• Anonymous

    Butt ugly.

  • Disgusted

    Hands down the worst third jersey in all of sports. Should have put the 70s crown with this color scheme. Then it would have looked badass.

  • ian

    It’s growing on me…kinda like a scorching case of herpes../

    Seriously, it’s not too bad, a bit hard to tell without the full hd wraparound rinkside view of it..

  • jack handy


  • ollie

    pretty boring..but its cool being back in silver black i guess

  • typicaljs

    ouch, you’d think at the very least they could go to some crappy art school out here and hold a contest to design the kings 3rd jersey. I mean come on we’ve got Cal Arts not even 2 hours away from the staples center. You’re telling me someone can’t be bothered to throw out like a 500 dollars scholarship to the art student who comes up with the kings 3rd jersey ? I mean shit with that strategy they could even take the cream of the crop and let the fans vote on it which would drive tons of traffic through to lakings.com which I cant imagine would be bad for the kings. And hell that would get the fans excited for when the third jersey was actually announced because that way their would actually be some sort of connection with the fans to the third jersey. Not this garbage. I could have created this in photoshop in 5 minutes. and I suck at photoshop. And hell, the traffic driven to the kings website should pay for a 500 dollar scholarship based on potential ad revenue from the increase in visitors to the kings website. Is there something I’m missing here ? Were in the year 2008…can we PLEASE get some color ? Whoever pitched/approved this idea should be fired. Cue the angry mobs to find someones email address.

  • John

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • anthony

    This is worse than Ryan Getzlaf’s face.
    Is This the best Liewike can come up with.

  • Anonymous

    really? i like it, its like going back when the kings were winning…….. If you want more color be a wild fan, now theres some ugly jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • ollie

    I actually think it would cool if they made one with a lace up collar, i quite like them

  • tbrads

    Surprisingly, I actually like it.

  • Rob

    I just hope the colors dont bring back all the dirtbag raider fans

  • funky

    Those are fugly. Something I wod expect from the 70’s or something I would find on the gangbanrs I arrest.

  • Trevor

    I don’t know what the big deal is..
    I like it.

  • JonG

    The logo is incredibly unimaginative. It must have been designed by the same focus group that came up with the slogan “We Are the Kings”.

  • voice of reason

    Personally, I think it looks cool, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see it on Saturday. If it looks good on the ice then nothing else really matters, right?

    And just since nobody on this blog seems to have any perspective…if you check out a couple other general hockey sites the majority of people think this is one of the better third jerseys in the league.

  • SaveByCechmanek

    it wouldn’t be half bad if they just made the emblem larger and dropped the LA. But overall its for me to p**p on.

  • Kozak

    kinda old school – I like it

  • Mr. Man

    Mrs. Swansons 2nd grade art class did a fantastic job.

  • neil

    Why pay the big bucks to anyone…..If who ever makes the decision on the Kings whouldve checked here first….No Rinkside…..No Labs…Osullivan with his mates!!!!!

  • Mr.Man

    Why not something as simple as “Los Angeles” across the chest like the Dodgers. We live in an area (LA) with the biggest concentration of artistic talent in the world…maybe we should tap into it.

  • Tito Jackson

    Wait, this isn’t the third jersey for the Galaxy?

  • JDM

    I can’t say that I love them. I definately think it could be much better.

    But I do think the team will look slick in them.

  • petey

    Not too bad. It’s growing on me.

  • Garrett

    Why the “Back in Black” slogan? They already wear black for every home game! They should have gone with this jersey, but with the Gretzky-era logo. This crest is pretty stupid looking.

    What happened to the purple 3rd jerseys with the current logo? That was a very cool one.

  • Tito Jackson

    This jersey screams to me “I play for L.A.!”

  • John

    Garret, the chevy symbol was INFINITELY more stupid!!!

  • Cynic

    So it’s a long-sleeved soccer jersey. So what? I mean we do own the galaxy, see their logo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsalazar/780719688/
    Maybe the white stripes are there to tell you where to cut the sleeves off to make it a soccer jersey. AEG likes ‘dual purpose’ planning as it saves money you know…Maybe we’ll just become the Galaxy. Putting Beckham on our payroll would put us closer to the cap ceiling. I just don’t know how good his slapper is from the point.

    Seriously though, It’s not bad. I’ve seen worse: Ottawa, Atlanta, Tampa Bay (OMG!! THAT IS FUUUUUGLY!) http://www.icethetics.info/display/ShowImage?imageUrl=/storage/blog/tblfront.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1226040831975 Looks like I’m back in Midget AAA. We could have worse. I would have liked a little more thought put into it, but at least were not Dallas! That has as much creativity in it as Brett Hull playing GM.

  • Mike

    I’m digging it. I think it’ll look great on the ice.

  • Will

    I like it because it is a combination from all of the previous eras:

    – The shape of the original 1967 logo
    – The color from the Gretzky area
    – The font and crown from today

    I think the old crown would have been better, but overall, I think it capture the past and present.

  • 28 KINGS

    Very cool. I’m sure it will look even better once everyone sees the players skating around with them on.

  • Anonymous

    That is really ugly. What is wrong with these idiots?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it will look good on the ice, but I would have liked there to be some purple in it somewhere.

  • Eric K

    i was uncertain until i saw this…


    not spectacular, but pretty sharp.

  • http://hbshakes.blogspot.com Shakes

    @ Will, totally spot on. I said the same thing on Icethetics. I think once we see it on the ice it will look a lot like the Gretz era except with a shaper logo in the middle (I loved the old grey chevron logo, but it was hard to make out the deets)

  • TeamHasHoles

    the purple 3rd jersey beats this piece of trash by a country mile. I wouldn’t even wear a free one if they gave it to me. A total lack of creativity… It’s embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the “like it” side of the argument

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen three year olds come up with better design ideas…

    I’d rather be caught dead wearing a DUCKS jersey than this one…and I HATE the Ducks…

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    HORRIBLE upper-case under-lined bold italics 124pt font

    (not bad for a ref’s jersey, though)

  • Duracell

    In all honesty, I’m OK with it. I’ll wait until I see them on the players before I can say for sure though.

  • Kings4K3

    So they’re wearing soccer jerseys…The games are similar so maybe they’re trying to attract a new fan base. Hey, if the team goes 20 and 5 over their next 1/3 of the season wearing this, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain. Of course, if they go 5-20, then maybe we ought to go back to the overgrown canary uniforms of the past. Maybe these jerseys will be so distracting to the other teams, that it will cause them to just let the Kings win so they can get the heck out of the building. They’re ok, just wouldn’t want to be the one who forked out $300 for it.


    Not good, but not bad, in my opinion.
    Does anybody agree that Gold would be a good color to return to?
    The throwback jersey of a few years ago was great, but they ruined the look on the ice by maintiaining the Black helmets and pants. What was with that?


    Gold jersey’s, helmets and pants and socks, please.
    The new logo? Pathetic.
    The original crown if not ‘los angeles’ in a good font.

  • I agree with the haters this time

    U.G.L.Y. (You ain’t got no alibi!)

    They’re UGLY, THEY’RE UGLY!



    And, instead of a chevrolet logo, we’re given a modified homeplate logo instead.

    I will always be a Kings fan, but I won’t always agree with their decisions.

  • Brian

    Could definately be worse…(actually has been)

  • deano

    Weak, boring and unimaginative. Looks like they had a contest with the interns to see what they could come up with. How about giving us a third jersey that expresses the future of this franchise rather than a medley of the worst parts of past Kings jerseys. Luc probably loves them as they are the colors of his junior team. I personally think they suck

  • Anonymous

    Its actually not bad….could be worse

  • Tim

    Wow… I’m not sure whats worse… Dallas’s jersey, or our 3rd???

    I agree with it should’ve had more of the 67′ jersey.


  • Moondoggie

    Yep…butt uggggggggglllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Man, you’re hilarious, that was funny. I like your idea for a jersey, like the Dodgers. I found this on ebay and thought it would look pretty cool in silver & black.


    I know it’s kinda Rangerous but…..

    That new 3rd jersey….sucks huge!

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Any chance the Kings will boycott wearing it? That’s about the ugliest sports jersey I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    I like it a lot. Simple and to the point. It’s good to be back in black! To all the haters, quit your whining. It looks a lot better than the other 3rd jerseys out there…

  • Moondoggie

    Actually I’m not much of an artist but…..


    I think this could really look cool in black, gold and some light silver and/or white trim…..

    What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why so many people hate this jersey. I’m hoping it’s because complainers are more vocal than those who like it. I personally like it, but I also never really liked the purple third with the huge gray collar. This one is sharp and not overly complicated, and it has Kings written all over it. I think fans will understand the power a jersey with simple clean design once they see it on the ice. We will look powerful. Let’s hope our record looks powerful too.

  • Andrew

    …oh, and for that anonymous person who said they’d rather be caught dead in a ducks jersey…good luck with that

  • Russ

    Yeah, I pretty much hate that.

    The logo kills it. How boring.

  • Anonymous

    It is not as bad as the ducks third jersey a couple of years ago. Lets bring the 70’s logo back, it is way better than the jersey Detroit is wearing in the winter classic.

  • jet

    If EE is in goal, I just hope the other team throws strikes the entire night.

  • Micah

    took me about 10 minutes in MS Paint ot come up with this rendition of the new 3rd Jersey…

    I think this would be way better


  • Cynic

    You know….after seeing the mockup done with the soccer jersey in action with Doughty, Brown and Kopitar, I gotta say it looks pretty damn good.

    I had also forgotten about the home plate shape was one of the original logos. They ditched it a few years after I became a fan, so I didn’t see it much.

    How the hell do they DO those mockups that good anyway? Photoshop is INSANE in the right hands!

    It’s growing on me, I have to admit, but I will NOT scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!! every time we score. Even though I speak Spanish, I just can’t go there.

  • grimrandy

    is it the best jersey in the world? no
    did it deserve all this hype? no
    is it the worst jersey in the world? no

    but if they start winning games while wearing it, i ain’t going to give a damn what it looks like!

  • Marc Nathan

    that is absolutely awful. that will last a year and they will sell some, and 15 years from now it will be valuable because of its scarcity, because who in their right mind wants to keep something that hideous in circulation.


  • deano

    Are the Kings extremely cheap when it comes to their uniforms? I’ve not seen a Kings team with colored helmets and pants since the Gretzky trade. It would be nice to see the original colors being shown, and by this I mean the whole package (head to toe). Most teams in the league have reverted back to their original designs and colors, I wonder know why the Kings are so hesitant to do so.

  • jediknight329

    i like it. most of you don’t. i have read at least six different nhl related articles from across the hockey spectrum. each one had only positives to say about it. they also said, that when it is being worn by a player skating on the ice, the retro silver lining will look really sharp. i can’t wait to get my free one at “meet the players” on sunday!

  • Pepe le Pew

    Great looking jersey.

  • Anonymous

    Should have just dusted-off the Burger King sweaters from what, 1996?

  • Anonymous

    This jersey is gonna look bad*** once it hits the ice.
    What’s with all the stupid comments about it attracting gangs or the wrong consumers? Seriously. You know what it represents, get over it!

    Last season all I heard was people complaining about how some jerseys are so ugly cause they have to much going on and now we get a clean, simple logo(like wings, maple leafs,habs ie)and everyone still manages to whine about it. There’s no pleasing some of you.

  • Bryan

    Not bad, but not great. Still, if only the franchise would bring back the solid Forum Blue or the Solid Gold unis…that’d be something.

  • forum blue and gold was ugly….

    ….to most of the hockey world outside of Kings fans. Have you not seen those “ugliest jerseys of all-time” lists that have the old Kings jerseys on them every time? I like them and so do Kings fans but the general consensus was that they were an eyesore.

    This isn’t just about selling some jerseys to Kings fans but rather selling Kings jerseys around the world. Non-Kings fans are declaring this jersey to be one of the best new jerseys to come out this year so apparently they knew what they were doing. All of you are crazy if you think the majority of people associate the Kings with purple & gold; the Kings were not relevant until the Silver/Black so quit crying about it already.

    Those of you that think this will go away after one year and that nobody will buy them are kidding yourself. As this team gets better along with its young stars, young kids around the world will attach themselves to guys like Doughty and Kopitar and they will choose this jersey.

  • Rocky

    Not to bad. I hated the concept art of it, but the jersey itself is not bad. Hopefully it looks even better on the ice.

  • Anonymous

    i like it…..alot. these ARE the same colors as when we played in the stanley cup finals .
    its has a feel for the original logo and i like the simplicity of the jersey (every artist knows of the K.I.S.S. theory)

  • sudnd3th

    Actually… doesn’t the crest look like the old Gretzky day crest minus the “KINGS” written across it and instead of the small “Los Angeles” across the top, it’s got a giant “LA”. I think they were going for a more modern version of that logo. I personally like it.

  • Anonymous


    you get a free one? How? is it a season ticket holder perk?


    deano – I agree. I don’t understand why the vintage purple and gold thing of a couple years ago was done so half-assed. Why would anyone think the black pants and helmets would look anything other than revolting with purple and gold?
    At least this is a complete uniform.

  • historyguy

    Meh…it’s ok.

    But “worst third jersey ever?” Not even close. Not even worst Kings third jersey ever (I’m sure some of you remember the drunken viking jersey!).

    How about the Predators’ Grey Poupon jersey?

    Not even close to the worst.

  • brianguy

    basically what Ian said.. I was very much against this jersey when it was being rumored and discussed. now that I’ve seen a prototype image and now the actual jersey confirming it, it’s grown on me in leaps and bounds. I think it will look quite sharp on the ice, and I’m excited to see how the white lettering and numbers look and exactly what kind of outline they will have.

    it will clearly look better on the players and would look nicer than this just on a hanger.

    but hey, obviously someone in the front office or equipment guy tossed it on the floor real quick and snapped a cellphone photo, so the quality is not ideal — that’s why they call them leaks.

    I do have one other theory about the jersey, and that it was that the logo was originally going to say “LAK”, ala NYR for Rangers or NYK for Knicks, on the front of the jersey in the same typeset (though maybe purple instead of white). but I’m sure it got vetoed by someone higher up (or at the very least voted) down to “LA”. the reason I say this is I have seen “LAK” on some of the Kings gear like undershirts in this style. but nowhere can you buy anything that says LAK on it and we can now see that their 3rd jersey does not say this. LA seems best from an identity standpoint…

    in the front office they probably had a full 3 or 4 different designs originally, and this was the best one, and what finally came out of all the meetings and whatnot. I love the black silver and white, it is definitely a classic look and felt they were about due for a change since at least last season. so even though this is “retro” it is a new and perfect look for them right now.

  • Moondoggie

    Damn Micah….A little touch up and the Old English style lettering….Why didn’t LA management think of that? I still don’t like it but your touches definitely helped!

  • brianguy

    the more I look at it, I love the silver but not the white near the underarm. that’s the ONE thing I would c hange.

    it makes it look almost exactly like the current Rbk practice jerseys (white underarm with solid black torso). a 3rd jersey that looks like a practice jersey is not a good thing… they should have fixed that one part.


    I don’t know if it just sucks on TV, but the St. Louis 3rd jersey is such a waste of time.
    It’s not the end of the world, but why does a club with such a great regular jersey go and do that? At least the Kings are already in a predominantly black jersey already.
    Wonder what the chances are that the Kings switch to this jersey. I think it’s going to look good during the game on the players instead of the floor.
    But St. Louis’? Bad.

  • Ducks Rule!

    This 3rd sweater sucks almost as much as the Kings. 41 years and no cup. Very sad indeed.

  • Suffering since ’67

    The new jersey is awful. Where is the purple? I was hoping for something that blended the original purple and gold and made it modern.

    What marketing genius thought we needed another black jersey?

    I’m still wearing my purple to the games and will not be buying this one for me or my kids.

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