Preparing for the Caps

The Kings had something of a rarity this week: two days of practice between games. The Kings normally take Sundays off, but this week they were able to practice Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation from tomorrow night’s game against Washington. Here are Terry Murray’s thoughts on how the Kings prepared, and what they might be up against in facing the Caps…

MURRAY: “Well, we’ve gone through quite a few things here in the last couple days, with meetings and on ice, just trying to fine tune things. Sometimes when you get away from playing a lot of games, every second day, you get away from fundamentals and you want to bring a focus back to them again. We know we’re going to have to have good execution against this team. They’re high skilled and have some top players, and we’re going to have to make sure we’re checking on every shift. It’s not checking the puck. You’re going to have to stay above the puck and stay above the man. They’re very good on the attack one-on-one, so we have to be heads up to it.”

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  • Remember boys and girls, always ask yourself “WWLCD?”

    What Would LuboCookie Do.

  • Anonymous

    Address the “shots on goal” issue.
    The Kings are 27th in shots on goal.
    Maybe there’ll be more goals if there are more shots.
    The defensemen, especially, need to get them on net.
    Too many wide of the target.

  • jet

    Sorry, off topic, but some great news.
    Centre Justin Azevedo picked up three assists in his professional debut to help the Manchester Monarchs defeat the Hamilton Bulldogs 4-2 in American Hockey League action Wednesday.

  • Moondoggie

    Good debut by Azevedo….Where’s he been all season??

  • jet

    Moon – I am not sure about Azevedo’s return but it was also clune’s first night back. Sounds like it took him a while to get back in to it.

    Two seconds into the game, left wing Richard Clune, in his first game in a Monarchs jersey, dropped the gloves with Bulldogs left wing Greg Stewart.

  • JDM

    Azavedo was injured during camp I believe.

    Clune got in two fights I think as well. Aparently one only a few seconds in to the game.

    Hopefully these two guys can help rejuvinate that team and get Purcell and Lewis going.

  • Marc Nathan

    Just got back from seeing the Caps/Ducks game. Great game. Probably the most entertaining game I have seen this season (and I have seen about 20 games in total) — this Caps team is interesting.

    The sidebar will be whether Mike Green is still injured. The other defensemen really got overworked in periods 2 and 3 and were exposed a few times. Theodore is dreadful for the most part, so my guess is we will see Brent Johnson, who statistically has played far better to date. If Green, Morrison and Fedorov are still hurt, then someone is gonna be fresh off a plane from Hershey… We shall see.

    Thrilling to see David Steckel with a goal and an assist last night. There were many Kings-fan naysayers who thought the guy to be a big ol’ bust because he and the Kings parted ways quickly, but Boudreau (my favorite former almost Kings coach) has really done an amazing job with him. You’ll see him out there on the PK, and winning very key defensive zone draws with regularity.

    Kozlov was insanely good tonight, and of course, Ovie was other-worldly.

    Too bad it looks like no Semin, as I was hoping to see them flying on all cylinders, but no matter, it’s going to be a very different kind of game than the ones the Kings have seen so far this year.

    I expect the Kings to have better results than the Ducks, but I don’t know the final outcome will be much different. That team flies!

  • jediknight329

    it was nice to see the caps maul the sucks tonight.

  • MS

    I think the story of the game last night was more of how the Ducks played, rather than how the Caps played. The Caps pretty much stuck to their normal drill, but the Ducks were late coming out of the gate. All in all, this Caps team will be a tough test for our guys.


    Can anyone tell me why Murray has not put Richardson on waivers yet? It is just a complete waste of talent let the kid go and play with some other team that will appreciate what he can do on the ice. Mind you he making around $800,000 a season. Maybe the Kings can afford to let him sit. Things like this is why I don’t coach anymore.

  • EncinoMan

    I think tonights’ game will be one of the first true tests to see if the Kings’ league leading shots against average is really legit.
    Caps and Ducks got after it pretty good last night, so we may benefit from a Caps team that is a step slower. Although that still may not be enough to keep up with them….



    I’m beginning to think YOU ARE richardson. But I agree that he’s getting shafted hard by Murray.

    Rich. Any chance you could get some input from Lombardi, or an impression of his body language, about Murray’s handling of the players Lombardi provided?

    The Kings fatigue the other night will look really bad if the Caps come in faster despite playing last night AND being injured.

  • Marc Nathan

    …uh… Murray doesn’t put people on waivers. That’s Lombardi’s job. Murray makes decisions as to who to play and where to play them, within the framework of the roster he’s provided.