Boudreau on the Kings

Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau – the former Manchester Monarchs coach – talked about the Kings after the Caps practiced Tuesday. He conducted the interview after finishing some In-n-Out french fries. There’s no In-n-Out on the East Coast, so several Caps officials were partaking.
Here’s Boudreau’s thoughts on the Kings:
“We’re running into three of the top five teams in the Western Conference out here and another team (the Kings) that’s playing a lot better than people figured they would going into the season. … I know L.A., just out of habit (I) watch them all the time. They work so hard. Even if they have young players and everyone’s predicting them to be in the cellar, with (Erik) Ersberg playing the way he is, they can go very high.”

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  • anthony

    Which genius caused him to slip away. The same one that hired TM. Brilliant.

  • Meg

    Bruce is a class act. Very gracious comments…nice to know others around the league see our potential as well. And I’m sure Ersberg is feeling good about his mention.

    I’m so excited about tonight I probably won’t get any work done today….:)

  • old time hockey

    As a native of the Southland now living in DC, I will attest that there is no In-n-Out here, and it is very, very painful. The lack of Rubios might be worse, though.

    BB (or “Gabby”) is a great interview. His son is a budding journalist who interviews players (a tradition from Hershey they brought with them). My personal favorite was when he was interviewing Mike Green and Green asked him who his favorite player was. Without missing a beat, he said “Sergei Fedorov”. A stunned Green was like “Oh, ah, good choice.” Hillarious.

  • deadcatbounce

    It’s nice, also, to see the Caps playing well after so many years of futility. In-And-Out Burgers rocks!

  • Anonymous

    Meg….Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  • Anonymous

    In n out fries are overrated. Now, their burgers are first class…my post-game meal after Kings games = a double double. Probably have one tonight on the way home.

  • MinorTthreat

    Woot! Staying up late tonight to watch this one in VA. Have not had many chances to watch the Kings on the East Coast with the old schedule. Good luck, Kings faithful! …and yea, we love coach “Bouds”

  • hipcheck

    Mega-Props to Boudreau…..he probably deserved better then the treatment he got here.

  • petey

    Actually Anthony, Taylor was still in charge when Boudreau was let go. Quit laying blame on Lombardi for everything. This just goes to show how much you actually know about the Kings organization.

  • Duckhunter

    Hipcheck, I think we did Boudreau a favor. Look at him now, he gets the privilege of coaching the best player in hockey. That’s his reward for the man he is.

  • Harry

    Dave Taylor did not hire TM……therefore you are wrong Anthony