Final: Kings 5, Chicago 2

Derek Armstrong scored the go-ahead goal in the third period to give the Kings a victory. The Kings scored three in the third period. Notes and quotes follow:


(Re: back-to-back wins) “We gave some guys an opportunity like putting (Derek) Armstrong back in and (Brad) Richardson and they brought us some good stuff in these two games. When you loose like we did in Calgary, we’ve got some good character in our locker room, the players knew that there had to be a bigger effort, a better effort, and they put a lot of pressure on themselves to come back and play well.”

(Re: Michal Handzus) “The way he’s playing right now is the way he played for us in Philadelphia. He had some back luck in Chicago, eight games in he blows his knee out. Last year he had some issues, but this is the player that you want to get when you sign him. He’s a character player, he has great experience, very responsible, and on the other side of it he can make plays and get things done in the offensive side of the game.”


(Re: game recap): “We knew what we had to do. We had to play smart and work hard as a group and I think we did that today. ”

(Re: Playing with Handzus): “He’s a good player, experienced and has been important to this team. He’s moving quicker, he’s ready to go.”


(Re: game recap): “When you see your teammates smile when you win a game, that’s the most important thing. We showed maturity today. There were a couple lapses through the game, but we found a way to win and it was a good team effort.”

(Re: O’Sullivan/Moller): “O’Sullivan has been really good, he’s settled me down and helped me make some plays. For a young guy he shows a lot of maturity. With Moller, an 18 year-old, same thing with maturity.”

(Re: Playing with a young team): “We have a great team here. It doesn’t matter what you do, as you get older, it’s all about winning games. As you get older you appreciate winning games. I can help chip in goals during the game and play as well as I can, I’ll do everything to help us win.”


(Re: game recap): “I think we lost the puck a couple of times and we started taking guys on one-on-one and they got the momentum back. We had perfect control of that game in the second period and we gave it to them when we didn’t advance it”.

(Re: end of road trip): “Not happy with this ending. So disappointing the way we started it and concluded in a tough fashion so we can’t be happy and we have to do better than that”.


(Re: game recap): “We had a good opportunity to make it a good road trip and it turned out to be a tough way to finish. We’re not starting the game the way we need to, give us a chance to win and we have to have a better effort as a team and it was a disappointing way to end”.


(Re: on the Kings play): “I underestimated that team today and we had them right where we wanted them and halfway through the game we let it slip away. We thought it was going to be an easy game and it definitely wasn’t. We’ve always had a lot of good games against them. They were strong defensively and they’re a different team than what we ran into last year. They were tougher defensively and we didn’t work hard enough to get them”.


Five Kings finished with multi-point games: Jarret Stoll (1-1=2), Alexander Frolov (1-1=2), Patrick O’Sullivan (1-1=2), Michal Handzus (0-2=2), Kyle Quincey (0-2=2).

Quincey has assists in four of the last five games (5a)

Derek Armstrong scored his first goal in 30 games.

Handzus has 12 points in 22 games this season. It took him 45 games to get 12 points last season.

Tom Preissing earned his 100th NHL assist today.

O’Sullivan has six points in the last five games (4-2=6) and is a plus-6 during that span.

Frolov, who played in his 400th game as a King/in the NHL today, has goals in three of his last four games.

Today was the Kings’ 3,200th regular season game in franchise history

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  • Marty

    Again Kopitar and Brown are more effective with O’Sullivan,why does Murray insist on not playing them together ?The Kings will never be the team they could be with Calder on the 1st line.Sully makes any line click we all know this.If you ever want to see Kopi and Brown develop and succeed at their potential Murray must play a skilled sniper like Sully with them.The only time Kopi and Brown have had success this seasonis when they have been with Sully on their left wing.Every winning team has a Scoring 1st line that can be counted on,why screw with it?What did Kopi and Brown do today ? NOTHING.Murray get the lines right!

  • Anonymous

    personally, I’d be happy with Kopitar and Brown doing nothing and the Kings getting a win.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa…simma-down-now Marty…..spread the wealth. If Kopi and Brownie have to depend on Sully to perform then they need to take a good hard look at themselves…I mean really….they certainly are skilled enough and heaven forbid Sully should be out with an injury and they would have to go it alone. I like the team effort. Did you ever think that perhaps the Hawks were playing to our first line and perhaps they did a good job doing that? Low and behold here comes our quality lines 2-3-4 to take up the slack. I personally like the fact that our guys can play almost anywhere. Puts the other team back on their heels. Anyone else agree?

  • Josh

    I was at the game today and I was extremely impressed with the frolov-stoll-handzus line…it was by far our most effective line…POS was playing all around the place playing a lot with army and richardson sometimes and occasionally with ivanas?!? sully needs to be on the first line with kopi and brown…second line should stay fro stoll and handzus and maybe a chippy third line of calder army and simmonds.

  • Quisp

    Ersberg save on Kane breakaway in the second with the Hawks up 2-1 was the game in one play.

  • wavesinair

    I agree Anonymous. If anything, this game showed Murray to be correct in his choice of lines. 5 goals, none by the top two players…that’s BALANCED scoring. And don’t forget, Kopi and Brown had multiple chances. It’s not like they were held in check all night. Winning is what matters, not who plays on what line. Calder had a great game, Armstrong had a great game, it was an excellent team win. So what’s to complain about?

  • Nick

    you’re ocmplaining about calder’s inabiltiy to score…on a day that he scores a goal. brilliant.

    kopitar and brown will be fine and were fine tonight with him on their line. moving sully off the top line creates 3 effective lines that can score. ideally, we’d have a better option than calder to fill the void on the top line, but currently we don’t. maybe purcell can fill that spot soon.

    we’re a better team with sully on a different line than the top line.

  • Anonymous

    Sure wish POS would play with Kopi and Brown, then maybe we could win a game……what……we are winning. Maybe the coach of this Kings team should get some praise for what he has done. This team is way ahead of schedule and have a great chance at the playoffs. I think Calder is doing great out there and it won’t be long till he is filling the net. Don’t get me wrong POS is super talented and does very well on the 1st line but he has done whatever the coach tells him, and he does it well. Terry is a great coach and has the defensive system to control games. He decides to bench Ivanans in the 3rd the last couple games so he can not hurt the team with more dumb penalties, and he is then double shifting Fro and POS. As for Fro he has been the best player so far this year on the team. I really hope Dean can sign him to a long term deal.

  • neil

    I was at the game and it seemed to change in the Kings favor when Chi called time out in the second period..I dont remember a team taking a time out like that when they seemingly had control of the game????

  • rjc76

    Back to Back wins and still crying?

    We win the game with Kopi and Brownie having a quiet night. Isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t that mean the TEAM played well?

    Won’t be long before Anthony is here joining Marty in the whining after a victory. You guys are a riot!

  • Dan H.

    Ersberg bounced back in the second after a sub par first. He didn’t get much work at all in the third.

    Good game overall by the team defense limiting chances after the first.

    I’m the biggest Armstrong non lover out there but good goal at a key moment for him.

    Sully was strong as was Handzus and Fro.

  • Nick in 318

    Great game… kings showed alot of character coming back and dominating the 3rd period… Ersberg was solid.. and AGAIN gave up just 2 goals… you can not argue with the fact that he’s gotten that result for the majority of the games he’s started… big when he needed to be… just an iceberg… solid solid solid… reliable… and GIVING THE TEAM AND FANS CONFIDENCE! which we’ve not seen from a netminder in a kings uniform for a long time…

    Good to see calder finally score one of the ‘gimmie’ chances he had… but that does NOT mean he should be redeemed from all of the aweful of his aweful play in the past 2 weeks… he is STILL not a compliment for the 1st line… he STILL missed 3 or so ‘gimmie’ chances earlier in the game… sitiuations where he had the entire net to bury the puck in and did not… or could not put a tip on a perfect pass in the crease… all the while he was NOT checked… he legitimately had 2 or so puck-on-stick-but-blew-it moments in this game alone…

    BOYLE… will not improve his play if he is scratched… BOYLE WILL IMPROVE his play if he is put in offensive situations… i dont think it still needs to be said, he is a huge body with great hands… who legitimately belongs in calders spot on the powerplay… i.e. in front of the net… and i think he should be inserted into the 1st line… drawing attention away from kopitar and being a finisher… also.. i think he could greatly increase kopitar/browns production just by being a front-of-net presence… screening/ deflecting… etc…

    LOVED seeing richardson in the line up… think he brings alot of energy/speed and a good faceoff option…

    Ivanans got into a fight today… got 1 punch in… and spent 5 min in the box… which allowed his line mates to play with other skilled players for those 5 min and the team was incredibly better off by not having him out there… I would LOVE TO SEE HIM SCRATCHED instead of richardson and boyle taking turns… think of all the other enforcers the kings have ever had… grimson… norton… brennan… etc… they all had alot of healthy scratches when their services were not needed… i do not see why this philosophy is not applied to Ivanans………

    BRING ON THE LEAFS and that Sh*thead Burke

  • Marty

    You all fail to relize that these teams that the Kings have beaten with sub-standard lines are not that good.The Kings will not beat a top tier4 conference team with these lines.Not enough scoring punch on the first 2 lines and not enough defensive prowess on the bottom 2.Icetime should also be dealt according to scoring effectiveness.The sooner Lombardi brings up Purcell,Moulson and Boyle and utilze them as a 3rd or 4th unit, the sooner this club moves Calder and Armstrong out.And if you believe because they scored tonite we got a good thing going,you are surely short sighted and have never seen a Dynasty built let alone a competitive Championship team .Real simple we can do better.

  • nykingfan

    I can’t believe anyone would complain after a game like this.
    Balance scoring is what it’s all about. Being able to roll out 4 lines without hesitation. TM is doing an outstanding job in managing his roster.
    Kopitar/Brown/Calder all had great games. TM was using them against Chicago’s top line. They did an outstanding job against Kane and Sharp. .
    Handzus line was the best line for the Kings offensively, but they all chipped in. Great to see Army get the goal tonight. The guy’s a great team player. I can guarantee you every player on this team was thrilled to see Army score such a huge goal.
    Terrific game as usual for Frolov.
    It’s funny that you don’t even think too much about the D anymore. You just expect them to shut down the opposition. The defense includes goaltending. Ersberg was sharp when he needed to be.

    Tough schedule coming up in December. A lot of road games and quite a few back to back games. Real tough one with Buffalo/Detroit.
    I think we’re going to find out a lot about what type of team we have and whether we are legitimate contenders. I think we are, but I can be a little biased.

  • Marc Nathan

    Calder HARDLY had a “GREAT” game. He got lucky that he converted a gimme in front of the net for his second goal of the season. If he’d netted a few more of those “gimmes” over the past twelve games he’d be leading the team in scoring. The guy has two bricks for hands, and is as close to useless as it can get for a player getting 15-20 minutes a game for a team that is “establishing their identity.”

    Screw Calder… He’s just Sandy Moger, Steve Heinze, Brian Willsie and Mikko Eloranta all rolled into one.

    Nice win though 🙂

  • anthony

    Marty is absolutely right.
    It doesn’t matter that the ILLUSTRIUOS Kyle Calder scored.
    It was an easy goal. Its about time he buried one. Anybody could have scored with a wide open five hole staring you in the face.
    What’s disturbing is that the ILLUSTRIOUS ONE does nothing for Kopi & bRown. Look at the stats. Both Kopi & Brown need a player who can compliment their skill. like Sully. Not a player who’ll be gone in a few months, maybe weeks.
    Believe me, nothing good can come of playing the Illustrious One with Kopi & Brown. Only pain, misery, and missed empty.
    TM needs to use some of that 58 year old experience instead of playing with the minds of his talanted players.
    Otherwise Kopi and Brown will be in slumps until the end of the season.

  • Quisp

    I think I know what I want for Christmas now. I’m inspired slightly by the Battle of California blogger who made a pretty good argument that the reason Brown and Kopitar are having trouble this year is that Brown likes to carry the puck more now and it’s throwing Kopitar off. He argues that Brown and Kopitar should be split up for that reason. I think he might be right. Accordingly, Terry Murray, what I want for Christmas is:


    Any more than that is just too much to hope for. Maybe Bernier and Lewis for Valentine’s Day.

  • Brian S

    Come on guys, WE WON. Everyone played well. the amazing thing is I am almost forgetting to worry about defense lately. I cannot believe this is the Kings. We can really play D. Also, we won something like 73% of the face offs tonight. Unbelievable. And Stoll and Quincy are two very unexpectedly effective additions that I think really give us some quality depth. Let’s stop complaining for five minutes and enjoy a victory.

  • Kings4K3

    Some of you guys make me laugh. We get two wins in a row after a poor showing in Calgary, and all you want to do is complain about who’s on the 1st line. What does it matter? Regardless of who makes up the 1st, 2nd, 3rd line, etc., goals need to be scored and the defense needs to play d, and that’s it. We got that today and we got the “w”. Last year, these would’ve been two games the Kings would’ve probably lost. The team is showing progression in their development, and they’ve shown they can win even when two of their top forwards are kept relatively quiet. We got goals from two guys who don’t normally produce, and those two goals ended up being the difference in the game if you take away the empty-netter by POS. (So much for the “useless Calder” and “useless Armstrong” theorists) And for those of you who think Murray doesn’t know what he’s doing, your bucking against the majority. Experts and coaches who are the insiders of the NHL have given Murray top marks for what he has done so far with the team, and I seriously doubt any of us can say we know better.

    Bottom line is be thankful we got the win, because in the end that’s all that really matters. Just ask Chicago.

  • Anonymous

    Big win today. The only thing I would change is Calder on the first line with Dusty and Kopi. He shouldn’t be there.

  • Nick

    I agree with Quisp/the battle of california I guess. I think Kopi and Brown need a split. Sully and Kopi seem to do exceptional work together this year, and have since Sully returned from the AHL back in his rookie year.

    I’d go with…

    O’Sullivan – Kopitar – Moller
    Frolov – Stoll – Brown
    Simmonds – Handzus – Calder

    Or call up Purcell.

    Also, the complaining about Boyle getting a scratch is insane. He was pitiful in the game against Calgary. A lot of the team was bad, but his lack of energy and effort stood out. He might not create offense on the 4th line but he still has to GIVE EFFORT. Rewarding him by giving him time in the top 6 or on the PP would be dumb after his lackluster-at-best performance this season. There have been a few games this year where he’s been solid on that 4th line, so we know he can do it. It’s just his will to do it consistently that’s the problem. I think a trip down to the AHL would be best for him at this point, we’ll see.

  • Cynic

    Hey now Marc Nathan…

    You may be gay and worked for MCA (and I know that from meeting you at LGK) but NOBODY disses Steven Heinze!!!!! He was a talented player with the best jersey EVER! Dude autographed my jersey, therefore you shall not diss him. Got it? He just was at the end of his career with us. The rest of those guys, especially ‘Ichabod Crane’ Eloranta, I get. Just BACK AWAY FROM THE KETCHUP MAN SON!!!!!

    Great game today. I do like POS with Brown and Kopi, but if we’re winning games, who the hell cares! That’s why the coaches get paid and not us. Ivanans needs to shine the pine with his a$$ for a while and let Boyle learn. Totally agree with that.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Its funny how we have won 2 games in a row and it is still 85% negative (Huge problem with us kings fans. we battled from a goal down and a slow start in the 2nd)….. I dont necessarily prefer calder on the top line, but the coaches see these players every day, they know these players alot more then we can even imagine. I think murray makes adjustments depending on the opponent, I am sure there is matches he see’s and likes and makes adjustments. Sully will be in and out of the top line on any given night. All of us COUCH coaches like to pick things apart but so soon we forget that we had this high power KOPI,SULLY,BROWN line who were amazing on offense but had a tendency to be suspect in our own zone mot all the time, but “AT TIMES” last year. And for those of us who have played competitively at one time or another, you know that the answer is to not have just one outstanding line. You need 4 competitive lines. The coaches are alot smarter then anyone on this blog, and it isnt surprising, and it isnt just luck that we are a much more competitive team with the more balanced lines going on any given night.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Isnt it kind of funny everyone on this sight thought the visnovsky trade was soooooo horrible, and how we would have an AHL defense, yet (knock on wood) we are #1 in shots against (So far)….. Or how we were gonna crucify lombardi for trading Pavol to get sully… Who would you rather have now? We are all arguing about wether sully should be skating on the top line. Ha!…. We pay alot of money for season seats, so we have a right to our opinion, but lets be positive and leave the executive decisions to the Pro’s and stop being couch coaches until we really have somthing to complain about. We cant have Kopi Sully and Brown playin 40 minutes a night……. Go Kings! Even tho we arent quite contenders yet, this is the best product we have had on the Ice since the short lived Alison, palffy, Deader, potvin, lappy etc. Lets enjoy it

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey


    Hawks called time-out to rest their players after consecutive icings of the puck. Perhaps it was the Kings’ shifts, causing those icings, that indicated that they had re-taken the initiative.

    This may sound strange at first, but the Kings played a marvelous 1-goal game. Tied at 2-2, then a great play all around leads to Army’s goal and a 3-2 lead. Recently TM was asked what the next stage in the Kings’ progression was. Answer: how to win. And Dustin Brown responding to the same question said, winning 1-goal games. From 3-2 onward, the Kings looked like a veteran team playing to win, and not a young team hoping to hold on. Those 7 minutes, until Calder (!) made it 4-2, were beautiful and truly something to build on.

  • MarkE

    Great Kings win. I agree with everyone on Calder BUT what TM is teaching and what wins games in the long run is defense and goaltending. TM is preaching team defense with defensive responsibility on all lines. You have three lines that can score and a checking line with at least on defensive minded forward on each line, ie…Caulder. Do I think he will be on that line in the end..NO We have a young team and to have the lowest shot total per game you have to play defense. We know who can score, and who need to take more responsibility in our defensive zone, hence Fro starting on a checking line to start the season. That said, Please get Caulder off the powerplay!!!

  • Kevin Y

    Can’t believe I actually missed a Kings game.. I didn’t go to the game because we gave these tickets away, and I went out to play a round of golf (don’t ask how it went).

    So, while I can’t make any based comments on how they actually played, for the Kings to get goals from Stoll and Frolov, two goal scorers, and Armstrong and Calder, two non-goal scorers, their offense seems to have been really balanced, and that is what the good teams do.

    And another multi-point effort from Kyle Quincey.. he is playing absolutely remarkable this season, and is one of the, if not THE best free-agent/waiver pickup the Kings have acquired in recent memory. The way he is playing for us, he’s playing like a guy who could be on the top defensive pairing on a Stanley Cup Champion. We are so lucky that the Red Wings are so stacked that they had to get rid of him, and I hope we can retain him for a while. A defense of Doughty-Quincey, Johnson-O’Donnell, Preissing-Greene next year looks very solid.

  • jediknight329

    thank you 4thlinechecker for being the voice of reason!!!!! i could not agree with you more. these guys battle and don’t give up.

    i read the above comments from 2 of the biggest haters in l.a. and i wanted to comment right away. but, i decided to smoke a fat stogie and relax on my balcony instead. i’m now relaxed and clear in mind and spirit.

    i love this team. just read the comments from the opponents tonight – tougher than last year, better defensively. when you get props from your opponent, that is a good thing. this team is only going to get better. we are only 1 point out of the playoffs.

    we skate 4 lines throughout the game in order to keep everyone fresh. i watch a lot of other teams and they also switch lines during games. when every line can score, who does the other team put their checking line out against? i don’t know is probably right. that is why we are scoring across the board. at this pace we could have 10 players with 20 or more goals on the season – that’s outstanding.

    anthony, why do you hate calder so much? did he defraud you out of some money? how can you hate someone so much? my god man. he’s not my favorite player either, but geez, hate??? maybe dallas could use your expertise.

    everyone, keep your eye on the ball here, we’re 10-9-3 after 22 games. lets all be happy that this team has some intestinal fortitude for the first time in years and that we have a blueprint to winning – defense first and a whole bunch of young studs ready to blow this thing up.

  • Duckhunter

    Jediknight329, I won’t be as politically correct as you. We have some punkass fans that grace our presence. I never new in my wildest dreams that there was so many little crybabies for Kings fans. I have never met so many negative fans in public as I do here. We have one of our best games of the year, and we still have to listen to all the people that interviewed for the vacant job this summer, that were better qualified than TM. I’m pretty sure there is plenty of space over there at Honda center for all you fake King fans. Great win today boys. There’s a few of us out here that are proud of you, and hope you keep up the good work.

  • Nick

    Well, I’d say that since the Sawx won the World Series (multiple times, actually), that the Cubs have the most negative fans on the planet, but some Kings fans are equally ill-equipped to deal with their own team’s success. It’s funny. What happens when we’re an elite team on a 50 win pace 22 games in? “OH MY GOD MURRAY STOP PLAYING JOHNSON AND DOUGHTY TOGETHER WE ARE ALLOWING LIKE TWO GOALS A GAME WHY AREN’T WE SHUTTING OUT THE OTHER TEAM EVERY GAME????”

  • Anonymous

    Good win against a talented young team that may not be quite as gritty as our guys.

    This team is growing. No question about it.

    We are showing significant “bounce-back” ability
    after losses/bad outings.

    I still would like to see Calder off the 1st line and others tried with Kopi/Brown—-Like Simmonds, Moller,
    or maybe even Boyle.

    But this was a very tasty win.
    –Sergei Prozacutov

  • anthony

    I’m just thinking of Kopi & Brown, two talented players. I’ve noticed that every time Calder plays on their line, the line scores no points.
    When POS was on their line for 4 games.
    Kopi 3g 2a.
    Brown 3g 1a.
    POS 3g 1a.
    You do the math.
    Would you rather see POS-Kopi-Brown or Illustrious one-Kopi-Brown.
    And so long as the Illustrious One continues to play on that line. Kopi and Brown will have below average seasons. Kopi plays a 100 times better with POS. Its so obvious from the games I watch. If this joke continues, maybe he’ll ask for a trade.
    This 58 year old person doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what time the Kings are practicing today (Sunday)?

  • Josh

    I personally don’t hate any players but I’m not a huge fan of calder. Last year when i went to the meet-the-kings thing…he was a total jerk. didn’t smile once. but still gotta be happy with the way the boys are playin…i have noticed however that moller has seemed a bit lost as of late…

  • Moondoggie

    We’ll that was an interesting commentary…..

    Nykingsfan, good to see you again and as always, right on. Same with Anonymous, 4th line checker, wavesinair, Duckhunter, etc. The idea here folks is balance. The debate with Sully is entertaining to say the least. But, Sully is such a good player, he makes every one good. Funny how POS led all forwards in TOI? Just an observation but he makes everyone play better. The idea here is not to be a one dimensional or one line hockey team, that is something the Kings have for the most part been most of their existance. By spreading around the Kings best players, other teams are forced to use their checking lines differently. That’s just messes up their own game plans and frees up our top lines to do as they please on the ice which is what happened to the Hawks. I love Brownie, probably my favorite King this year, he has played his heart out. But Sully….what hands, what a nice touch with the puck.

    TM is really doing a terrific job with the lines and the Kings are winning. But before we breakout the champagne, lets put a few things in perspective. Chicago was on the back end of a back to back series. It was a road game for Chicago and the Kings were rested. LA totally outplayed the Hawks and it was a great win for LA. But, like Nykingsfan said, December will prove to be a real test for our young Kings when they finally get away from the friendly confines of Staples. Then we’ll see what kind of team we really have. It should be a very interesting month for LA.

    On the side, great to see JMFJ making such terrific progress. Can you even imagine where LA would be right now if he had been playing? I can hardly wait for his return. Defense? The best is yet to come.

    Go Kings!

  • jediknight329

    anthony, i would rather see them WIN! who care’s who’s skating with whom?

    some of your comments are laughable. kopi asking for a trade? after signing a 7 year/49 million $ cotract. weren’t you also the one that said sully had demanded a trade was going to be gone a month ago? that was genious wasn’t it? since his “demotion” to the 4th line, isn’t he playing a lot better? he is scoring and is moving up the team scoring depth chart.

    i also get the feeling you don’t like people over 50? you keep shoving tm’s age down everyone’s throat.

    life’s to precious to complain as much as you do. take a drive down pch, enjoy the clean, ocean air, walk on the sand and think about how good we have it here. then you might realize that this team is pretty good and worth rooting for not tearing down like you feel you must to make yourself feel good. that’s just sad. i feel bad for you. i really do.

  • mrk

    Marty and Anthony

    If you guys can’t stomach a 2 win game streak after a horrible lost to the flames, I’m not quite sure how you guys managed to avoid getting a brain tumor after last years horrible season. Lighten up and find something legitimate to complain about. Trust me it’ll get rid of your heartburn, and you’ll live a lot better.

  • anthony

    OK, I’ll take a cruise along PCH. I’ll see how that goes.
    But I better not see Calder anywhere near the top line on Monday.
    What I say is out of concern for Kopi & Brown.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I think Brown and Kopi are the last thing you need to worry about, those guys will be effective if Ivanans skated with them. Balance is what is key. Have you looked at kopi’s stats when he plays under 20 a game vs over 20 per game? Successful teams tend to have 3 – 4 balanced lines. I think more then anything, Kopi’s slow start (which isnt very slow) is due to him making sure he is accountable to TM’s system, especially early on.

    I do agree that Sully should skate on the top PP at all times because we have a great 2nd PP with stoll, Zus, and Fro……… Yes, we will definatly have some tests ahead because we spend the whole 2nd half on the road but we have no justification to question TM because we are alot better then anybody thought we would be to this point………. LOL you do sound like a cubs fan!

  • Dan H.

    If I came off negative then I’m sorry. I didn’t think I was too negative but while I’m very happy to see the boys winning, there are other things that need to be addressed and I think the coaches know.

    Overall they have to be happy especially with the effort against Chicago.

    I have to agree with the guys about Calder on the top line though. He’s been up there most of the season with not much to show.

    If not sully, at least try Moller or some of the other guys. They definitely need either a sniper or corner grinder to free up and give Kopi some room.