Pregame notes

According to the Kings’ website, Derek Armstrong will play in place of John Zeiler and skate with Brian Boyle and Raitis Ivanans. Peter Harrold will play in place of Tom Preissing and Erik Ersberg will start in goal.

Here’s what Armstrong said about his sometimes-in, sometimes-out situation:

“You’ve got to play the young guys here. When I get a chance, I’ve got to go in and play as hard as I can. I appreciate every moment I get to go in and play a game in the NHL. I’ve accepted this role and hopefully we can continue to win. That’s the most important thing.”

More information can be found here.

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  • Marc Nathan

    Despite Bob Miller saying there’d be no TV for this trip, it should be noted that those with Center Ice can find this game easily. says Channel 771 @ 6:30p.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Ivanans still get ice time. he brings nothing to the team anymore. Simmonds can handle the fighting from now on. richardson should be dressing in his place on the 4th line.

  • Josh

    Armstrong should be playing everynight at least in place of ivanans…hes a leader in the locker room and I mean he had a respectable number of point the past few season…him playing with brian boyle and kyle calder or something could notch some points as a line and bang a few bodies

  • anthony

    Wow, no sour grapes by Army.
    I’m glad he knows his place. And in a few months, his place will be free agency. Hope he enjoys his few minutes tonight.
    I was also hoping to see Richardson take Calder’s place. Calder is another useless one and he’ll also be joining Army as a free agent. They can keep each other company.
    But I am glad to see Ersberg start in goal instead of Beachball #2. DL should consider signing him to a new contract before he becomes a free agent. I would hate to lose him without getting anything return.

  • Anonymous

    class act

  • mrbrett7

    You kinda need to wait until the All-Star break and see what Bernier, Quick and Zatkoff have to offer before blowing your load on Ersberg, not to mention, he has never played a full season anywhere. We have no idea how he will hold up.

    We have no idea how any of the kids will either, but you didn’t draft them for nothing.

    I do doubt though that Ersberg will accept another 1 year deal, so it’s either have him sign a multi year deal (which I’m personally not so keen on), or trade him while you can still get something for him. He has played GREAT, but I may be one of the few who still isn’t sold on him.

    The defense playing in front of him is certainly helping though…they are playing quite well, keeping the high end shots to a minimum. Any goaltender should do well playing behind that…should.

    As for Army…you keep a veteren like him around. He knows his role, and has no problem playing that role. Calder on the other hand, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Micah

    Armstrong is a class-act all the way. He is the perfect veteran for this team, as long as he keeps giving 100% every chance he gets.

    I would say hold on to him and trade Calder at the deadline for a couple picks or a prospect.

    I think Army should stay a King.

  • anthony

    Center Ice package rules when there’s no Bob Miller.

  • Duckhunter

    For all of you that don’t know what loyalty is or looks like, take a good long look at Armstrong. He is a class act.

  • MS

    Simmonds would get his ass kicked, as would Armstrong in place of Ivanans. We NEED an Enforcer. The other 3rd/4th line guys can be shuffled, sent down, or traded away, but we must retain the services of a tough guy.

  • Silence Dogood

    I join the chorus: Army is a class guy. He adds the right kind of seasoning to this club, in whatever role he is assigned. More power to him.

  • mrbrett7

    All depends upon who you are playing. There are certain teams where Ivaness does not need to be in the lineup.

    He does tonight though against a team like Calgary.

  • Anonymous

    Cammy with the Hatty tonight.

    Flames 7, Kings 1.

  • ziggy33

    I still don’t understand why Ivanans gets ice time. I understand that we need an enforcer, but the guy takes WAY too many bad penalties.

    Simmonds is not a fighter, and im starting to think that he may have been rushed too quickly.

    I agree with Silence Dogood that Army is all class and should be in the lineup.

    Richardson needs to get a shot at some point. We gave up a second rounder for the guy!

    I love ersberg, but I can see why some people are still skeptical. Lets see where we are at by the trade deadline. If we are out of the playoffs and Ersberg has trade value, I wouldnt be against trading him.

    I hope I speak for most kings fans in saying that this has been an enjoyable season thus far. I love the direction of this team.

  • Anonymous

    If Armstrong keeps this up, he’s gonna find himself with a role in the organization after his skating days have ended.

  • Anonymous

    trade ersberg? you mean the only guy in the last 3-4 years who has brought any source of solidity to the kings goaltending? why? because bernier will be like jesus and save us all? this is the problem with rebuilding. sure, you have a bunch of blue-chip prospects, but they are just that, PROSPECTS. the fans forget that and start to think that they will all pan out. if ersberg proves himself, we keep him. no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  • anthony

    Armstrong’s playing days have ended before the season began.

  • vicarious

    Simmonds is a fighter and willing but he weighs about 170-180 and Ivanans and the other big boys go 220-250.

    Not fair to Simmonds to send him out as a heavywieght.

    If anyone remembers Potvin and Warren Rychel back in the 90’s trying to play enforcer at 185-200 or so. They showed a lot of grit but I used to shudder when they went into fights. They showed guts, bravery, heart; I had a lot of respect for them. And they showed their own blood usually.

    Maybe Ivanans can be rested when we play skilled teams without enforcers.

    I think the coach plays Ivanans partly because he plays so hard and the coach values hard work and rewards it with ice time. ALso, Ivanans seems to be improving as a player, to me anyway.

  • jet

    Look, Ivanans is critical to the health of all of the rookies. Just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not there. Usually, when rookies come into the league they are repeatedly introduced to Mr, glass. If Ivanans presence on the bench can reduce that by, say 30%, then he is worth every bloody minute he gets. Rookies need to learn the pace of the NHL game and the learning process involves making mistakes. You just have to hope they do not get run over to often while making these mistakes.

    Next, I personally believe Army is the ideal 13th forward. He will play anywhere, he has experience, he is responsible defensively, and he has the perfect mind set. Please tell me what more you could want from a 13.

    I would sign Ersberg to a 2 year deal. It would be easier on a young guy to come up as a #2 and then work his way into the top spot. I do not think his trade value will be as high as his value to the Kings because he has not played in any playoff games.

    Anthony (You can really put down an intelligent prospective when you are not bashing, keep it up)- after reading the story on Jones, you have to admit that DL knows goalies. It seems safe to say that one of the four will be a NHL goalie.

    Finally, the second set of 10 games has been a success in my book. Is there anyone who does not see at least minimal improvement over the first ten games?

  • nykingfan

    Army’s a pro’s pro. The guy sounds like an awesome teammate. With an attitude like that, I would want this guy to stay around as long as possible. It’s going to take guys like Army to fill out what could be a great Kings team in the future. Players who are willing to sacrifice their ego’s for the good of the team. There’s not too many of those guys in sports and that’s a real shame.
    Way to be a true King Army.

  • andre norway

    good to read that there are more people out here who appreciate armys way of handling himself, his situation and the role he has on this team. To bad there is one person in here that does not appreciate him as a player and person.

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