• Tompa

    It wasn’t bothersome at all. I enjoyed it.

  • Pat McGroyn

    I have no idea, as the game was blacked out in San Diego last night. The blackout even applied to Center Ice subscribers. It’s nice to hear that FSW and FSPT are indeed making some changes to the broadcast…

  • Anonymous

    full rink view in HD is wonderful (we never experienced it before because of the horrible center ice rinkside). and in small doses, the end views grow on you. i would suggest going with full rinkside throughout the telecast, but moving to end views during (1) power plays, and (2) for replays of plays at a particular end. hockey is fast, switching to end views on plays that may last no more than 5sec in a particular zone causes too much switching.

  • Rachel

    It bummed me out so bad. i mean I got center ice to watch hockey. I really couldnt accept the fact that they blacked it out. it broke my heart cause I was actually home for this game. Oh well I’m goin on Thursday for my birthday yay!

  • Kyle B.

    I didn’t watch it. I watched the first five minutes with those dumbass Ducks announcers that don’t know how to do their jobs, and I couldn’t stand it. If I was a Ducks fan and I had to listen to those announcers, I would probably buy tickets to every home game so that I didn’t have to hear “hazy” talk out of his butt the whole game. Oh well…with the result of the game, I’m glad I didn’t waste 2 hours of my life watching it anyway.

  • sd

    I totally agree with “Anonymous”, but that same problem existed before Rinkside View or HD and it goes for ALL sports and even live shows like American Idol. These Video Directors need to stop trying to make their telecast look “cool” and leave the view on ONE camera during live action.

    The end zone view for PP/PK is good, but I still don’t like that I can’t see the net the whole time and I’ve missed shots on goal down low as the camera tries to pan down and catch up with the puck.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the changes that were made. The center ice view had to go. I’m glad to see the guys at FSN and Prime listened.

    I’m not sure how many of you play hockey, but from a players perspective the rink end view is pretty cool! It does a great job of showing the perspective of the guys on the ice…I actually learn a lot about the players techniques along the boards when the puck is behind the net, and it shows the goalies sight lines really well on the PP.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the game, but I taped it and watched it when I got home. Much, much better, although there were times still when the behind-the-goalie camera lingered just a tad too long on breakaways to the opposite end of the ice. Once the players cross the blue line, the camera should switch to center ice. And I gained nothing having Hazy on the bench; leave him in the press box. Otherwise, FSN did listen and to that end, thanks.

  • stepa

    RSV only for replays .

  • J-No

    Wondering what a wider camera angle would look like from the views behind the goal. We get some views of the action, but it seems the camera has a hard time keeping up with the puck and maybe a wider angle would help with that. Wouldn’t want to be too Fisheyed though.

  • taz42

    Hayward on the bench is a good thing. Gives the players someone to shoot at, if only they’d taken advantage of it.

  • hockeyfanb4 gretzky

    i would rather play Russian roulette with a machine gun than listen to Brian Hayward speak

  • Rob

    Since Fox is listening… LISTEN TO THIS…
    Please please please find a way to always broadcast Kings/Ducks games with Jim and Bob. If Miller/Fox were on the air for this game you would not see a 17% vote for DID NOT WATCH

  • Rob

    According to Behind the Net, Patrick O’Sullivan of the Los Angeles Kings current leads all skaters with 14 penalties drawn in 16 games.


  • Kevin Y

    I like how they used the regular view much more frequently, especially when teams were moving the puck out of their own zone. That really helps us be able to see the play develop.

    I still don’t like the behind-the-goal camera. At times, when they’re on it, you can’t even see the goal line when it’s facing right at the goaltender.

    Still, so much better than previous telecasts. But I think they can take it a bit farther. A nice first step.

  • Jerry Mitchell

    Even on the power play the view from behind the net can’t keep up with rebounds that go into the corner. By the time the camera picks the puck up, it’s already back at the point for a shot. Get rid of that camera view, it doesn’t work!


    Rob – are we that pathetic that we’re clinging to flimsy and meaningless statistics like that?
    How about this one? – Our defensemen are of poor quality and only Doughty wouldn’t be threatened with more bench time if LA acquired Kent Huskins.

  • Dan H.

    Overall it was better but when they go to the fisheye behind the net I lose all perspective and it’s not a clear shot.

    I think it’s good for replays but during live play it’s not that good.

    I’m happy they listened and aren’t sticking with the original. Besides the announcers last night the game was MUCH better.

  • Anonymous

    Rob said:
    According to Behind the Net, Patrick O’Sullivan of the Los Angeles Kings current leads all skaters with 14 penalties drawn in 16 games.

    Thanks for that link. I just noticed that a couple of games ago that Sully seemed to be drawing all of the penalties. I would love to see him be “rewarded” for drawing these penalties by playing on a power play unit with Kopi and Brown.

    Oh yeah and I loved the comment by jibblescribbits that “Yes but no one, and I mean no one, draws more washed up movie/TV stars quite like Anze Kopitar.” So funny and so true.

  • anthony

    Why doesn’t anybody ask TM to fix it.
    He knows everything. He can even split an atom.

  • Old man

    Don`t try to sell hockey with those weird cameras.Enough is enough for heavens sake,Give us our side shot angles, and keep the cameras back far enough so we can watch the plays develop,the same goes for shoot outs, i don`t need a close up of the shooter, i want to see his moves not his back.

  • sandiegokingsfan

    Pat and Rachel
    I called Cox and complained, and tech support said it shouldn’t have been blacked out, but the guy who handles that was gone for the day. They only black out the Ducks games on Prime for some reason. The last Kings game (not against the Ducks) on Prime wasn’t blacked out. Go figure.

  • Chris Bond

    I miss BOB and JIM, I have to watch the games on Center Ice becase I live in Texas so I just get who ever and it makes you realize how great Mr. Miller and Mr. Fox are. They tell it like it is, and most of the other anouncers just talk about how good there team is and simi bad mouth the Kings. Except they all seem to love DREW never hear any of them sing anything but praise for him…..

  • Anonymous

    my parents and I are all lifelong hockey fans and I’m over 30, so we’ve seen lots of hockey. Last night was our first rinkside view as we all have season tickets.

    All I can say is, if this is better, how bad was it before? 10 minutes in, my dad asked if we could quit watching. There is no way to see positioning or watch play develop when the camera cuts every 10 seconds. By the third period, we were no longer paying attention, it was pointless. We switched to the Hawks and Sharks on DVR and enjoyed it far more.

    We are three diehards who will no longer watch rinkside spew!

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I didn’t answer the poll because none of the choices were the way I thought about it. Was it better then the previous broadcasts? Yes. Do I want to see future “hybrid” broadcasts like that? No. It’s still much harder to follow the play then in “traditional” broadcasts. So my answer would be “Yes, it’s better, but it’s still not watchable”

  • Keith Mack

    I only watched it sporadicly, cause I can’t stand the Dux announcers but what I saw was encouraging. I gotta see a whole Kings broadcast before I make up my mind

  • Pat McGroyn


    I really appreciate your reaching out to Cox Communications and venting our displeasure. Hopefully next time the Kings are on FSPT, we won’t get blacked out again!



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