough to buy these HDTVs enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  • Silence Dogood

    The “rinkside view” sucks.

    If Tom Feuer is unwilling to listen — call (310) 369-1000 and ask for David Hill, Chairman and CEO of Fox Sports Network, or one of the other executives listed below. The FSN website is and there is a feedback section at the bottom.

    Randy Freer and Bob Thompson are both Presidents of FSN.

    George Greenberg is Executive VP of Programming and Production.

    Doug Sellars is Executive VP Production.

    Read Jackson is Sr. V.P. Production.

    Feuer reports to one or more of the foregoing executives, and if each of them were flooded with calls and e-mails of dissatisfied viewers, they might care, even if Feuer does not care.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry…I actually like the angles now that i’m used to it…especially the angle behind the goalie. Makes me realize how fast those pucks come at the goalie….

  • MF

    Just emailed Kings website, Fox and will begin emailing advertisers next…unwatchable. Tom, your brilliant RSV idea belongs in the toilet along with your attitude. Terrible.

  • hockeyfanb4 gretzkey

    just spoke withh Mr Hill@(310)369-1000 and he said he knew nothing about the stinkside veiw I did not call it that to him then asked if he knew Mr Feuer and he also said no just thought I would let everybody know.

  • Irish Pat

    That is an absolutely appalling attitude for someone in his position to have. Whoever his boss is should have him issue a statement of apology for his cavalier remark. With only 10 games in HD this season for the Kings I doubt they hardly care, but that is just a piss poor attitude towards fans and consumers.

  • wavesinair



    Lots of negatives so I thought I’d throw in a couple of positives. Most people who like it won’t go out of their way to say so, so…

    I get the frustration from fans, particularly those who are big hockey fans in general. Its a new system that will take time to develop and perfect, but I have witnessed the reaction of casual fans and what they do like is you can see more of the action. It looks and feels faster. You can feel the hits and see the reactions of players in a much more intimate way.

    As it stands now, it can be disorienting and strange. But that is to be expected from a new system. A cable cam system is really the only solution to make it a complete experience, one that will be satisfying for most hockey nuts. With the overhead shot, you will be able to see the the play develop like never before.

    I find it interesting that none of you mentioned what Aaron Teats had to say. He explained it’s going to take some time to perfect, but when it does, it will be a much better overall experience. I agree. Feuer may be very smart in saying something outrageous to get this much attention. The more passion, even if it’s angry, the more it’s talked about and probably, in the end, watched more even if you hate it.

    The idea that anyone would tune into a hockey broadcast because of rinkside view when they don’t care about hockey in the first place…is insane.

    You completely discount how the human eye/brain is intrigued by novelty. Obviously, someone who doesnt like hockey isnt going to watch, but I will say the broadcast has caught the eye of people who are only casual fans and they enjoyed it because, unlike you who knows what to look for, they can FOLLOW the action. The reason they can follow it is because they dont have a choice. The camera directs their attention. For a lot of people who have complained that hockey is hard to watch, this is the solution.

    The bottom line is, NHL tv broadcasts have been suffering big time. This is an effort to make a change with new technology and make it more interesting for the general public. Die harders are happy with the standard view, but the new view is much more in your face and much less boring for the casual fan than the standard center view, and that is exactly what they are trying to do.

  • KingFan4ever

    Having worked in media sales before, the Nielsen ratings are so inaccurate that you can skew any of the numbers to make an argument for or against your position.

    FSN knows that Kings/Ducks fans have no other choice than to tune in so they are shoving RSV down their throats. Feuer sounds like a guy who wants a raise and he personally needs to prove that RSV works for that to happen.

    So I say, tune out and listen to Nick and Daryl instead. Hopefully RSV goes by the way of the goalie helmet cam and FOX’s other genius invention, the fox trax.

    ..oh and logon to to see Heidi Androl.

  • Watching hockey on television is more difficult than watching it live. I can’t for the life of me understand how making the game even more difficult to watch on television is somehow going to attract more fans.

  • Quisp

    Wavesinair –

    It’s a long thread, so I’m just going to cut and paste the part of your comment that was a response to my comment:

    “You completely discount how the human eye/brain is intrigued by novelty. Obviously, someone who doesnt like hockey isnt going to watch, but I will say the broadcast has caught the eye of people who are only casual fans and they enjoyed it because, unlike you who knows what to look for, they can FOLLOW the action. The reason they can follow it is because they dont have a choice. The camera directs their attention. For a lot of people who have complained that hockey is hard to watch, this is the solution.”

    I’m not discounting the appeal of novelty, I just don’t think it has any sustaining influence. It might “catch your eye,” but if the show (or in this case, the game) isn’t interesting, no amount of fancy cutting, high-resolution (or for that matter, explosions or naked people) is going to keep people watching if they aren’t interested otherwise.

    I’m a huge fan of HD. HD, good. Rinkside view, bad. I’m not dismissing the need to appeal to “new, casual fans” who have never experienced a hockey game before. I would just say, if they like rinkside view, imagine what they will think when they see a hockey game.

    In the movie business, every time they “test screen” a kid’s movie, they get an audience of four and five year olds and ask them to rate the movie. Invariably, the movie gets a score that is at or close to “100,” i.e. perfect, and the studio concludes the movie is going to break all box-office records (“Lassie” was one such movie, and grossed maybe $6 million). But the test audience has, by definition, seen maybe five movies in the theater in their entire lives and every time they go into a theater, it’s one of the greatest things they’ve ever done, because they’re FOUR. Their opinions are virtually meaningless.

    Similarly, the opinions of people who have never seen a hockey game are virtually meaningless. Unless you think of the ten HD broadcasts simply as commercials for the real broadcasts, which all of the sudden makes the whole thing make sense to me. They’re not even intending on broadcasting a hockey game. It’s just a preview of coming attractions.

    No wonder I feel like I’d like to see a hockey game right after.

  • stepa


  • sense13

    Are you guys seriously not going to watch the games because of the rinkside view? Seriously!?

    Although, I too hated the rinkside view in the beginning, I don’t mind it as much anymore. I would still like to see more closeup shots with the puck handler but other than that, it’s ok.

    Bottomline is, do you hate rinkside more than you love the kings? For me, there’s no friggin way I’m missing a kings game.

    As for Tom Feuer, I’m not quite sure he should weigh so much credibility on the simple fact that kings viewership is up from last year. That has more to do with the excitement this team has generated with the young players more than anything.

    Also keep in mind that Fox probably invested a lot of money into rinkside view so, they’re not just going to shut it down without giving it a good solid year of trial run imo.

  • mask0425la

    OK, first off my hat’s off to Quisp and Wolfe – very accurate, eloquent and hard hitting comments.

    Second, I just called David Hill at FSN who was or pretended to be absolutely out of the loop. He claimed to know nothing about either “Rinkside View” or Tom F****er’s controversy. He started off rather agitated, then calmed down, heard me out and promised to look into it. Can’t quite decide if he truly was upfront or just playing ignorant… Will see… All I can suggest and get as many people on the phone calling Fox while we got their attention.

    Third, as I and some other posters have suggested, FSN can gage true value of RSV if they choose to broadcast Kings-Ducks simultaneously in SD on FSW and in HD on FSPT.

    Last, anyone willing to put up a webpage to host a petition to do away with RSV(or least cut it to a minimum) .

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it has already been suggested, but how about just the “normal” view for even strength play and “Stinkside” for power plays?

  • stepa

    Thank YOU Mike in Oregon .

  • Matt George

    i dont have the time but whoever does the website should call it

    i believe it’s available

  • Anonymous

    the view is not gonna stop me watching the games.

    but… i’m a lot more bothered by Feuer’s response then by the view itself. is it really smart to basically flip the bird to LA hockey fans when the sport is struggling? i really don’t like the implications or the arrogance here.

  • stepa

    Rich please ask opinion BOB MILLER and JIM FOX , what thay say about RINKSIDE VIEW ?

  • mask0425la

    To those who hesitate to give up a few games and not send a message to Fox:

    1. You can listen on the radio, Nick and Daryl are just as awesome as Jim and Bob. I have almost an 8 to 10 second delay with TW cable which gives me enough time to switch back if there is a goal or something major happening. Switch back to TV with just minutes left in the game if it’s still close. I do believe that doing either won’t help their Nielsen’s ratings (and that’s what will hurt them the most!)

    2. Alternatively, you can go a sports bar where you know they’ll have the game on regardless. Might be a good time for people to start recommending their favorite NHL-friendly watering holes, lol.

  • typicaljs

    I will be thoroughly dissapointed if this guy still has a job after telling people not to watch the crappy job he has done.

  • MS

    The guy is a d-bag, that’s all the time I’ll give this loser. Next topic please..

  • MasterAL99

    I have an idea…how about showing a game….regular view …in HD!!!!!

  • scott3343

    Maybe the games are watched more because people like myself can’t afford to go to as many Kings games as we did last year. The games I have been to haven’t been very packed. We watch because we are Kings fans and love our team. Doesn’t mean we like the new camera view. It sucks! I haven’t talked to one person who actually likes it yet. It makes me dizzy watching the game from the new view and difficult to tell who even has the puck. How are you going to attract new fans if the first game they watch they can’t tell what’s going on? I think the new camera view is to force us to buy tickets to the games.

  • Duracell

    Who can we contact to complain not only about “rinkside view” but also about Tom Feuer? Who is above this Tom Feuer fool? Who is his boss?

    The Kings and Ducks have been open to this experiment. Maybe we need to flood their in boxes with complaints as well? Maybe they wouldn’t be as open to it if their fan bases were complaining?

  • jet

    waves in air – first, I admire you for posting against the boisterous crowd. But, I have to tell you when I would bring a first timer to a game I would usually go up and out (behind a goal) to help them follow the game. It is very hard for them to follow the puck let alone off puck action if we were in the lower level. So, even if a newbie watches the games because rinkside spoon feeds them, are they ever going to understand the game? Meanwhile, fans who have followed hockey for more than a year are feeling like half the game is missing. You just do not get the feeling of the game.
    I actually, enjoy the replays on rinkside. For example, brown’s hit on Pahlson looked good on the original view, but the rinkside view showed how much skill it actually took hit him with the force he did. Maybe if they started with small doses, it would be easier to pick up the entire play.

  • Kingsfansince68

    Here’s the bottom line- Fox is simply too cheap to install HD cameras at the press box level. Instead, they have installed three small HD cameras at ice level. Because Fox doesn’t want to pay for the larger HD cameras upstairs, whenever they show a game in HD they will be using the rink side view. Hey Feuer- bite me!

  • CharlesinReno

    Comcast sports just took over FOX bay area, and they do a much better job on the broadcast. They use a mixture of the rinkside view along with the traditional broadcast, and they’ve been the best games to watch camera wise.

  • CharlesinReno

    I have one question, do they plan to televise all the games in rinkside view this year. If it’s just a few I can handle but if it’s everygame I’ll start watching the kings with the away broadcast

  • Quisp

    kingsfansince68 —

    Please elaborate/explain re the big/small cameras. Is it actually the case that it’s significantly more expensive to broadcast in HD from the press-box level, as you put it? To what extent are the cameras “installed?” What do they do for the Lakers games? I wonder if anyone knows offhand the budget for a Kings broadcast vs. a Kings HD broadcast vs. a Lakers broadcast vs. (as an example of a big budget national event) a World Series game or the Super Bowl or even Monday Night Football or the equivalent?

  • Anon

    Add me to the list of disgruntled fans regarding RSV. It needs to be put to rest permanately and the Fuhr needs to be dethroned. I’ll gladly sign any petition to get both things accomplished.

  • Duckhunter

    Wolfe, and only allow so many characters, so I’m going to break it down a little, but still use part of your post. Hope that’s o.k.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he was the genius behind the glow puck as well…and he wants ONE of his eyesores to actually stick…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like someone is getting a kickback from the camera venders

  • Eric

    This guy Feuer really should not have a job much longer after this whole rinkside view mess. If he still does it just shows that FSN really does not care about it’s viewers and that’s just a shame. Not only is this guy an idiot, but he’s also an a**hole. F U Feuer. You are ruining my Kings games.

  • Anonymous

    I think something bigger than boycotting FSN would be to boycott the companies advertising during the telecasts. And let those advertisers know we’re boycotting their products, and the telecasts, therefore we can’t see their product, so we can’t buy it if we don’t know about it.

    It seems like a bit of work, with figuring out the advertisers, where/who to email and actually doing it. Just a thought…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve stopped watching.

  • Jason

    People going to games should start bringing in signs saying to get rid of rinkside view.

  • Anonymous

    I stopped watching…both HiDef and SD. And I won’t spend a dime on any organization that treats its fans so terribly. After 30 years, I’ve had enough.

    This crap will eventually go away and when it does, I’ll return. Hopefully these exciting young players won’t have retired by then!

  • Anonymous

    The idea that FSN cannot give up on this experiment quickly because they have too much money invested in it is totally false.

    All they have invested is time to go to meetings.

    The cameras are in the the same positions as on real coverage, just used in different ways.

    All that’s invested is Tom Feuer’s ego.

    The fact that Kings management bows down to a mid-level flunky at a regional cable network shows their total ineptitude.

  • David

    The only reason 99% of Kings Fans continue to watch Kings Telecasts, even in the crappy Rinkside View, can be summed up in three simple words…..ROBERT JAMES MILLER!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when friends give friends job and suits get put in artistic positions. Then the entertainment industry wonders why they lose money. Time to realize that education is business does not give anyone artistic talent.

  • Anonymous

    It says ratings for the Kings’ games is up 200% over last year. I think that’s attributed more to an exciting young Kings team than the Rink View camera. Feuer won’t see it that way though.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a link for contact info at fox sports, their headquarters are in Los Angeles as well so maybe a protest out front can do something as well.

    Lou D’Ermilio, Senior Vice President
    Media Relations
    Phone: 212-556-2573
    Fax: 212-354-6902
    E-Mail: lou.d’

    Chris Bellitti Director,
    Corporate Communications, FSN
    Phone: 212-556-2477
    Fax: 212-354-6902

  • brianguy

    those who asked “who is his boss??”… Read Jackson is most definitely his boss judging by the list of executives and higher-ups over there which Silence Dogood graciously provided. So ask for him by name. if he’s not available or they refuse to transfer you, then get the next guy up on the list.

  • My sherpa’s sandals

    Been watching the Kings for years and years now. I *never* miss a televised game. I don’t have a hd tv so I watch these in the old non-hd format. And yet I really like the new rinkside view broadcasts. Looks like I’m just about the only one who does.

    The video direction is getting better as they broadcast more games. The teams don’t seem to be moving in different directions on the same play anymore; not so many quick cuts to different cameras in the last game; wider angles and holding on one camera at a time is good. It’s more like being a the game. I like it.

    I think the director(s) had/have a learning curve to overcome and it surely can get better, but I think they are getting there. It took me a couple games to get used to it. I vote to keep it up.

  • Nick

    I have contacted David Hill, Chairman and CEO of Fox Sports Network and told him of our frustrations and anger. I have also stated that a large number of us will be boycotting the rsv telecasts as well as advertisers until Feuer is removed from his position or rsv is eliminated.

    We need strength in numbers so PLEASE call(310) 369-1000 and ask for Mr. Hill. Flood his in-box with your disgust. Hockey fans in Los Angeles have been through enough and this jerk needs to be removed immediately.

  • Andy

    Ive played hockey on a continual basis for years and years. Ive gone to many games and thats the best way to view! I like to watch Center Ice almost every night, and the normal camera angles I have no problem with. I can see the play develope,and it doesnt make me dizzy. The new Rinkside view I cant stand! The behind the net cameras are ok for power plays every once and a while, but the center ice moving low camera sucks,and overall too many camera changes. On the center ice moving glass camera, its so low you just see a gaggle of players. You cant see a play devloping,e.g., like how far on a 3 on 2 one open player is from his teamates and the defenders. I hate the Rinkside view so much I will just have to watch highlights and actually go to a few more games and,of course, play more. Tom Feuer, who said, Im gonna get killed for this, well you must not give a darn about hockey people like me who watch tons of games with a passion and hate the new view. For you to tell me to just go away if I dont like it, I respond by saying why dont YOU go away with the Rinkside view in tow! Its like the people who started the Rinkside view just want to show blind people the names on the jerseys as they skate by. Never mind about a good view of the overall game! P.S. powers that beit it aint broke dont fix it!!

  • Treece

    Well, the rinkside view for the last game gave me some serious motion sickness when used bahind the net and I had to look away often. I’m not going to stop watching the Kings, so I guess I just have to suffer šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Boycott begun. I just won’t watch rink-side view.

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